hi guys I'm gonna be a mom like

this is crazy you know last week I

had a dream about her I couldn't really

see her face but all I know is I was so

scared the whole Hardy percent off over




hey mamas so I look so freaking pal

right now is so scary I put I just put

on lashes today normally I never just

wear lashes but like I look really

ghosty I should have done my makeup

because this looks scary but I just need

it like something I promise I don't like

this bad in person I wasn't really

flushed right now but anyway so today

we're suppose we want to bye bye baby it

is raining um we're gonna pick up some

baby stuff excuse me but I'm not gonna

get a lot of stuff today because I am

having a gender reveal I said gender

reveal why do I keep saying to the room

I am having a baby shower in May when I

go back to Delaware Philly so I'm

probably not gonna buy like a lot of

stuff because you know my family wants

to get me some stuff so I'm gonna let

them do that even though I keep telling

nobody everybody like no it's okay it's


I really prefer people to give us gift

cards like I said because I'm gonna be

coming back to Atlanta but I'm gonna

need some stuff in my mom's house but if

I ever so antsy to buy her stuff so I'm

like oh my god I just want to buy some

stuff like to just get that itch you

know that that urge to do it so I need

to sue them and buy some stuff but of

course I'm gonna need stuff for my house

too so I'm just gonna get some stuff for

now oh um I got some stuff some little

stuff in LA maybe like clothes just

little things you know I'm saying little

things and then do big stuff I wanted to

look at some bassinets there's two

second get an idea of what kind of best

in that I went let me show you guys my


it looks just fat today

but we're getting there we are getting

there well yep so I'm super excited guys

so I will see you guys when we get to

bye bye baby

okay guys so now I'm just gonna go to

Target because we were supposed to go to

byebye baby

but it's raining really bad and the

traffic is really bad so I'm just gonna

see what I can get in target and then

bye bye baby

um could probably be for like the big

stuff anyway then I wanted to test out

like for mom and stuff like that okay so

let's see we're fine in fact it right

now I'm gonna follow my mom so say hi

mom but yeah I think I'm gonna go try

that Starbucks thing so it's called the

toasted butters was the combo toasted

butterscotch toasted butterscotch crap

so see on a little bit I'm talking to my

camera I got me a little Krishna a lot

away from my caramel macchiato and then

we're gonna get into shop and started

knocking out Oh guys do not mix it up

the whole thing is to like zip it into

the creamy part

so it starts off as bitter and they use

if instead of creaminess so good

everybody always looks use it up but

don't mix it up so now I'm in the baby

section so I'm I felt like I shouldn't

really went to byebye baby or I'm gonna

order some stuff offline because look I

wanted to get this blue and bass things

but they have one on Amazon that's pink

like I don't really like the whole

yellow not feeling their own what hurts

I have pink so nothing not gonna get


and the Dappy that I wanted um they had

the unicorn cover to it but don't like

this one I don't know because I don't

like this one with the flowers on it I

want to see if they have like a

different one so yeah I don't like that

one gosh I feel like one line is just

way better so I'm probably going to

order some stuff online but let me see

what else that I'd get baya let's just

go check the clothes out

because people are gonna give me gift

cards and stuff like that so I think I

should just focus on getting some

clothes right now just to maybe one or

two outfit this one I have already boys

but I'm not gonna keep buying new Borah

stuff so let me see me see oh this is


it's nothing gonna get this little room

this is so cute

and this is from 0 to 9 months

roast a little cute plush blanket I'm

gonna grab this too

and now I'm going to see there some

other stuff that's not newborn because

this is only for stuff



the burp cloths

I'm so disciplined I should have went

the byebye baby

with socks I think these are so cute so

these are zero to three months since in

the patsies definitely only using

pampers pure or her but like I said we

got a lot of those for our gender-reveal

so I don't need to buy any difference

right now I'll pass you by some next

time I'm not trying to carry all this

stuff anyway but I'm trying to find baby

clothes I'm so mad I think I'm gonna go

to Marshalls after I leave here to see

if they have some more stuff cuz I'm so

disappointed I think I want to order

some stuff up Amazon because targa does

not have much in here I'm still thinking

if I should get this right now like I

said I'm just getting a little stuff for

you I definitely do want that babybullet

thing but I'm not gonna get that so she

gets a little bit older but I'm so mad

because I wanted to get the Dappy

they don't have the one that I want and

then I wanted to get the the things the

bath pedal and they don't have the pink

one that I want either so I'm just so

annoyed I do percent off over here this

is so cute it looks so warm I don't

think I'm gonna grab this oh it's like

oh yes I'm gonna get this is 30% off and

this is for six months so

by the time I showed us three months I

think I'm gonna get it in three to six

months because by the time she is six

months she'll be it'll be cold outside I

think let me see

June July opponents of tomorrow for

November you'll be November so just cute

when I grab this to be honest you look

ya'll can beat that thirty percent off I

think that little thing was my $18 so

30% offered it Samir doesn't have a lot


this is really cute


I'm gonna get out of here it was enough

in here honestly truly you know what I

really want to get I need to get some

like swaddle blankets

that's what I'm really need to get her

some of like I said I'm just getting

little things I think we're gonna go to

Marshalls extra these are on sale

something I want to grab these eight

vent bottles these are nine ounces so I

think I'm just gonna grab these cuz

there was doubt but then I hear a lot of

people say dr. Brown's bottles are

better so I don't know these are nine

ounces so I just forgot to grab on since

that one's still but then again I'm

still debating if she would like dr.

Brown's or not but my mom says you know

we could try either work but I'm gonna

go with these they're so cute here's the

thing y'all I ended up not getting those


I mean ended up not getting those

bottles because I don't know that I need

to figure out what's the best bottles

I'm actually torn between dr. Brown save

it so I'm like oh this shut me out

like honestly I really don't know what

to buy like like I said because I'm also

having a baby shower effect I think I

just need to stop buying stuff and so

after my baby shower because I really

don't know what to get like it's kind of

annoying but maybe I can go to maybe I

can go to Marshalls

tomorrow as he said they had like

swaddle blankets and throw blankets for

like $4.99 and stuff like that there so

i'ma go look at Marshall's tomorrow I

might just add that clip into this video

I don't know yet but I'm gonna go home

now and make dinner and then I'm gonna

show you guys some of the stuff I

already got as well at my house okay cuz

I did buy her a dr. Brown's pacifier

because I had like they do an accord on

it so I'm gonna see like I do plan on

breastfeeding but just a case I don't

I'm not with her one day like her dad or

somebody's watching her like my mom or

somebody watching her I think I need to

have bottles right so I don't know what

kind of bottles I got here

dr. Brown's is the best thing that I

heard even is the best so I'm gonna kind

of do like a Instagram poll you can see

what she wants mom's like and if y'all

can tell me which one's your babies like

it whether it's even or dr. Brown's

let me know and also what else should I

buy first um

because by the time I get back to

Atlanta after I have her she'll be about

two months or like a month I can't stay

and tell her hello I'm sorry

like I really plan to get back to a

letter ASAP after I have her so I'm

gonna get myself a couple weeks to stay

with my mom and have my mom's help but I

need to get out of there so let me know

where um what variety of ounces do I

need okay see you guys also also with

the also with just her having um like

her soaps and stuff I did buy her a vino

I bought her the Aveeno calming lavender

because like I like dove but I've heard

a lot of bad reviews about baby does a

baby's been breaking out from it so I

just want to start her off with a no

like I use a vino for myself I used of

but I use unscented of so and like if I

used of body wash I just used it for my

body only and I use like the mouth

flavors like I don't you know I'm saying

so I said flavors cents so I just really

want her to just have like super pure

everything like I know the diapers were

doing pampers pure I know that when I

buy the dress I'm either gonna do draft

or drive pure I'm just trying to keep

everything simple because you know I'm

very sensitive this stuff so I just want

to keep him on my baby girl gotta be a

mom like this is crazy you

know last week I had a dream about her I

couldn't really see her face but all I

know is I was so scared to hold her was

like oh okay it was but her all I know

is I was so scared to hold her like Oh

illest babe

I don't know oh this is terrible but I

was so scared to hold her like it must

in my dream you know and I can't picture

what she looks like so I'm excited I'm

talking to it 3d ultrasound next month

well my mom when she comes here y'all

look at this belly I just look fat I

gotta ate too much okay but God mama is

crazy to me but I'm super excited like

I'm ready to have my broken mess for a

little period are you oh so now that I'm

in the house I'm gonna show you all some

of this stuff that I got well together I

got some more stuff so this is so cute

this is like a um it's like a fur little

dinky like she's gonna look like a bear

when she has it on it's so freakin cute

and it even has like the little mittens

for her hands so cute I don't let his TV

in the way okay but um you see this is

so cute I got it for six months cuz by

six months it'll be cold outside

- I see six months they'll be like

November and then I've got this cute

little robe

is so cute and this is from 0 to

9 months so that's good so she'll be

able to wear this for a while then I

just got like a little throw blanket I

just thought this looked super cute and

soft I didn't mean to get everything

pink but I mean that's but that's I can

but they don't have that stuff for

little girls I only with the sparkly I

went in somewhere else babe only with

this Target

honestly after today I'm not gonna even

buy anything else honestly because when

we go back to Delaware for the shower

we'll have gift cards and stuff like

that so I was just gonna wait to get

more stuff but target is not a clothing

store like you know when it comes out of

clothes you don't have to wear pink all

the time but it's like when they're

little like that a lot of this stuff

will be pink and I just got some socks

these are so cute and these are from

zero no these are from three months to

twelve months so I just humming get home

she'll be able to pick these two because

it's no point to get everything newborn

you know I'm saying this lighting looks


yes I just get like onesies and then I

got some this was on sale this is veno I

don't want to use baby devil her because

I hear a lot of people babies been

breaking out from um baby does and I use

a vino - for my eczema so I thought this

would be cool and then this is stuff

that I already had you don't have to

watch this part cuz you already seen me

get this stuff but I had bought this

when I first came home after the

gender-reveal these are onesies

everything I got is from Target but um I

haven't even went to any baby stores

really what in the world why don't I

just look like this but yeah I haven't

went to any baby storage in just target

and then heard a little theme was gonna

be unicorn this is gonna be their her

little Dean I got her this unicorn

pacifier can y'all see it and this is by

dr. Brown okay

look at these little cute little we show


look at these cute little things for her


unicorn I said things for if you like

little shoes and then I got her this

unicorn towel

I've been got this like two weeks ago

after the gender-reveal

and then this wash rag that came with it

so cute oh let me show you what my mom

got her she's not even gonna be able to

fit this anytime soon actually and so

she's probably like - no not - 1 1 so

the Burberry baby suit look at this guy

so freakin cute baby look at this so

when she goes swimming my girl is gonna

be lit ok but yeah thank you guys so

much for watching this video

whenever I get some more baby stuff

hopefully you guys I will record and

show you guys and I'll show you all what

ever I got for the baby shower but I

don't want people buying stuff anyway

but if they do but yeah so make sure you

guys comment like subscribe guys I'm

trying to get to 50k subscribers so help

me get to 50k we're already at 42,000 so

my goal is to hit a honey K by the end

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yeah sooner than that