Prepare for Normal Delivery - Dr. Ekta Singh


how to prepare yourself for normal

delivery sometimes good thing it is

better to go for cesarean and wire to

take pain labor pain to deliver

vaginally but if everything is normal

with you it's better to go for normal

delivery because it's good for your

health and also for your baby health

so what to do how to prepare yourself

for normal a boy during pregnancy you

should visit and take a regular

antenatal checkup with your gynecologist

you should drink plenty of fluids if you

take fluids

it up Kaiba chika Charu over Baha the

cha water back create cart ahead you're

up Kaiba Chico blood flow increase cut

our butt cheek a development may help

cut ahead then you should take

high-fiber diet again a high-fiber diet

plate Evo the palette swap or

constipation line Jota and toxins body

meaning he collected a and last Kiko

Sara Mae I got a papaya include Cortijo

papaya raw papaya usually ham pregnancy

mark amana got ahead but the last 15


it is very good very nutritious for you

and it's helped in softening of your

uterus came out who was often got iron

ore is C normal delivery easier KSK a la

vaca perceptive AB nipple stimulation

carter Ham last a 15 laser but nothing

here for a PCB oil Sanibel massage kar

sakte ho and it will induce normal

hormones to induce labor pains just

simple walk a get up Walker do morning

evening bak kut teh ho that has also

prepare your pelvis for normally degree

which exercises a butterfly pose it is

very easy and the just squirting pose

this both of this increase the blood

supply to the pelvic area

it increases flexibility and

give strength to your your thighs muscle

after pelvis with high school strength

in car tire what is this job of normal

delivery killing after body ready hoodie

escape a lava up or breathing techniques

are very important up deep briefly they

go to pregnancy meta waka babyco oxygen

deliver kurta here liberties image

Apopka Giada oxygen guru Ducati up

kubacheck avoided I'm hump a [ __ ]

train got a heckuva kasi consciously

apni pelvic floor muscles go relax curry

Giovanni relax karna with breathing six

at the hair to job labor peanut the hair

to up consciously was area for relax kar

sakta Java relax cardio aapke baby

descent kata so what to do during labor

Jericho peninnah sure avoid Ithaca the

three keys are there for normal delivery

first is the chapter pain are a hair to

up Kenichi Ganesa

up not relax curl that pelvic floor

should be relaxed and japan officially

gay relaxation happy gardening hair tub

up go bar bar funny pina that is very

important or more up key tissue co

hydrate cut ahead or is in in delivery

to promote car tire is Casati job up for

relaxation hit up up deep breathing

curtail deep breathing oxygen delivery

Kirti hockey babyco or japan attend so

don't be panicked just take shallow

shallow fast breathe it will also

deliver oxygen also or it will give you

a feeling of calmness and will be ready

or not