hey guys welcome back to my channel

Mel and I are so excited this morning

because we are going to be shopping for

the very first time for the baby I'm so

excited to so I partnered up with byebye

baby and they invite us into the store

this morning to go ahead and create our

baby registry so I'm so excited you guys

know we are new parents we've never had

a baby before

so we honestly have no idea what we're

doing we don't really know what to get

what's the best in the game we really

don't know energy it definitely is a

learning process so I love that the

store has experts to help us create our

baby registry and help guide us on which

items are the best fit for us and I love

how they have such an assortment of

different prices they have items from so

many different price ranges so I'm

really excited to just like go in the

store and see what's up again we haven't

shopped for the baby at all and we don't

know the gender of the baby yet but we

are planning on just getting like a lot

of like unisex iron we probably won't

even buy that much because again we're

creating our registry and I'm only 14

weeks so we still have a long ways to go

but we're really excited and we're about

to go in the store so let's go

hey guys we just walked in to byebye

baby and were the first people in the

store so we have the whole tour to

ourselves and we just sat down and

created our registry which was so

exciting it just I feel so real now but

I saw like nas I mean Annabelle's

registry Isaac


oh god benandmela

ET orchestra yeah it came up I'm so


Farah nook --it but I'm not good so as

you guys saw I actually downloaded the

app so my registry is now synced on to

my phone and it's really cool because

there's a whole checklist on my phone so

on my app I can click checklist and look

I can do stroller and I can pick them

when I want add it to my registry and it

will help just organize everything like

we would have never thought of this car

window shape we would have never thought

to get one of those or stroller hooks or

stroller sunshade or any of these small

little details there's also a lot of

information on the app that helps you

with like steps to prepare for the baby

likes things that you need before the

baby is even born so that's definitely

helped us a lot because obviously we

know strollers car seats bottles all

that stuff but there's so much that we

would never even talked about like

buying mm-hmm so we're just gonna

explore the store from front to back so

here is the first section we're going to

be exploring and we're gonna look at

some strollers now I have an idea of

what I want for a stroller I for sure

want a black stroller but there's so

many options like I don't know okay I

just thought there was like one or two

strollers it's like a car store guys

there's so many different options I had

no idea and look at how cute this I like

this one even though there's two oh I

can't wait to live a little mini Mel in

there it's the baby jogger I need this

one to stay active something important

we need to look for in a stroller babe

is how easy it collapses and goes in

don't don't break it well let's go ask

an expert basket expert guys I think

melis sold on this one


so this next section we're checking out

is car seats so just like the strollers

they have so many different brands so

many different price points and I'm

telling you guys I did not know that

there was this many options we were

watching some registry videos just so we

can get like a slight idea and the girl

we watched had the maxi Cosi and she

loved it


now I want to take y'all to one section

I'm personally looking forward to the

chest carriers we're back carriers

whatever they are I'm looking forward to

just having my little nugget strapped to

my chest or my back I want a double one

so we can put cozy in the back it's like

I look you want one of these the ones

that's just like a claw but this is one

thing we've definitely been thinking

about like we knew we were gonna get one

of these because we take the dogs for

walks and you go to the mall or anything

like that

strapped a little guy or girl to my


and we just rollin they got a lot of

different variety of these to try me

this one he is trying on is for 7 pounds

245 pounds you like this one how does it

feel I like how it has a zipper it looks

like a fit low key like right this is a

trend right now you're so annoying

we're gonna decide which I would had so

I want to add this to my registry so you

just can't but then you just go down and

you click Add to our street

one gift added so this next section

we're checking out our bouncers and

swings I actually have an idea of what I

want for this I want the mama room I've

heard amazing things about the mama Roo

it looks like a little egg it's so cute

but it turns on I don't know if this

one's plugged in so I already know I

want to get the mama room for this I

know that you like turn it on it has

different settings and it like moves

your baby

this one looks cozy they have something

for every budget leave comments down

below on what I should get because there

are so many options I can't I don't even

know I don't even know what I want no

Oliver so they also have a ton of sets

for the nursery and this one is a lot

like what I've been envisioning for my

nursery I like this color of wood I

really wanted this is like number one

for me baby I want a big giraffe

yes I want a big ol giraffe in the

nursery but they have really nice set so

it has the cord the chest


so everything are buying right now to

show us my history so if we ever return


hey guys so we got back from byebye baby

like a few days ago but now we're gonna

sit down so tired right so we are about

to do a little mini haul and also talk

to you guys about making our registry

also gave us a goodie bag goodie bag

which I loved so basically on the

registry we did buy a few things we

obviously didn't buy everything on our

registry but we just wanted to get a few

things and on the Buy Buy Baby app it

now has everything that I purchased

marked as purchase so when people want

to buy stuff for our baby shower they're

gonna see that that gift has already

been purchased so they won't you know

buy it let me know down below something

that you guys think that I should add to

my registry that you don't see that I

linked down below we would love that

yeah I definitely recommend going about

80 because they give you this great

little goodie bag in it there's a little

booklet and it has all these registry

items and also just recommendation

nursery ideas they gave us a sample of

water wipes we both actually use these

already bottle this is actually the

brand that I added to our residents

registry the Phillips event bottle this

is sample of nursing pads and breast

milk storage bags body lotion for babies

aquaphor mm-hmm

that's this price Emmy PR but we also

have like a mini aqua for samples of

baby laundry detergent like they really

hooked it up in here so now we're gonna

show you guys everything that we

purchased and again everything will be

linked down below you guys can shop

through magic links another really cool

thing about registering up byebye baby

is that let's say not everything was

purchased on your registry you guys can

go ahead and purchase those items I get

15% off so that's always great you know

I'm gonna buy it for you can buy it

yourself and get a discount so the first

item we got yeah we just want to be able

to make organic food for our baby

ourselves so we got this baby bullet

C week

just put like vegetables or whatever you

know we want and it really it also comes

with like glass storage containers for

the food but obviously we can't even

start feeding our baby anything other

than milk until like six months but it

was nice so I picked this up for

breastfeeding this is a Boppy pillow

sorry I was like YouTube this is a Boppy

so basically you like put this around

you and you have your baby on there and

you give them milk so then I also picked

up a cover for since I just bought a

white one and I want to do a safari

theme for a nursery like I know that

100% so I got the one with elephants on

it this next one I know we won't be able

to use it again like for like two years

but I have been battling allergies all

my life so I saw this and it just like

was screaming for me to purchase it

because I don't want our baby to have to

go through what I went through with

allergies allergen barrier pillow so our

kid would be protected at night from the

allergies that can destroy their sinuses

but again we can't use it yeah so you

know we can't use it

Wow so again I decided to buy some stuff

for postpartum and you know just the

pregnancy because we got a lot of time

before the baby gets here so I saw this

and I thought this was really cool this

is the back this is the freedom mom

postpartum recovery kit so in it comes

with disposable underwear comes with ice

ice packs for your underwear cooling pad

liners healing foam yeah just really

great stuff for after I give birth yeah

someone fair for a woman you just get to

enjoy the baby enough to go through all

this well I got to do with you so we're

even this one what your existing you

guys would have already seen in the

footage so but we just did go ahead and

decide to buy the carrier I'm excited to

use this I look forward to having our

baby with me everywhere I go when I go

to the store the mall so this next

product I really wanted I even had it

saved on my Instagram because I've been

seeing ads for Oliver and Stu

this is the owlet cam so this is just a

baby monitor that syncs with your phone

so we can hook up this camera over the

baby's crib in the nursery and we can

see them from our phone and also I

picked this one because it's also the

smart sock so it has this little sock

you put on their foot is so cute and it

tracks the baby's like heart rate their

oxygen levels so I saw these two picture

frames and I knew we needed them they're

so cute

it says my first year and you put a

picture of your baby every single month

I'm looking forward to this because as

you guys know if you follow me I've been

really getting into photography a lot

more over the last couple of months so

this would be fun for me to get to do a

little mini photo shoot with my baby

once a month so it comes with a little

marker and we just write the baby's name

the time they were born their birthday

their first photo print my favorite

things like you write like their

favorite foods a favorite songs yeah

probably gonna have you guys would be

our calligrapher for this yeah she has

really good handwriting and me and Naz

me and not the prettiest hair I have

nice Mel is the only person that thinks

I have that backing right the only

person who literally would see my papers

like why your handwriting so cute and

people will say that to me they were

like damn you know for a guy for a guy

but then they'll be like but no just in

general to okay whatever

also from freedom mom that's the same

brand as the postpartum recovery kit

that I got this is an upside down peri

bottle I've seen this in every

postpartum video I've watched everybody

recommends this so the hospital gives

you a bottle to like squirt down there

and like clean but everybody prefers

this one because it's just a lot easier

so you know we're all about being cozy

in this family so we got a doc is hot so

a doc it's hot is just I've seen this in

so many videos so this is just like a

little baby lounger so for them to relax

we're in the bed or something like that

in the back so this next item we saw

we're shopping I don't even know this

existed but they're called bellybuds and

their prenatal audio speakers so

basically I pop these on my belly and we

can go to an app where we can choose to

read to the baby talk to the baby sing

says babies hearing is fully developed

at about 20 weeks and memory start at 30

yeah so if we start playing like music

for them at like 30 weeks in the belly

hmm it could be like a song that we can

use to relax them when they're like oh

we are we already are planning like our

little playlists gonna be a lot of

classical music some Frank Ocean here

and there Frank Ocean you know we want

to have a smooth mix of nice bones but

no hip-hop pretty basic we just wanted

to make sure we just got a head start on

just getting hangers because I'm always

adding and we already know like our

friends and family are gonna be getting

the baby so much like clothes so we just

wanted to get the hangers I got 30 these

little mini ones I think are I think the

amount of clothes that our baby's gonna

get from our friends and family is going

to be OD like this is another postpartum

recovery item that I saw in there so

again all the postpartum videos I've

seen everybody's like get these tucks

medicated cooling pads so they have

witch hazel on them I hear lots of women

like to line their underwear with these

you know I'm gonna need those oh this is

another thing I bought for myself this

is a nursing bra honestly I feel like I

just need to start wearing them now

because my boobs are everyday I feel

like they're getting bigger like they

grow everyday so I needed like something

comfortable to sleep it so this is by

the brand madela

and this is like a really good like

breast pump brand and stuff like that I

actually added to our registry and was

my breast pump and my breast milk bags

and stuff we're all from this brand we

also got some swaddles so I bought these

ones because of the animals yeah

sorry again guys I watched so many

newborn must have videos and a lot of

moms like this brand for SWAT SWAT

so so you can use that to swallow your

baby stroller cover nursing covered

tummy time burp cloth and a changing

table cover versatile of course it's

always an essential you just got like a

little binder Trapper Keeper or whatever

you want to call it Trapper Keeper I've

never seen that that's an old term back

in the day my mom you said that's what

they call it this oh yeah binders it was

Trapper Keeper yeah it's just called

baby's little organizer so are there

like doctors papers and hospital papers

or certificate I could keep everything

just for them okay let me just point out

some cool things that I added to the

registry again I'm gonna link everything

down below so the stroller I take is the

UPPAbaby Vista stroller I black

the Jolly Jumper exerciser this one I I

want this for myself yeah it's the

cutest thing I've ever seen I also added

a bassinet for the room and the one I

picked is the halo dream nest because I

liked it because the mattress is like an

open-air floor mattress I got a woman of

look at your app on it cuz it's cute and

it goes with my theme a weapon of the

highchair we picked you guys saw it in

the video we picked the stove in the

trap high chair it has a lot of great

reviews and we're obviously gonna get

like a cushion for it nice and a crib

yeah it looks very modern which I liked

I also got some bamboo bees boobies

nipple balm

I also got the hatch baby rest sound

machine and then this bassinet I'm

really excited for because it hooks onto

the side of your bed it's the baby

delight beside me dreamer bassinet so I

picked that one as well so that's it for

today's video

it feels so nice to start like finally

shopping for the baby yeah I'm actually

like so impressed with Nas because like

when we found out we were pregnant she

literally had zero knowledge on babies

like not like trying to shred but she

liked how yeah I think there's no like


her family like she hasn't really been

around babies none of her friends have

babies so that's the baby of the family

she was literally so I don't want to say

uneducated but she just didn't know so

much and she's really like impersonally

with how much she's learned over the

past couple of months and like I feel

like she is really ready to be a mom and

honestly like when we found out we were

pregnant we were both kind of like

scared as [ __ ] like are we ready but now

I feel like we know so much more already

I like prepared I respect that you know

there's a lot of people who they may get

pregnant at a young age and it kind of

takes them a while to kind of get into

that because it's like a hard switch

like you there's a lot of things you

have to give up a lot of things you

can't do anymore and she's really just

body that's okay thanks that is it for

today's video we really hope you guys

enjoyed and see you next time

well maybe I'll see you again I don't

know if you'll be in the next one I'll

be in the next one I'll see you next