When To Start Buying Baby Stuff | IVF Cycle 1 | Sunny Day Vlog


okay good morning everyone today is

Sunday the 18th of June yeah 18th and

it's Father's Day today and I just got

out of showers see we are going to my

dad's house later for a barbecue but

first we're going to go out and walk the

dogs and today is such a gorgeous sunny

day so it's perfect day for a my

beautiful life yes so we had a lot of

comments and responses on our last video

about pregnancy update so thank you for

those and it looks like the consensus is

that you guys want to see weekly updates

so we'll do those or feel will film a em

up today or baby update every week and

we're going to aim to do just a little

vlog as well once a week

so two video of the week is or aiming


you can hold us to it make us do it how

are they going to do that by telling us

off if we don't okay yeah so we're going

to take you along with us today we're

going to walk today and show you some

bits of ste gorgeous weather and dogs

and barbecue and stuff so we will see

you in a bit when we're ready yeah


as I see that a little - are often the

disabilities we think you live them on

me how does Annie always seem to come

out to the park I know

and then bark our dogs must think this

whole part god oh my has gone to say

hello and Joey's going to go say hello

to so please go back up Izzie's universe

girl and staying here with us our dogs

are super friendly

oh I didn't light up

hazy right Joey Joey come on leave him

alone or her don't really know something

it's a good yeah okay to out tale how

small it is you're funny little thing

these following on my air now

I don't know guys this he is just not

normal for England I'm getting to sweat

like wonder my glasses and they're

sliding off that's not acceptable

they'll really like that yeah it's

gorgeous and it's nice and hot like this

today but the dogs can't really stay out

in it too long because they get

overheated so but it's a good job that

there's some shady areas here in this


yeah it's gorgeous I love it I love it

when it's hot like this I wanted to ask

you to erase you know a meltdown when

you started buying baby stuff when you

found out you were pregnant I feel like

I want to go out and buy some stuff I

feel like it's too early and a lot of

we've decided that we want to get a lot

of juice gender-neutral clothes for the

kid yeah anyway even if we do find out

what sexes and so yeah so when did you

start buying clothes for you when you

found out or anything on your arms

whatever because we don't know yet do we

now have you had the feeling that you

want to go out and buy something no yeah

we've got a couple of friends who have

had children recently and we bought them

little outfits yes each one I'll be like

I don't want to give this off it's so

cute yeah and then you're like you're

set telling me aren't you that we can go

buy a another one yeah for ourselves and

we have a friend who is pregnant as well

and she went and bought some baby stuff

before she even got pregnant so you know

everybody does it differently yeah why

didn't she say that she regretted buying

some big stuff yeah cuz they've been in

the way for a while yeah so I think I

like you know things for sick things

like that I'm not that fussed about

buying yet the big stuff and even some

things can

we can't be even when the baby's born

like highchairs obviously the child's

not going to be in that until he's way

older yeah yeah I just want to buy cute

clothes and so yeah but then the thing

is we don't have any baby furniture yes

okay yeah we've got nothing we don't

have anywhere to store the clothes in

the meantime yeah so maybe we need to

crack a whip on not really yeah maybe

that's a bedroom is all which is the

bedroom is all painted as you saw in the

previous video but we've got no

furniture or anything in that room yeah

and it still has a lot of our junk in it

as well that we need to get rid of or

put somewhere else so you need to get

organized yeah but you're just too damn

tired all the time now so can't do

anything yet and her tired is making me

tired and you're tired all the time and

outside all the time in there

well the hell are we going to get done

when we're Beaufighters nothing to see

that's the thing you like cause I'm

supposed to look after you but I can't

look after myself

yeah we'll manage yeah sure

Isabelle oh hey Joey

Mia boy oh good boy good



there's a dangerous business frodo

baggins stepping out you do if it is we

don't PVC is no telling where you'll end

oh hi guys

we're back home from my dad's nail it

was a lovely afternoon so ha even if

underneath that longer be bowing the

shade it was still really warm and yeah

nice food nice company good times it was

just was too and my dad and my stepmom

today because my brother's a holiday in

the Seychelles loose girlfriend which

I'm slightly jealous and I was slightly

even understand from the edges slightly

and my sister was celebrating fathers

day with the father of her own children

so it was a small gathering but it was

still nice to spend time loving it

yeah yes so I think we're going to wrap

this up for today hope you've enjoyed

the vlog if you're new here and

subscribe to our Channel we're going to

be doing pregnancy update I've mentioned

earlier we want to record them on a

Wednesday yeah we'll upload them

Thursdays yes

maybe maybe all that to come up with a

certain name early Thursday updates or

something yes so we'll stick around

leave us some comments and we will see

you guys in the next one right bye