anyone who's having a new baby

these bath seats are like the best thing

ever another thing on my list guys a

nursing pillow



put your hand on morning do i look


why beautiful i just had beauty water

you always look beautiful hon good

morning guys

oh and the lighting's gonna go shocking

you could have gone the other way for me

you know i thought i would do it this

way so it's straight on yeah thanks

good morning guys we are

off bright and early this morning it's

like eight o'clock and we are heading


the shops and we're going to the shops

for a few things so firstly we're going


go get some baby stuff which i'm so

excited about because this poor little


we haven't watched we haven't yeah well

there's a lot that we need to get but

we'll get some of it

um some of it will need to get up at the

actual baby shop

who was batman saying okay you guys

ready for this okay go link

so we're going to get some baby stuff

okay batman you sing

yes we're going to get some of the items

down some of them will need to get from

the baby shop

but i'm so excited i'm so excited i feel

like it just makes you feel so much more

real when you go out and start getting


um and i feel bad because like with

miller i feel like we have the whole i

mean we had nothing really going on but

we had the whole nursery like set up

ready to go by 14 weeks

with blinky i feel like we had a cotton

that already in this room by 20 weeks

and this poor papa doesn't even have a

bedroom yet

i know and we don't really have that

much space to like store everything

um i think we'll just probably chuck it

in the garage in a box um

because in our room there's just well

that's why we're extending so there's

just no room really for

um for all of us anymore so that's the

first thing we're doing and then

second thing we're doing is we're gonna

go get cody a new wetsuit

because when we were away on our little

um staycation

he's um we're too broke and then thirdly

we're gonna go see his mom and dad in

um the shop so they're gonna be working

today so we're gonna go in there just

bring him a coffee this morning

go say hello the kids will love it and

these kids are going crazy so sorry if

you guys can't hear any of what i just


but when you guys are seeing this um as

well our boutique has just launched so

we've had

the linky um

it has been the most crazy week i'm so

excited it's launching on monday the 3rd

of august so

um this little top is one of them this

is our demi crop the skirt that i'm

wearing actually isn't available yet but

it's coming soon um and yeah if you guys

wanted to go and sign up to our mailing

list on the website

whenever we have any new products

dropping you guys will be the first to


so excited so excited i was like crying

yesterday i'll insert my story here

because i was just like having one of

those days where i was like i can't

believe it's happening

um but yeah really cool really really

cool when you work really hard on

something can you see it all finally

like come together very exciting

gosh guys i just like wrote my last post


i've been sitting i'm like sitting there

writing out the post like tearing up

welling up my eyes

and my mom sitting in the garage like

sewing logos on my sister's next to me

like so emotional next to me making all

the campaigns

and then my mother-in-law debbie just

messaged me she's like i cooked you

dinner tonight and it's so true like

if you guys have seen the post i could

not do any of these things that i've

been able to do without

like the support of you guys and all of


family and friends and i'm just like

honestly so freaking grateful just that

everyone being like patient with me and


just helping out so much i just want to

take a minute of gratitude to say thank

you so much

oh thank you so much to all my family

and my friends and everyone who just

supported me because like

this honestly feels so surreal and it's

like a dream come true so

thank you


simon says touch your nose

diamond says touch your head touch your


i didn't say simon says


what do you want me to do tell daddy

about our secret

should we tell daddy about our secret no

i'll do it okay

daddy mommy mommy sister's

mummy she doesn't tell you that she's



so guys the other day miller like pulled

me aside and she goes

mummy why don't you fart because kurt

like teases her

when she parts and i said to her do you

know secret

she's like yeah what i said mommy does

but she just doesn't tell daddy

i said just don't tell him that you do

so then they don't tease you

and she just goes like in the backseat

saying mom can i tell him can i tell him


because she did a far and she was

getting tased oh my gosh guys

seriously the conversations are so funny

but we're here we're at the shops


good morning darling


i can just leave him there babe who's

going to dirty like he doesn't have his

batman shimmy outfit oh

you look so cool

look it comes out so let's go to the


let's go



i think you need a pair of shoes too


look ducky

he needs to pay the shoes again yeah you

guys probably remember we got

shoes for linky not that long ago he's

completely grown out of them again like

completely grown out of them

okay cut

look at all the baby stuff


yeah we've got one coming we've got

we've got a um or bassinet coming not a


but we're thinking by the time link is

out of his car

that will probably be time to go in

there no not in there link oh

wow kurt oh my gosh

if it's a girl i'm going to go crazy

buying like

i think it's a girl i think it's a girl

but you know the crazy thing though we

have got so many boys clothes from linky

we kept

all the baby stuff we got nothing from

miller because i gave it all to um

taylor with luca

i know honey hey look at this one oh my


that one could be a bit big for me but

how about




do you like them yeah they're beautiful

that looks good with this dress look at


oh wow wow

we're just gonna see what's comfy which

one's link oh

spider-man yeah that's not your size

though so we're gonna see if they have

your size again

does that feel a bit better

oh they're beautiful babe you like them

yeah can i go through daddy

dad look at these shoes on me


oh nice look at them

why does he do it every time we come to

the shop

every time so guys we've quickly bought

some nappies and wipes because he's just

done a poo

he always does it every time we go out

of the house hey and then miller's dress

and shoes that she got we looked at a

couple of pairs for link but we need to

try them on he's right there

um we're quickly gonna go change his

nappy and then we're all gonna head back

we thought we'd just all go together so

it's easier

and i think miller wants to get changed

into our new stuff do you

yeah yeah turn underneath if you want to

change it though yeah you can leave your

own shirt that you've got on it

turn around oh my goodness

wow actually it feels good it's a size


it feels good daddy do you know daddy


yeah do you like it

do you know which one um belle she wears

the yellow dress doesn't she

yeah all right looking your turn now

let's go find your stuff hey

you just you're running away from me i

know you've got to stay with mommy

though you stay with mommy

you can walk as long as you don't run

away cool let's go find baby a blanket

you've got a bit of a list here guys

it's just like sterilizers

white noise machines stuff like that

so we've got heaps of towels but the

sterilizer we got last time was a

microwave one it was so easy

i think it's like 30 dollars so i will

see if we can find i don't think we

really need much down the bathroom


honestly we still got the bath seed yes

guys anyone who's having a new baby

these bath seats

are like the best thing ever you put the

newborn in it and when you've got other

kids they can

bath with them best thing oh yeah

i feel like we've still got um the

swaddle bags hey yeah

those guys so amazing got a newborn um

but i think we've saved a fair few of


this is one thing we don't have because

the kids never got out of there so as

soon as we started swaddling them they

kept sleeping with them forever and ever

so we'll get some

wraps for bubba and we went this one

because we thought it's kind of got some

like these two you can use for either

gender and then yeah and we don't really

care like we don't really care if our

baby's holding a pink blanket or a blue

blankie if they're a boy or a girl i


yeah you do no i don't care i don't mind

another thing on my list guys a nursing

pillow this was so handy i used it all

the time with linky

and i'm planning on nursing this bubbler

again so hopefully i can

see how that goes with my boobies but

nursing pillow

yeah true really yeah don't know guys

that was success except for lincoln was

losing his mind

so we stopped filming bits and pieces

but beats of goodies i'll go through and

show you guys everything

show you guys everything when we get

home and there's no shoes flying

is it yummy


yeah we have a look at the next shot we

go to see if we can find

yeah i think that's hungry were you just

hungry is that why you're being crazy

yeah mila come over here had a quick

stop at muffin break guys i just got a

quiche lorraine and some roast veggies

a season wrap this brings me back guys

yeah this is so funny guys this meal

fully brings me back when i worked at

spec savers

at stocklands back in the day um i used

to get this

all the time so get this like the

veggies and salad or vacation salad or

the kitchen veggies

and it was just so like the roast

veggies there

they're so good



she missed you maggie



linky show me your shoes show me a shoe

oh wow

wow you could be like grandma and wear

jeans and boots i don't

think he's snoopy oh i don't think

they're fitting they'll get too big

there you go see if you can walk can you



success guys we've got linky a normal

pair of thongs

and this shirt's so cute

a little rusty shirt

pinky look we got a present for you yes

present for linky yeah there's a new

phone has got a dress and shoes

now you have a present too

they're good to have a little strap on

the back


watch me pretty good

wow hello guys kitties have just gone

down well link is down napping miller

she's having some quiet time so i

thought i'd quickly show you guys

all the bits and pieces that we got

firstly for baby and then i've also had


parcels arrived from a subscriber as

well so i really wanted to open it on

the vlog because i love doing that


you guys send me things because i just

think it's nice that you can see

when we open it so the first thing that

we got i need to get another electric


but i got a manual pump and these things

were a

lifesaver with linky these were so handy

like when i was out and about say if i

like felt like i was in gorge

also i am one of those people too that

ends up usually having a really big


so a lot of the time when link wasn't

even hungry yet i would feel like i

needed to pump

um so this was just really easy for me

to take on the go really easy if we're

gonna go out somewhere and i felt

like feeding him a bottle and not like i

wanted to breastfeed um

so yeah we decided to get a hand pump

again we do need to get an electric pump

as well because i do like doing

usually i used to do one bottle a day um

let kurt feed

i think with link we didn't do that but

with miller we did hey

yeah we think it was kind of like i

don't know a couple times a week um kurt

would feed bub

a bottle and i just like it's really

nice bonding for the dad to get to do

that as well so we'll probably will do a


pumped bottle of milk every night again

and also i found the transition really

easy to go from boob to bottle

if they did take a bottle right from the

start every now and then then this was

the last sterile eyes they had there

and this is the exact same one that we

had with linky um so

it was like i think they're like 30 and

they're so easy they don't go gross i

remember our electric one

i think it's probably because we live

near the beach it like started to rust

and things it's got like metal in it so

um yeah we loved using this with blinky

and it worked perfect

i showed you guys this in there this is

a nursing pillow kurt got this actually

leno's pregnant with link

um sam actually a diary of young mom

who's got a youtube channel as well

she sent us one just like this so cody

wanted to get one for the new bub

so cute then miller she saw these and

she really wanted to get them she goes

just in case there's a girl can you

please get these ones

um so we got these cute little bibs and

then we just got some plain white bibs


never used bibs for miller and it was

seriously the biggest mess we used to

change our outfit like 20 times a day

and then with link we like lived with

bibs on and it was so much easier

because i could literally leave the same

outfit i don't know why we did that with


um i think it's because we want to like

show off her q clothes or something

i do not know but we'll definitely be

using bibs again this time

i got this so what this is is it's

basically um like

kind of suctions onto one boob while

you're breastfeeding on the other so

i i used to always have really leaky

boobs and whenever i was breastfeeding

the other

boob would like be having so much milk

come out um

so i thought this would be so convenient

to be able to just like grab the excess

milk and just pop that on the other side

so i'm definitely excited to use this

this time i swear i never even knew


any of those things back um when we had

miller and link just got some bottles

these are the same ones that we started

off with linky last time

um they're anti-colic ones we usually

like to have them from the start just to

help um like with the wind and things

like that don't know if they really make

much difference but we tend to use them

at the start oh

and then lastly we just got some

swaddles so there's still a lot that we

need to get we need to get a capsule but

there's no point in getting that until

we get our bigger car so we can um

install it at the same time we buy it


um there's just so many other things

guys we still need to get so next time i

go shopping i'll be sure to bring you


along as well because i know there's so

many of you that are pregnant at the

same time as me which is

so cool then from a lovely subscriber

yeah the other box i knew straight away

it was from a subscriber this one i

wasn't sure where it was from

holy dooley there's cookies inside guys

and it says baby on it

i've already eaten so many of them they

are the yummiest cookies

ever they are so yum thank you so much

me and um a couple of the girls that

work for me as well we're sitting there

having with a cup of tea just yesterday

and i don't think that they're going to

last too long thank you so much they are

delicious and this package i haven't

actually opened yet so

i'm going to open try to open this up

thank you so much as well it's so

honestly sweet that you guys

send us things even like all your cards


it makes my day i save them all in the

bottom drawer in my room i've got every

single card any of you guys have ever


um it's just so sweet so thank you so


oh my gosh you're kidding me

oh my gosh kurt there's like so many

baby things in here can have a look

there's a dummy in here guys i'm gonna

put it straight into the baby box

i'm just just saying like how we've got


oh i'm guessing that's for linky a

little car

oh he's gonna love it we'll give it to

him our film i'll film his reaction when

he opens it

oh what decorate your own drink bottle

i'm guessing that's for miller

how cool is that she actually colored

inker yourself

oh that is so sweet awesome more little


i seriously think you had a million of

these because i'd have like remember

we'd have one hanging over the pram that

would have one wrapped around him then

we'd have one for like when i used to

breastfeed to chuck over me like i used


use these so much so thank you so much

they're gonna come in so handy

oh my gosh this is so bloody thoughtful

and then there's like house and garden


that is so nice oh my gosh i feel like

bad i feel way too

that's what oh here's a card for kiara

kurt miller link and baby

hope you enjoy the gifts i've sent have

the best day love always your far away

friend lisa

and the cookies from cookie crumble

canberra are coming oh my gosh those

cookies lisa are so

amazing thank you so much like i


feel like guilty because you've just

spoiled us

like wavy oh my gosh can't look at this

oh that is so cool little baby socks we

have no baby socks

and some little baby outfits

oh my gosh thank you so much i hope you

guys enjoyed today's vlog if you did

please give it a thumbs up and don't

forget to subscribe and i will see you

guys soon

look what a lovely lady called lisa got


she got you a drink or you can draw on

it and decorate it and a cookie

what do you say

thank you lisa thank you lisa and a

drink bottle and you can color it in so

you can color any colors that you like

reckon we should decorate it in a little

while color it in

yeah yeah that'd be great so thank you

so much i feel really colored

you get to color in all the other bits

the rainbow on that thank you so much

you spotted it straight away did you say

what's that

do you just wake up this

is for linky yeah what do you say do you


thank you can you say thanks

lisa look there's another present for




they're really delicious look at linky

straight over there

playing with them



that's very nice sharing miller link