TWIN MUST HAVES ON BABY REGISTRY 2020 | Newborn Twins Essentials | Twin Carrier, Twin Bassinet...

in today's video I am going over my

comprehensive list of twin must-haves to

put on your baby registry for 2020 I

made a video like this a year ago that a

lot of twin mamas loved but since

posting some important items have been

recalled and I have found some new items

to add to this year's list so I wanted

to make an updated 2020 list of twin

must-haves to help my fellow twin moms

out there cuz I really needed something

like this when I was preparing to be a

first-time mom of twins but before we

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okay let's get into it if you want to

start any Amazon baby registry and

follow along I have links in the

description below to do that quickly to

break everything down and make it easy

to understand I have five main

categories that all the items fall into

today and first we'll start with feeding

first thing on the list is the my breast

friend pillow now this is what I had for

my twins and it really is a great

product if you plan on exclusively

breastfeeding your twins and you're

certain that you will be able to figure

that out I unfortunately was not able to

figure that out I tried so hard my

nipples were raw and bloody and

blistered and I just I couldn't do it I

didn't produce enough milk for my twins

unfortunately and so the my breast

friend for me it was rendered useless

the twinsies pillow is what I wish I

would have gotten it can still be used

for breastfeeding and if you're like me

and you cannot figure cut out for the

life of you you can still use it to prop

your babies for bottle feeds it is more

expensive than the my breast friend but

there are dupes on Etsy that you can buy

for cheaper or you can always go to the

Facebook market and buy it used they

come with covers so you can remove that

and wash them and then it'll stay nice

for you the next feeding related item

you definitely need to get because it's

usually covered by insurance is a free

breast pump Medela

and spectra are two popular brands that


no insurance covers I personally has the

medulla pump I have a video that I'll

have linked down below on my pumping

routine but I loved my medulla pump I

know a lot of moms also love spectra all

you need to do to get your free breast

pump is when you're beyond 29 weeks


you go to your OB tell them that you

want a free breast pump covered by

insurance they'll write you a

prescription no questions asked this is

a very routine thing for them when you

have the prescription you call your

insurance give them the information on

it and they will nine times out of ten

approve you no questions asked and give

you a list of pumps to choose from for

free in the very rare instance that they

don't cover your pump at a hundred

percent cost they are legally required

to at least cover the rental of a pump

at a hundred percent so no matter what

you should be getting a breast pump and

not have to spend a dime if you're

getting it through insurance now to my

knowledge the free breast pumps that are

available right now are the traditional

breast pumps that you plug into the wall

and they have tubes it's this whole

setup it could be worth looking into

some of the new cord free tube free

hands-free pumps that have been coming

out within the last year or two I never

personally use these it honestly sounds

like a dream to me as someone who pumped

for nine months with twins with the

traditional medulla inspector that have

the tubes and cords and are not

hands-free you are kind of in a mini

jail whenever you're pumping you can't

do anything so some of these new pumps

that are coming up that you literally

just stick them in your bra sound like

miracle products so I'll have links in

the description below for some of the

options I'm not sure if they're covered

by insurance at this point if they're

not and you have the extra cash it could

be worth looking into because pumping

around the clock when you also have to

take care of two babies is a hassle next

our bottles I ended up with dr. Brown's

bottles for my twins

these were my Holy Grail bottles they're

anti colic and unfortunately for me both

of my twins had colic so this is the

bottle that worked best for my family

but my big tip with bottles is

not all babies like the same things just

like not all people like the same things

and to my bank accounts detriment when I

was prepping for babies I bought a

massive set of Advent bottles only to

learn that both of my twins hated Advent

bottles they did not work for them all

the bottles have different shaped

nipples and not all babies like the

different shapes we also tried nuke and

mam and eventually landed on dr. Brown's

bottles so my advice here is get all the

different registry freebies from Amazon

Target byebye baby Walmart they

generally come with one to two bottles

each save those bottles and if it comes

to the point where you need to bottle

feed your baby you can test out the

different brands that come in these

freebie gift bags and see what your baby

likes then once you know you can have

your husband run to Target and Walmart

and buy a whole bunch of them just don't

waste your money like me and buy a whole

bunch just to learn that your babies

hate them with all that being said I do

have one type of bottle that I would

maybe add to your registry because I

know these don't come in any registry

freebie bags and that is the hands-free

bottles that you can buy on Amazon I I

know it looks gimmicky but it might be

worth testing out to see if one of your

babies will take it because when you're

in the situation where both of your

babies are screaming crying and you

can't possibly hold or help both of them

at the same time if one is willing to

take the hands-free bottle that might be

your golden ticket to silence last items

on the feeding list are bibs and burp

cloths babies can get messy and it's a

lot easier to swap a bib than to swap an

entire outfit now we will move to the

adventure category with twins you will

need a stroller that holds two car seats

if you're on a tight budget Baby Trend

sells a really good double stroller that

holds two car seats it's a great value

but I have to mention as someone who

grew up in Minnesota if you live in a

wintry climate you're probably going to

need bigger better wheels than this

stroller offers overall I am a huge

proponent of your double stroller being

your big splurge item on your

registry it is your beacon to freedom

when you have twins I tried going with

cheaper strollers for basically the

first year of my twins life and it

really just made my life harder than it

needed to be I ended up finally just

getting the city select double stroller

the one that I wanted from the beginning

I bought it used on the Facebook market

and I absolutely love it now I have a

full review on it I'll have linked in

the description below it's not sponsored

nothing in this video sponsored again

I'm justa twin mom trying to help out my

fellow twin moms out there cuz cuz no

one helped me what I was expecting for

car seats I got the Graco 35 infant car

seat it's a solid car seat it's not too

expensive and car seats are something

that you do not want to buy used on the

Facebook market you don't know if it's

been in an accident before or damaged in

any way where it could be a safety

concern so Graco makes a solid car seat

and again it's not too expensive so

buying two of them won't break the bank

for you next one must-have is getting a

baby carrier of some sort this is a life

saver babies love being up close to

mommy and comforted so a baby carrier is

the perfect option to carry both babies

around and keep them happy inside and

outside the home most of my friends had

the we go twins carrier and they

absolutely loved it I was on more of a

budget so I actually had a boba wrap

carrier which is marketed for one baby

but if you google on youtube how to

carry twins in a boba wrap there's tons

of videos that will show you how to do


I pretty much baby wore my twins 24/7

because they were colicky as I said

before and we're never very happy but

they were always happiest up close to me

so I just wore them all the time

they also had pretty bad reflux so one

would always end up throwing up all over

the boba wrap in which case I actually

had a second Bober Cup which I would put

on while the other one was being washed

I was never without one my last

must-have in the adventure category is

to get yourself a good diaper backpack

not a diaper bag a backpack

you are going to want both of your hands

available for twins and a diaper

backpack is the way to do that I

originally got a diaper bag it would

always fall off my shoulder or it was

just so heavy packed with so much stuff

that it ended up hurting my shoulder I

had the itsy-bitsy boss backpack and I

absolutely loved it it was a push

present to myself I have a video of

everything I have packed in it that I'll

have linked below it is not the cheapest

bag there's definitely cheaper backpack

items out there just overall get a

backpack the next category is sleep now

this is where a lot of the recalls

happened last year and new sleep

guidelines were set for newborns

I used rock and plays as bassinets for

my twins when they were newborns they

had really bad reflux I'm I'm not sure

how many times I've said that now but my

pediatrician actually recommended the

rock and play sleepers to me because the

rock and plays were ankled sleepers and

the baby's head would be higher than the

rest of the body and the gravity would

then help keep the spit-up down however

the new sleep guidance is that newborns

should be laying flat as the ankled

sleepers are SIDS risks SIDS is

obviously every parent's worst nightmare

so I would certainly follow the new

sleep guidance if your baby or babies

develop reflux I would talk to your

pediatrician about the severity of it

and depending on their age and

everything they will be able to give you

the best sleep advice for your newborn

all I can tell you from my experience is

after every single feeding with my twins

I would have to hold them upright for at

least 30 minutes to help keep the

spit-up down now that is a lot with two

babies but refer back to the baby

carriers and you will understand why my

twins basically lived in them so here

are the most popular best and not

options and my thoughts on them first we

have the Baby Trend twins retreat it's a

nice compact option that'll fit well

into your room because your babies are

likely going to be staying in the same

room as you when they first come home

it's a less expensive option for twin

bassinets however the product itself

a little misleading if you look at their

instructions and what customer service

says about the item it is not meant for

two babies to be in the top nursery at

the same time big downer technically if

you follow the manufacturer's

instructions if both babies are sleeping

at the same time one of the removable

portable bassinet is supposed to be

taken out and put on the floor leaving

only one baby in the top compartment and

the remaining bassinet that is a bit

inconvenient but overall it has really

good reviews online and a lot of parents

actually say that they like the

portability of the bassinet for travel

or even if they're just moving around

the house and baby's sleeping they can

just bring the bassinet to wherever

they're in the house another cheaper

option is to just buy two separate

singleton bassinets you can get them for

fairly cheap or if you have more money

to spend and you really want a twin

specific bassinet you can splurge and

get the halo twin bassinet it is really

expensive and because of that I did

throw a little bit of shade at it in

another video because your babies will

not be in bassinet for very long they do

grow out of them quite quickly however

the halo twin bassinet does offer some

features that twin moms would find very

valuable that other bassinets just do

not offer and that mainly being is that

the halo bassinet is very compact and it

swivels over your beds so that you don't

have to get up and get out of bed to get

your twins a lot of twin moms are gonna

end up with c-sections getting around

isn't quite as easy the recovery is

longer and having a bassinet that just

swivels over you so that you can grab

whatever baby needs your help in the

middle of the night would be very useful

can you survive without it and get

cheaper bassinets yes but if you have

the money will it be very convenient yes

what I would probably do if I had twins

again is I would try to buy a used on

the Facebook market and then also sell

it after for a very pretty penny because

it looks like it has a great resale


the next sleep-related purchase is

getting a little head done'

it's basically a little circular pillow

that your twins would sleep on that have

a hole in the middle to prevent

flattening of the back of their head I

had to buy these when my twins started

developing flat spots on the back of

their heads the unfortunate truth with

twins as they likely will not be held as

often as a singleton would be it's just

not possible

Plus with twins being born a little bit

earlier than Singleton's on average its

more common for them to develop flat

spots on the back of their heads we were

very close to needing to get baby

helmets for both of my twins and we just

used these little sleep circle doughnuts

religiously and it actually prevented

further flattening and we fortunately

never needed helmets next is a two

camera baby monitor trust me you want to

I know they're not cheap I found one

that was pretty inexpensive on Amazon by

the brand acts view it's very basic it

doesn't link up to your phone or

anything like that so if you want

something fancier this might not be for

you but the axpy one does link up to up

to four cameras you can buy additional

cameras on top of the to packet comes

with and this was very useful when I

ended up having a third baby less than

two years after having my twins but

again the axpy one does not link up to

your phone if that's important to you

but it is a good cheaper option where

you can add even more cameras the next

items in the sleep category are what

your babies will be sleeping in my

favorite pajamas for my kids were the

cat and Jack brand pajamas from Target

they're really great because they zip

from top to bottom which makes diaper

changes a lot easier because you just

would zip then from the bottom just to

above the belly button the baby doesn't

have to get all cold up top I also

really liked that the newborn and

smaller sizes of the cat and Jack

pajamas actually had the built in hand

means your babies will have really long

Talon like fingernails babies like to

scratch at their face for some reason so

you'll want some sort of mitten put on

them and the little mittens that you buy

always fall off so I really liked that

the cat and Jack pajamas

the mittens sewn on that you would then

just like flip over their hands so that

they can scratch themselves

next is swaddles and sleep sacks

swaddles are just like bottles not all

babies like to be swaddled the same way

don't do what I did and buy a million

halo sleep sacks because I just found

out that my twins hated halo sleep sacks

they just didn't like being swaddled in

general they would just fight it and

grunt and just hate every second of it

and then as soon as I would take this

waddle off they would calm down and go

to sleep at a minimum even if your baby

ends up not liking being swaddled in a

halo sleep sack they can still at least

always wear them as a wearable blanket

my singleton actually didn't like being

swaddled with his arms down either but

he really liked the love to dream

swaddle up that kept his little arms up

in the air swaddled in tight and then

there's also a new swaddle that came out

I'll have to I have to google what the

brand name is but I guess there's a new

one that has a weighted pad on it or

something to mimic mommy's hand being on

the baby comforting the baby and that's

supposed to help them sleep nice overall

don't buy a million swaddles right off

the bat buy one of a few different

options see what your babies sleep best

in and then make the further investment

next category is bathing and diapering

for baths i bought just a basic infant

tub that could be used from the newborn

stage all the way into the sitting stage

and i only bought one tub because i only

felt confident washing one baby at a

time another option is the blooming tub

which is this nice padded flower that

fits perfectly into your kitchen sink

for quick baths for diapers and wipes my

go-to is sam's club diapers and wipes

they seem like the same exact thing as

Pampers diapers and wipes to me just a

lot cheaper if you don't live near a

Sam's Club I would download the target

circle app if you haven't already they

always have a lot of good coupons on

there plus sign up for Huggies or

pampers rewards then call their service

line and

send you a bunch of coupons stack

coupons do what you can because

diapering twins is a lot of money if you

want more info on diaper rewards or just

free stuff in general for your twins I

have a free baby stuff video that I'll

have linked below that you should watch

after this for a diaper pail I recommend

getting the ooby diaper pail I

originally started off with a diaper

genie and it's a plastic contraption

that ended up breaking on me within a

month or two so complete waste of money

plus the bag inserts for the diaper

genie that you have to use are very

expensive so over time it actually racks

up a lot of dollars the ooby diaper pill

is great because the structure itself is

metal so it's much more solid I've had

mine for years at this point and it

still works just fine just as good as

day one plus you can use your regular

kitchen trash bags in the movie diaper

pill so in the long run I actually feel

like I'm saving a significant amount of

money and not having to buy special

diaper pail inserts the next category

isn't laid have at least one swing in

your house to keep one baby entertained

while you're caring for the other two is

preferable if you have the budget

activity mats are great for the newborn

stage your twins will be doing their

tummy time on them you can get one

really big one for your twins to share

or I liked having options so I ended up

with two once they're a little bit older

to exersaucer Zoar jumpers are a

must-have for twins hours of

entertainment so you can pump do dishes

clean or just have a well-deserved break

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