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Boop what's up everyone mark Loeb liner

Tiger get this question a

lot people saying when should I bulk and

what body fat should I start bulking at

how much should i bulk to and I have a

simple rule of thumb and it's written in

most of my articles but I still get

tweeted on Facebook Instagram I get a

bunch of messages on this every single

day emailed you name it and I just want

to state for the record that it is my

belief that you should start a bulking

around 8% body fat or lower and I do not

believe you have any reason to get above

15% body fat unless of course you just

don't care and you want to get a little

bit chunky and it doesn't bother you but

for optimal purposes what I found

through experience not studies is again

if you start lean or if you started 8%

you gain point 5 to one pound a week

that gives you more time to be able to

gain lean mass before you hit that

fifteen percent mark also if you start

cutting say you're at 12% you cut down

eight percent you start slowly building

back up gives you a chance to prime your

body start building the calories and

gain point five to one pound a week when

you're losing fat you want to lose one

to two pounds a week that's the rule of

thumb so if you're wondering if you're

like 20% body fat okay and you want to

start bulking you're not really gonna

get much out of it because you already

have a lot of energy stores fat is

simply stored energy so if you're eating

in a caloric surplus you're already 20%

it's not gonna have that much of a

benefit on your body it's just gonna

make you well fatter and the fatter you

get the longer it takes to lose the

longer it takes to lose the more chances

you have of losing that valuable lean

mass that you've worked long and hard to

gain now if you are over 50% body fat

I would diet down until you get to

around eight or even as low as six

percent depends where you want to go but

I would not start bulking anywhere near

eight now there are some caveats to the

rule one is if you are skinny fat if you

have very little lean

have some clients at a 1314 percent body

fat that just don't have the training

experience or the lean mass to sustain

cutting down to six to eight percent

body fat for them I'd gain point five to

one pound a week and I gain weight until

while you start putting on more lean

mass and then you're able to cut down

and that could take a long time to get

your goals even then I don't see them

needing to go much over 15 to 20 percent

body fat now if you are fat if you are

over fat if you're over 20% don't eat in

a caloric surplus unless of course you

just don't care if you're at a sixty

percent body fat unless you're getting

on stage I wouldn't cut at all I would

try to gain lean mass or maintain

whatever you want to do some people are

like you know I'm cool here I'm just

gonna maintain this for them I say more

power to you just make it so your

calories are adjusted so that you stand

around the same weight now

as for when to cut if you gain lean if

you start gaining and you get up to that

fifteen percent mark your abs start

going away and you want abs that's a

great time to cut again cut down to six

to eight percent and then lean bulk at

0.5 to one pound a week of gains and I

think you'll be in a good spot now I am

gonna link down below two books I have

written for this purpose one is the

12-week lean mass plan which is a game

plan where you started around 80 percent

body fat you gain lean mass the other is

the Fat Loss Factor book where you lose

one to two pounds a week and it also

mentions in that book how to transition

for example in the lean mass book it

tells you how to basically adjust your

calories how to basically come from a

diet and build up to get back to where

you're at these are bro based diets you

know where it's meal plan base because

that's the best way to write for the

mainstream trying to explain to the

mainstream how to measure calories is

very tough to do so what I do is I give

food options I use a diabetic exchange

cuz the diabetic exchange is simple it

doesn't require overthinking and it's

easy to order the right food choices

when you're out because at the end of

the food choices while it won't make or

break a diet they do help because it's

much harder to overeat on chicken and

broccoli than it is to overeat on

pop-tarts and gravy not too

that's just disgusting so that's it guys

go ahead take a look at these

hopefully this advice helped you and

when is the right time to bulk and when

is the right time to cut it's a question

I get all the time so go ahead give this

a try and the bottom line is you want to

maximize you know I don't want to get

too fat because I want to look like a

bodybuilder year-round granted I stay

leaner than most but that's from years

of doing this style of dieting and I

believe it'll help you too I'll mark

love liner Tiger Fitness calm because

maintaining your lean mass it's still

making gains and staying lean sexy