17-18 Week Pregnancy Update | What to Buy for Baby?

I have a Joey and she says welcome to

another pregnancy update she says my

little brother or sister is gonna be

here in just a few months she says thank

you for watching


hey guys welcome back to my channel

today's video is yet another pregnancy

update today we are doing weeks 17 to 18

almost halfway there it's still coming

by so fast so if you want to find out

how week 17 and 18 went for me then just

keep watching so as always let's start

out just talking about the size of the

baby in week 17 the baby was the size of

a pomegranate at about 5.1 inches long

and 5.9 ounces and then it grew to the

size of an artichoke in week 18 at about

5.6 inches long and 6.7 ounces so it's

growing a lot in weight definitely

getting bigger as of 18 weeks the baby

is yawning hiccuping sucking and

swallowing twisting rolling punching and

kicking you might be able to feel him or

her doing it which if you watched my

last update I started feeling movements

in week 16 basically the baby is just

practicing using its muscles and moving

a lot so onto symptoms I haven't had too

many new symptoms in the last couple

weeks have been a few I talked in the

last update that I was having a lot of

just like soreness and stretching in my

uterus and that's continuing some days

are worse than others sometimes it's

like sensitive to the touch some days it

doesn't really hurt at all I've noticed

that I get like a pulled muscle feeling

sometimes like in the side of my belly

and I think I definitely need to be

doing more stretching and that will help

it's like if I move too quickly or like

I go on a long walk or something

sometimes it feels like I've like pulled

a muscle but I know it's just my

ligaments stretching to accommodate this

growing baby so I've definitely had some

more aches and pains this week I've

noticed that my lower back has been

hurting a bit more my hips have been

hurting a little bit

especially when sleeping like if I've

slept on

one side too long I'll wake up in my hip

will be really sore but nothing drastic

nothing crazy it's just like a little

aches and pains here and there and then

another new symptom I had actually

yesterday so the very last day of my

18th week I got my first pregnancy

nosebleed which had actually mentioned

in the app this week that you might get


it wasn't anything crazy but I

definitely had a little bit of a bloody

OHS movements wise like I said I've

already been feeling movement and I said

in my last update that I could actually

feel a few of them on the outside of the

belly but Benton hadn't yet and the last

two weeks been has actually been able to

feel a couple of them most of the

movements are still too small to be felt

on the outside but every so often the

baby will be like super Wiggly or just

moving like really hard and Ben has been

able to feel a couple of them but most

of them are still on the inside only

another not new symptom but one that's

like changed even more is my boobs

continue to grow they are even bigger

now I've gone up from pre pregnancy I've

already gone up a bra size and now the

bra size like does not fit anymore so

they just keep growing it so I'm sure

they're just gonna continue to grow once

milk comes in I'm not complaining at all

just telling you guys that that has been

a latest symptom I've definitely seen a

lot of growth in that department in the

last few weeks I haven't had really any

other new symptoms I mentioned like

weeks ago and I realized I'd never came

back to this was that I had been having

like some small bumps on my stomach and

I actually did ask my midwife the last

time I was there about them and she said

that they're totally just a normal

pregnancy symptom I'm still having those

sometimes they're worse than others last

week I felt like I had a ton of them and

then now a lot of them have gone away

they seem to come and go but it's normal

and just like part of your skin

stretching one other new symptom that

has happened in the last few weeks is

that I'm not sleeping as well I'm a

really good sleeper normally been

causing me professional sleeper and the

last few weeks I have

a harder time sleeping I've been waking

up alive and uncomfortable I actually

had one night a couple days ago the baby

kept waking me up with movements like it

was moving so much all night that I was

being woken up by it and I think it's

just time to now kiss my sleep goodbye

for a while because it's probably just

gonna get worse from here on out and

then once the baby comes we all know

there's not much sleep with a newborn so

I think I just better get used to that

which it's gonna be the hardest

adjustment for me because I love

sleeping it's gonna be a really tough

adjustment braxton-hicks are still

happening I had actually one day where

it was like really bad and kind of

freaked me out then I called my doctor's

office the next day to talk to like the

nurse about it because my stomach got so

hard and so tight and it was just really

weird because I'm not used to that but

everything I described was perfectly

normal and since then they have calmed

down quite a bit

I still get them here and there but I

haven't had anything quite that bad but

like I said from what she said

everything is normal and I've also had

some like shooting kind of pains like

really really low which from everything

I've seen is just again your uterus and

ligaments and everything stretching to

accommodate the baby my skin is still a

wreck you can't tell I say this in

videos and people probably are like no

your skin's perfectly fine for filming I

have a lot of makeup on and the lighting

it does wonders but like without my

makeup on I have a still so much

hormonal acne all around my mouth up on

my forehead like it's been pretty bad

right now it's doing okay but every time

I think it's starting to clear up it

comes back with like a whole new

terrible breakout so I'm still dealing

with that but my skin is still drier

than it normally is which I do like

because I typically have very oily skin

so it's kind of a trade-off I guess

other than the growing aches and pains

and the occasional braxton-hicks I'm

feeling really good I mentioned last

time that I feel like I'm in that

honeymoon phase and I'm definitely still

feeling that way overall I'm feeling

pretty good physically but

mentally I'm starting to get a little

nervous because this pregnancy is still

going so fast and I just feel like I'm

not ready for the baby be here in just a

few months so my goal for the next few

weeks now once we find out the genders

to really start building my registry and

really researching products so the thing

I'm the most stressed about is like car

seat stroller sleeping arrangements so

whether we want to do a bassinet whether

we want to do a rock and play a pack and

play for when the baby's like little

those are the things that are really

starting to stress me out because

there's so many options and I just don't

even know where to begin and the whole

sleeping thing when the baby is new like

I don't want to put it in its crib right

away but you know some people recommend

bassinet some people recommend packing

blades it's like seriously just depends

on the baby and what they like so I

don't even know but my goal is

definitely to start building my registry

and start doing some research on those

big items so if you have any

recommendations if you are already a mom

for you know car seats strollers the big

kind of things and like what your baby

slept in when it was first born I would

love to know we are not planning to Co

sleep that is something that we feel

pretty strongly about so no

recommendations for like Co sleepers or

anything like that but definitely with

the baby to have their own space so give

me some recommendations down below for

what your baby liked if you did not go

sleep I've definitely just been feeling

a little bit more anxious I'm an anxious

person as it is and I'm not the best

with change and we have a lot of change

coming this year like I said we're

moving I still don't know exactly when

and the baby's coming and there's just

like so much out of my control that

makes me worried and anxious and I've

just been feeling that a little bit

lately but I'm trying to tell myself

that like nobody knows exactly what

they're doing when they're first-time

mom and it's all gonna be fine so that's

pretty much it for all of the symptoms

really nothing too new this week but

this week is a very exciting one I have

two doctor's appointments so I have our

19 week ultrasound on Wednesday and

that's the ultrasound where they go

through and just like really scan all

the baby's body parts make sure

everything's growing really well and

also find out the gender I hope to have

the gender-reveal up for you guys on

Sunday I'm not making any promises just

because you never know maybe the baby's

not cooperating maybe we weren't able to

tell all of our family members by Sunday

but the goal is Sunday and then the day

after that I have just my four week

Midwife appointment I'm excited about

because I've definitely come up with a

couple of questions that I feel like I

need to ask her and like we're starting

to get closer and so I'm ready to hear

more about like what we need to do to

prepare in terms of like classes and

like Hospital tours and all that kind of

thing I think that's it for today's

video stay tuned to the end and I will

show you guys my belly

it's definitely grown a little I think

again nothing drastic I feel like it's

starting to round out a little more been

said that I'm now definitely looking

pregnant and not like a burrito which is

good huh so thank you guys for watching

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guys in my next video bye II kind of a

baggy shirt on so let's show you with my

layer underneath so there's the baby

there's you can see it a little better

with a tighter shirt

it's definitely starting to get a little

rounder yeah it definitely is like

rounding out at the top now there's

people talking outside

really need to buy a new tripod because

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