Preparing For an Actual Baby... *very stressful* | Aspyn Ovard




hey guys welcome to at this week's video

today I'm here with Parker in this video

we are going to be doing some things

that we need to get done to prepare for

our first baby she's coming in less than

two months and we still have a ton of

things that we need to get done before

she comes I am so excited because

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okay guys we're here in the store I'm so

excited they literally have everything

they have all the bigger things that you

need like they have strollers they have

car seats they have cribs they also have

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which is super awesome so the first

thing we were actually looking for today

is oh gosh anyways the first thing we

were shopping for today is a bouncer so

I was on their website kind of just

checking out what they have and I saw a

bouncer that I really like that has a

lot of really good reviews but I wanted

to actually come and like see it in the

store and be able to ask one of their

experts about it I was telling Parker

should we get a toilet and just skip the

diapers just make our life make our life

easier and buy a trainer from today

she's born Oh Parker just found this

ball pit

we definitely should get there okay guys

we're here with Katie one of the byebye

baby experts so this is the bouncer that

I was looking at online I had a lot of

good reviews so people like this one

here even though it's not like motorized

yeah it is a really popular one it's

based off baby's kick so it kind of I

was like yeah so they kind of are like

moving themselves what age babies would

like typically use this like a newborn

can go so it's eight pounds tops out at

29 pounds so I think we're actually

gonna get this but the one I saw on

their website is pink and so I think

we're gonna order it online so that

would be really cute so the next thing

that I've really been looking into a lot

is the outlet monitor basically it's

just like a sock that you put on your

baby the kind of like tracks their heart

rate and their oxygen and stuff he's

answering more of our questions people

love this thing right it's telling a

nice piece of mind for new moms yeah

feeling yeah I definitely want that I

think we're definitely gonna be

considering getting this next we need a

baby like a bath Parker's in print a lot

of choices oh yeah this is the one that

I was looking at I see a lot of people

use this one so this one's like is this

the most popular one um it's one of our

more popular ones just because it's a

support I'm instead of having like a


yeah I'm gonna sit in your tub yeah and

you can put this in your sink oh that's

nice you don't buy the whole tub thing

yeah yeah I feel like this is maybe like

more practical I know babies like these

which animal should we get oh we better

get her we get her like a little fairy

look it's a giraffe you okay this is

another thing that I wanted to get I

feel a lot of people using these bikes

to model do think of some babies don't

like it it's really really tight so this

kind of helps them to be able to like

have a little bit of movement but I also

putting this in the car we don't really

have a ton of newborn clothes I know

they grow out of those really really

quick but basic white onesies can't go

wrong all right guys we're back in the

car we got a ton of things that we need

this is literally like our dream

sponsorship right now like everything in

there I was like oh my gosh we do this

this this and this we will definitely be

coming back here when we're a little

closer to my due day and kind of going

through like our final checklist of

things that we need but for now we're

going to head back home all right we're

back home now and we are up in the

nursery but I just kind of laid out

everything we got so you can see a

little overview now we're going to go

through her closet trying to get

everything down and literally just lay

out everything that we have so we can

figure out what we need how we want to

organize everything




I have so these are some swaddles I

don't really know how many I need it

have a couple little like smaller ones

it would be good for like burp rags and

stuff like that then this is the bath

pile something I do need is towels like

baby towels and then over here we have

some like bottle stuff I do want to

breastfeed but I also want to pump so

that's why I have like bottles and stuff

and I have a changing mats here we have

some toys and these are little baby

loungers I saw they have the doctor

taught at byebye baby

these are the diapers that we have still

need a bunch of wipes and stuff and then

for her clothes this pile over here is

what I haven't really touched yet but I

just wanted to divide up the like zero

to three month clothes and kind of see

what I had so these ones right here are

the only actual like newborn size things

that we have because everyone says they

grow out a newborn so fast so I have all

of these little tank tops for her these

are her leggings this pile is like full

outfits it's like just a one-piece thing

if these are long-sleeve onesies these

are all of the pajamas that I have for

her we have this little thing we got it

bye-bye babies a little swaddle up thing

and then these are matching sets I have

two little jackets for her that have

like matching leggings that are a little

bit thicker and then these are her hats

she does the bunch for winter and then

some cute little bows obviously this

video isn't like start to finish of like

how to prepare for a baby and everything

is done but I just wanted to like

document the things that I'm doing today

to try and get ready so one of those

things that were needing to do is just

go through all her clothes see what I


okay so the next thing I'm doing is

working on my hospital bag packing list

and I still have a few weeks before I'll

actually like start packing my hospital

bag I don't know why I'm like very

passionate about dot over packing like I

only really want to have what I need I'm

looking some things up online I'm gonna

write out my list and I'll share it with

you guys and then you guys can tell me

any other suggestions I thought you guys



ten minutes later I'm honestly feeling

more stress than I was when I started it

I don't know what to bring okay so I'm

gonna read you guys my list I divided it

up into things I'm gonna bring things

that Parker would bring even though a

lot of the ones for me would be for

Parker to like lotion and face wash and

stuff like that also a section for the

baby so for me ponytail for sure

chapstick phone charger wallet paperwork

something else I did is write down a

little to-do list of things I need to

get done we want to tour the hospital

also guys this lighting I also want to

pre-register so have like all of that

paperwork and everything done and then I

also want to ask the hospital what they

provide because I know a lot of people

say they give you like all the diapers

you need for your babies so like don't

bring any or they provide you with like

pads and stuff for you and like mesh

underwear and all of that glamorous

stuff we need to have a little toiletry

bag really trying to only bring the

essentials I also saw people pretty much

on every list that I read it people say

to bring your own towel because the

hospital would suck but honestly that

just seems why two extra to me like I

can definitely take a shower with a

crappy towel I probably only will be at

the hospital long enough to like shower

like need to shower once hopefully

something else people say to bring

though is shower shoes comment below if

this is an essential for you that's not

like two extra I can understand that if

there's too many germs but it's like a

little bit extra also something else on

every single list a pair of fuzzy socks

for if you are like walking around I

don't really know if I would use those

or if I would just put my shoes on I

don't know but those don't take it that

much space so I would bring a pair of

fuzzy socks I also have nursing bra on

here I also wrote down underwear so

again I don't know if the hospital

provides like the big granny panties

that you're gonna need after you have a

baby a loose outfit for me to wear when

I'm going home and also loose PJ's I

also just wrote down

postpartum kit products I don't know

exactly what I need so if you guys have

any suggestions for that I also wrote

birth plan I don't really have a very

specific birth plan

but I'm gonna try and find just like a

really really simplistic template it's

basically just the basics

I know there

things like doo-wop music playing or

like the lights on or off like things

like that those I know can be controlled

but I'm not super into birth plans

because you just never know what's gonna

happen then for Parker's side I row

phone charger toothbrush and toothpaste

hairbrush I also think he should

probably bring a pillow and a blanket

that's another thing people actually

said to like for me to bring is my own

pillow which I'm sure that I would be

happy if I had that but again it's I

kind of just like wanna pack light so

that's why I'm putting this part in the

video because I want to know what what

you guys suggest but anyways Parker

really doesn't need much I also wrote an

outfit on here for him for like the next

day and then just making sure we have

like the camera or the baby gotta have

her car seat I also wrote down two to

three outfits I don't know how many to

bring also we'll have a blanket for her

and then some little like socks and

mittens that's kind of all I can find

for like what to bring for your baby

I think the hospitals will provide

diapers and wipes so far this is my list

if you guys have suggestions please let

me know in the comments down below don't

want to over pack but I don't want to

under pack so let me know in the


alright guys so that is going to be all

for this video I'm actually feeling

really good about everything we got done

today especially I went through all her

stuff we still have some things we need

but I just feel alright you got a good

look in my face this definitely could be

turned into a series though because

still have a lot of things we need to do


but we do do more frequent updates over

on our blog channel if you guys want to

check that out the links down below

thank you again to buy my baby for

sponsoring this video I'm gonna have at

their website links down below

definitely check them out if you guys

are pregnant or if you need any baby

items they have such a huge assortment

of things we definitely will be heading

back there before we actually have the

baby I hope you guys enjoyed this video

kind of just seeing the process of some

things that we did today to prepare for

a baby that is all for the video and

I'll see you guys right next