What is bully max, how to use bully max, is it safe?

what's up everybody we're here Carolina

bully Farms I get so many questions

about this so I want to just do a video

on the cover excuse me

and I'm sorry we're filming in the house

and we're not out with the dogs but it's

so cold out there that would come

outside so hopefully I got a couple of

weeks the dogs will be able to get back

out and run around and do more than just

run pee and run back into their kennel

and get some better videos but for now

going to do this video because it does

really have to have the dogs in a lot of

questions have been asked about this so

a lot of people ask can you give bully

Mac's to other dog breeds I they'll say

what is bully max what's it do will it

hurt my dog will that make my Dom

aggressive kind of give it at what age

do I start giving it to them at which

which one's best all this and that and I

just want to cover all of it first off

all any of these are is violence this is

just basically a multivitamin just like

what you would you know just a good

multivitamin and what it does it does

help your dog gain weight because it

helps with the digestive system it helps

with their code helps with a lot of

areas that bullies just fall short as

far as health because of the top the top

breeding that they have so it's good for

this one this is the this one that

started bully max and this is the one

you can start your dog on the soonest

you can starting at 7 weeks on this one

and I believe you can start this one at

7 weeks too this is basically just a

powered version of this one so if your

dog don't like the pills that you know

you can mix this into the food and it

has a few more extra things in it this

one also has some joint support in it

just some just some extra things that

this one doesn't have this is like the

new and improved version and the total

health is what used to be called powder

plus so this is the powder Plus same

thing let's change the name of it next

up is the gorilla max which is basically

just like protein powder it's the same

thing your dog doesn't really need it

it's not going to do anything extra

unless your dog's very active and it

needs more protein it's not protein is

not good for a dog that's sitting around

it's going to mess up its coat it's

going to give it diarrhea if your dog is

really active this is great this is

basically just a high protein version of

this and so I would start your dog on

this one until it's safe three or four

months and if it's really highly active

and then this is just for an extra

little it's like a tree that's extra

protein it's just to get some extra

protein in your dog if your dog works

along if it plays a whole lot

it looks like it's not holding weight

good you can throw a couple of these out

you today and it just gets some extra

protein that's diet and some a lot of

vitamins to these two I'd start about

you know three ish months and these you

can start seven weeks mixing on the food

no point in doing both of these because

they're basically the same thing and

they're not steroids they're not going

to make your dog aggressive they're not

anything except for vitamins that helps

them bully where it falls short so if

you're like taking a just from ends of

one day or over fifty pill or something

like that for where you fall short and

it helps you be a little healthier helps

you maintain some weight not get fat get

some more muscle whatever it's the same

thing it's not any different it's a any

breed can take it you could give it to a

chihuahua it's not going to change

anything it just gives them the vitamins

and minerals that they do not get

through their food right yeah especially

a lot of bullies not the high protein

foods in the performance foods are just

not good with bullies or I don't know if

they're good with any breed good hard to

digest they have too much protein that

cause diarrhea they cause skin trouble

so it's a lot of times what like what we

do is we figure cheaper food that they

like and they can easily digest and

supplement where those foods fall short

with these and it's good for all the

dogs as far as the dosing goes we don't

do anything different on dosage then

what it says on the back of the thing so

if you're wondering what dosage is it's

right on the back of the thing and I

will tell you let's say up to thirty

pounds one teaspoon 31 to 50 pounds two

teaspoons fifty at one to seventy-five

three teaspoons 76 and over four

teaspoons it's on the bottle on all of


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thanks for watching everyone I think

it's great for any bullies also

Rottweilers I'm a dog

but for working or more power breeds

that are tightly Greg any kind of inbred

dog it's great to supplement with this

we do use it on our dogs a lot of people

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