sake can you push me on this this is so

fun yeah it is really fun

I'm a daddy let's get this one cuz it

said it's gonna make the baby extra





my favorite we are going boring shopping

like watching say we're trying million

zillion whoa is we've gone shopping for

our baby blows furniture like prayers

and courts and that hard stuff

the moms were in the list of all stuff

we need to get put on there baby accent

we need grams a doctor's posse they suck

out the milk give it a boil let you come

with me uncle something really excited

to the boobs we've all last week

building the base of bread babies I'll

show you

see the brand-new baby


do you guys know that we have offended

our British luncheons they said Oh cyber

talks pirate America well then sorry the

full of them really God did you say

sorry to the British legends where's she


so I want to leave a quick chat Olivia

for reminding us that we have british

legends - this is what she wrote

why do you always refer to Americans you

do have bridge legends - and you are

definitely right sorry British legends

but remember it's Sabres fault think I

absolutely plan to make the bleach

ledges happy again a kiss oh no oh yeah

so we're going to try to make English

tea because I think British people love

tea yeah yes it is massively wrong so I

brought this back when I went to the

shop for Mom I don't even know what

anything inside does but it's gonna help

us make English tea


English change who I can is the biggest

fail didn't put that in the video

yeah so Nazis baby what did say the

buying him well it wasn't with me he

bought it it was mostly mom and she said

that's how you when you need to bars

mighty okay he was incapable for this is

not the baby rattle you guys care for

visit I'll give you a hint what's round

it's like a bull so you've got all these

weird things and we put it try my tan

I've got a mess table a needle thing um

let's be some type of organic English

from a spoon a spoon and applaud class

we did not know what any of these things

are but let's make British tea nice

thing we have to

I think we should get plants that's

reasonable I want to for tomography been

in the play

don't let drinking marks not right yeah

all right that you could be every single

type of money and had to pick the right

playing this one let's pick this fancy

cup it's a painter my goodness I thought

this is a good couple

okay now what do we do you put any

drinka left probably reasonably and

that's right I think isn't mushed up as

well I think there were these machine

things I can't boil a kettle what's okay

to do we have a kettle kettle kettle is

like the thing like oh you mean the song

I'm a little teapot short and stout here

is my handle here in my this is a kiss


I put this in the sink evening Oh

washing machine

the next step is you grab the needle you

get the English breakfast tea breakfast

pee you pour it in the heat then you

shuffle it around then you pull it in

the heat and then you put it turn it


Oh mm I think it is so business happy I

think we're going to fill this up with

tea and then dump it in the water a lot

of silly things things first so we're

gonna put one in a needle in the mesh



hey did you tell you my dearest um boots

yes yeah yeah

now I'm gonna get this to pucker time

smells beautiful


we baby me some English team they said

tape dad's jokes last time you told me

eight time he was actually a dog biscuit

robots me but this time it's no trick

drink yet


crying well it tastes like ice wait okay

we need a pram what are you looking I

really like this one too so I'm not sure

what to do

cranes been this expensive rock just

babies must be so expensive it's 50% off

we're saving money it doesn't it doesn't

work like that we're gonna get the one

that bunny thinks he's the most

comfortable Bunny's having fun


this is so yeah it is really fun I'm a

daddy this is the pram that we are

getting next thing on the list is the

breast pump

although the breast pumps out if I was a

breast pump where would I think they do

this or this baby sucks weird legends

I've just found the most amazing thing

so you must put the baby in the car this

will be really good practice for when

your baby won't dare drive a car but it

moves or we could make the baby tuck up

its legs and we can just push it around

that's actually pretty cool I want to

get out there though it's so not

practical how do we know it's wing

together so many I've been doing my

research and the one I want is that one

it hasn't mirror then the baby can look

at itself dimpled things are near simple

minds come on ladies let's go and look

at all the planets let's get this one

cuz it said it's gonna make the baby

extra smart

when I was little I had a lathe and I

wouldn't buy our baby brother Lee I

really think something he's bond that

for ourselves that's okay if I play with

it okay guys it's time to buy this stuff

and go home

teleportation have a really good time

they need all this stuff for baby

so you get up this day turn left and

lock the doors open and it looks like

the doors


the builders are going to come next week

and put massive wardrobe up here it's

gonna be full of all the babies sound

baby closing soon we'll buy a cot a

rocking chair and the tanks tables so we

can do a nursery reveal for you legend

sit down get out the yeah hey I found a

good one

we saw xox said and I'm such a big big

why I'm so sad but I won't be able to

ever meet you look cause I live in

England we really really want to come to

England so maybe if we ask our dad and

say we can go to England then we comment

and tell notification and waiting away

to share you a hat but this only want me

to say