$500 Gender Neutral Baby Haul - How I Budgeted For Our First Newborn

I got all of this for $500 you guys that

is only $56 a month for nine months

so if from the first month you find out

you're pregnant you only save about $60

a month this is the baby haul you will

be able to provide yourself if you

follow the same pattern that I did and

today I'm just gonna walk you guys

through exactly what I buy with $500 for

my first child that is due in February

so we have about a month and a half left

and this is just a shopping haul of the

baby things I've gotten that are the

bare necessities plus a few additional

things that I have done for under $500

like I said before in the video that's

only $60 a month that you need to save

if you start saving from the first month

through the ninth month so let's get

started so first I want to start with

the most expensive thing I bought and

that is our car seat I don't know if you

guys can see it this I buy brand-new it

was about $100 so it was one fifth of my

investments I bought this brand new

because regulations on car seats changed

so frequently and when you're buying one

used you really don't know whether or

not it's been beaten up in a car

accident so I felt like it was really

important for the safety of my child so

just get a brand new car seat and make

that one of the big investments I was

gonna make this is the most expensive

thing I purchased on the car seat you

can see I have a car seat canopy online

they retail I think at $40 20 or $40 I

got this at Goodwill $4.99 Finch because

I've kind of seen on it and the stain

was over in the corner but it's gone now

so that was a great deal and that's one

of the things I want to talk to you guys

about I truly think that for your child

if you

really are trying to budget you

shouldn't be afraid to shop at thrift

shops you're definitely going to find

some really good deals there thing

you're gonna see in my haul alone a ton

of things that I've gotten from Goodwill

and hand-me-down shops that are 90

percent off their original retail price

and most of the things I've gotten have

been from surf shops which brings me to

the second place where I think that I

saved a ton of money and that is with

baby clothes now if you've been to any

kind of retail store for baby clothes in

Walmart they sell for maybe eight to ten

dollars an outfit and then you get into

gap in the places like that and they're

up to $30 an outfit and then there's

even more expensive places that have 40

to 60 dollars an outfit for something

your child is going to wear for one to

three months but for me I just felt like

it was worth it to go to a bunch of

Goodwill's scam their baby clothes which

in my area in the areas that I shopped

were 80 to 90 cents so it was 80 to 90

cents per clothing item that I bought

for my child total I spent about 40

dollars on clothes these are all the

newborn 0 to 3 months clothes that I got

so there's probably about 20 different

clothing items in here everything from

sleepers to onesies Japanse you name it

it's in this pile I also have a great

mother and mother-in-law who did

purchase us some brand new baby clothes

so I have about a dozen outfits ranging

in different sizes that are brand new

but a majority of the clothes that my

child is gonna be wearing first year in

their life are going to be used with

that being said I've gone through I've

washed all of them and I was shopping

gender-neutral which isn't exactly easy

if you do know the gender of your child

we don't we're saving it to figure out

when the child is born but if you know

the gender of your child it gets a lot

easier because most good will separate

them into boy clothes and girl clothes

and you can really just get a huge haul

of adorable clothing you're going to

find brand name

well you just have to search and I got

tons of really good quality clothes

here's my pile of three to six month

clothing as you can see there's even

more three to six month and there is

zero to three month so we have quite a

few of these clothes and then we have

six to nine month clothing there's a

little smaller of a selection but I

figured it's about half a year away so I

can still be stocking up during that

time and here's the 12 month clothing

which again is even smaller but that

it's an entire in your way so I'm sure

we'll have plenty of time to stock up

more on that now to go along with

clothing I've also gotten hat and these

were fifty cents apiece at Goodwill and

at the same time I also got a bunch of

baby bibs I don't have the baby bibs

gear I already have them in the kitchen

but again that's something that you can

get really cheap from Goodwill then we

just have stock sets I think these were

40 cents apiece parent baby shoes that

were 99 cents now aside from goodwill I

also went to a thrift shop that is

really common in the u.s. called once

upon a child and it's essentially a

store specifically for baby and children

items that you can get name-brand items

about 30% off and this is a baby foreign

baby carrier and I got this it retails

at about $40 on Amazon and I got it for

$18 like so I got it for about 50% off

there it's practically brand-new

very clean I've washed it it fits well

I'm excited to use it now this one was

an even better deal this was $2 from


I believe it retails at about $30 and

this is a JJ Cole baby carrier that goes

on like this so again this is something

that I just found a goodwill I did start

shopping at Goodwill when I was about

three months along four months along and

I've continued shopping and I'm now

eight months long so it's been about

four months of every week or so just

going quickly scanning the aisles seeing

what they have and occasionally I'll

find something like this that's a really

good deal speaking of good will and good

deals books are a huge thing to look for

at Goodwill that's a good world that I

went to these were 80 to 90 cents and my

mother-in-law actually helped me find

some of these books we have dr. Seuss is

ABC's good night moon if you buy a mouse

at cooking and then I actually got these

these are hardcover books that I got at

the dollar tree here in the US so that

is only these were a dollar each they're

hardcover just cute little baby books

letter Sesame Street fee

along with the baby carrier another

thing I got at the once I bought a child

thrift shop was this Bakke pillow this

was about 15 dollars this isn't

something I needed I just thought it was

really cute and it would be something

that definitely made breastfeeding a

little more convenient for me now one

thing I stocked up for to save myself

money in the long run is cloth diapers

now a lot of people think that cloth

diapers are really expensive thing to

stock up on and you're gonna be spending

about three hundred four hundred dollars

rather than just you know $60 for a box

of diapers was that being said in the

long run they're gonna save you a lot of

money and for me I did not buy

name-brand diapers all of these diapers

I'm gonna go through and just show you a

few Styles here because they're really

cute while I'm talking

all of these diapers were purchased on

eBay for one two three dollars directly

from China so they did take about two

months to arrive at my address so if you

are gonna buy cloth diapers from eBay I

suggest doing so early and these I have

compared and the quality is the same as

the ones that I found online

granted there are a couple expensive

brands that you can tell are definitely

a little more well made but for the

medium price brands these are they

exact diapers they have adjustable snap

so you're gonna be able to use them from

newborn all the way to toddler I'll go

ahead and open this one up and show it

to you guys but it's very soft on the

inside it has this liner pocket here and

then the liners are also only $8 on ebay

and because you're ordering from China

most of the Chinese sellers are selling

theirs with free shipping so you are

literally getting the diaper for one two

three dollars nothing extra so I do

suggest taking a look through eBay's

cloth diaper section what I did was I

just searched cloth diaper and then I

limited it down to ones that were only

available for buy it now not action and

then I did I sorted them from price low

to high so the lowest price came up

first and you'll just see a huge

selection of cloth diaper manufacturers

that are getting rid of cloth diapers at

a ridiculously cheap price and of course

it's tucked up on liners as well now

another thing I bought full price here

is this baby bath this was just

something for me that was kind of a

sanitation thing I didn't really want to

use a used baby bath so I got this one

that I figured they could grow into in

their bathtub it just sits in the

bathtub husband and I think this was

about twenty dollars on Amazon time from

Target I picked up this little rubber

ducky that has a little thing on the

bottom that turns white if the water is

too hot this is only two dollars at

Target now I did buy some full price

baby health items so I got baby nail

clippers for five dollars on Amazon I

got this digital thermometer and it's

one of those that you just press against

the forehead which I thought was really

this was $10 at Walgreens and then I got

his baby toothbrush and toothpaste set

from Toys R Us and I believe this was

about five dollars

speaking of bats and hygiene products

there are a few more things I did buy at

full price and that is hygiene products

so I got Shikoku and body wash this is

by Burt's Bees this was one of my more

expensive investments in terms of not

getting the cheapest item available but

instead getting one that I thought was

good quality and because I love Burt's

Bees and I use them for a lot of things

I also got their motion and baking

powder and their diaper cream also got a

ton of baby washcloths these came in

sets of twelve I believe these are from

Walmart and they were ten dollars and

then I got hooded towels and these were

from Goodwill for 99 cents so there's a

cute one that just has a duck on it and

I have a couple others but that's just

to give you an idea another thing you

can find it goodwill very cheap you'll

probably find these in the store for ten

to twenty dollars blankets again or

something that I got a goodwill just

scanning throughout time there were lots

of really cute ones but these were just

the ones that I picked out you took

anywhere from 99 cents to three dollars

apiece so I got this teddy bear wire

this little green soft one with a silk

back adorable hedgehog one that my

mother-in-law found put a we were

shopping at Goodwill and it has this

cute little head chalk on this side and

then a couple swaddles

there's this one that just has drafts

and elephants on it and then just this

plain green one I also got this velcro

swaddle it's kind of hard to see okay

let me see if I can get it together okay

so this is all pro swell that uh it's

clearly been used it's fairly worn was

that being said it's clean it smells

fine it's soft so this I snatched up for

$0.99 and my hearing loss found this

burp cloth which was 50 cents

these teaser rings I actually have a

friend who makes these so I bought them

from her for only $3 she gave them to me

at a discounted price this I actually

got on clearance from Toys R Us it was

originally around $30 I got it for $12

and I also got it with a gift card that

I had had that I had just never used and

it's basically just this little

sleep-training stuffed animal it has a

nightlight on it it plays sounds it's

just a cute little baby toy that I

thought was a nice thing to have in the

nursery in a diaper bag a lot of people

they want the designer diaper bags I

really did it but I settled on going to

Walmart and getting this one was $30 and

I got it because it came with a bunch of

stuff in it it's made of this waterproof

material that I feel it's gonna be

really easy to keep clean came with a

diaper changing pad white container

little storage bag and a bottle

container that's insulated and has a

little handle on it so you can keep

their bottle in it it's not the most

fashionable diaper bag in the world but

it's extremely functional because it

came with all those freebies I felt like

it was worth the $30 I was going to be

spending on it speaking of freebies you

can get freebies when you're pregnant

companies want to advertise to you they

want to send you samples so if you great

ones to look up is there is a Walmart

baby box that you can just google a

Walmart baby box you can sign up for

your dress in your gonna get free

samples sent to your door and then there

is also a Amazon baby welcome box that

you'd get when you create a registry and

then spend $10 so I spent my $10 on

these bottles bottles or something it's

definitely something you can find used

at Goodwill absolutely but it was

something that I want to know just

because I want to

that they have been well taken care of

and were clean and the nipples didn't

have any holes or anything so I just

bought bottles new so I got this set for

ten dollars and then I got my English

unwelcome two marks both the Amazon

welcome box and the Walmart welcome box

team was actually a three bottle so I

got two additional free bottles just for

signing up for those baby boxes also in

the baby boxes I got sense of other

things that I say I have nipple pads for

my breast feeding all kinds of different

samples of but creams for your baby baby

wipes baby wash samples it's at a twenty

newborn size diapers this is great as

came in the Amazon box and this will set

hygiene products for your baby

it comes with a wife and this is seventh

generation brand which I love and I use

quite a bit but it comes with all kinds

of different little baby hygiene

products lotion and diaper wipes things

like that and I also got this

breastfeeding bar

speaking of breastfeeding this along

with a lot of other breastfeeding

supplies I got entirely for free if you

live in the u.s. your healthcare is

require to cover a breast pump

so essentially you just need a

prescription from your gynecologist and

then you can go online to a bunch of

different retailers and find the breast

pump that your specific insurance covers

in one that just fits your needs

so this retails at three hundred and

forty dollars it was covered for me

I tried hair I ordered this through baby


and along with that they also sent a

couple replacement parts

breast milk storage bottles a ton of

breast milk storage bags from kind

a ton more breast milk storage bags from

medela brilliant and then the last two

feeding accessories that I've got I

bought this at Target for about five

dollars I believe it's just a bottle

brush and then this is a find that I was

really happy with this retails at about

twenty dollars and I got it for $2.99

from Goodwill this is brand new still in

the box

and it's a sterilizer that you put in

your microwave essentially you put your

models in with some water in this

sterilizer you microwave it and the

steam sterilizers your bottles it's just

one of those examples of if you just go

to Goodwill every week or so you look

around you're gonna find some awesome

deals on some baby products now my last

two items are large so I'm going to try

to get them in the shot the first is

this stroller I'm sure it's not fitting

entirely on camera but this I got for

$35 from once upon a child it wasn't

something I needed but it was something

that I liked and the price was so

affordable I figured why not

and lastly is probably the most obvious

item that I have here and that is this

playpen and I got this for $60 I think

it originally retailed around $90 so I

do have cash back cards that I use on

all of this Target I have my 5% debit

card Amazon I have a 5% credit card so I

do get cash back that helps me savings a

little bit but this I actually got

through I shot through this app on your

phone called ibotta

I'll leave a link in the description

below if you want to sign up and the

first time I purchase something through

Target through the ibotta app so I had

to buy this by my phone I would get 20%

cash back so I got 20% cash back plus

the five percent off on target

and then additionally I bought it on

Black Friday when it was already I think

ten or twenty percent off if you don't

want to use I bought it you can also use

another cash back site and I will leave

the link to that below that's called

swag book and you can get between three

and five percent cashback on baby

products on that site shopping through

sites like Amazon Target and other

places so there are a few reasons that I

bought this instead of a crib one it

folds up its transportable so this is

the only thing that I'm going to need I

obviously can't take a crib when we

travel my husband is in the military we

have family all over the US and we do go

and see them often so instead of

worrying about finding a safe place for

my baby to sleep when we are traveling I

figured having this but you can fold up

into like a nice little cube would be

something that's really convenient and

helpful it also converts from a bassinet

type thing which I don't know if you can

see but it has the bassinet in here

right now I'm going to tip it down so it

has this bassinet attachment that will

essentially let me conveniently have the

newborn sleeping there until they start

rolling and sitting up and then it's not

going to be safe for them to be in

something that shallow anymore but

starting out I do want to have the baby

in our bedroom and this is something

that I can put beside the bed and then I

can easily remove the bassinet part

later on and it has two wheels so it can

be moved around and once I remove the

bassinet part it turns into a playpen

that I can put a mattress in and then

use as their crib until they are old

enough to be moved to a toddler bed so

there you have it guys that is how I

outfitted my newborns necessities for

five hundred dollars like I said before

that is only $60 a month this is

absolutely achievable for most people

you so I hope this video gave me some

operation to budget for your own baby

having a baby can be so scary and when I

first found out I was pregnant my

biggest worry was money I did not know

how I was gonna stock up on everything I

needed for a child they felt like it was

going to be thousands of dollars I was

scared I was going to need to take out

loans or put a bunch of money on my

credit cards that I didn't want to do

but when I started budgeting and really

shopping around and really looking for

things I realized that I did not have to

spend a ton of money to get everything

that I wanted to get for my child if you

have any tips for budgeting for a baby I

would love to hear your tips post them

in the comment section below I do think

that there is no shame in shopping from

thrift shops and goodwill for your child

there's no shame in budgeting because

your little one is not going to care

that they're in a 99-cent outfit from

Goodwill they're going to care that that

outfit is clean and they are warm and

they're well fed and they are loved