Josh wants to know when he can start buying baby stuff Ep9

if you're a couple that can come to Ikea

and not have around you are absolute

freaks of nature absolutely free hair is


so in marriage there's three words you

hear all the time no I love you it's

going to Ikea so that's what we're doing


can I come to custom nursery stuff babe

I mainly take away coffee but by the

time we're ready to leave I would have

finished it hey that feeling we forget

something in IKEA and then you have to

walk against the arrows you feel like a

proper rebel and everyone just likes

upset you tonight the debate on when to

start buying stuff is a funny one

because everyone's got opinion it's one

of those things that everyone's got an

opinion up in IKEA today it was really

cute actually we like went and bought

some stuff for the nursery

it's really nice actually being part of

it it was one of those moments where it

all felt very real again and we haven't

unpacked any of the stuff yet because

hey we need to turn the guest room into

the nursery and then coming weeks and

we've got a few guests coming up sitting

as well and I'm not gonna ask them to

sleep in a crib so yeah we bought the

stuff but it's all packaged and until we

get further in for the pregnancy as well

I don't think well who said it will up

but we want it to financially distribute

the cost to make it a lot easier like I

loved it apart from the busy on a

Saturday afternoon kind of thing but

other than that it was wicked is there a

couple in existence who can come to Ikea

and not end up having some sort of our

disagreement or argument as I believe

there is like every single couple I've

seen there's been a disagreement about

like the length of the bed to go line

the practicalities of a wardrobe is like

if you're a couple that can come to Ikea

and not have around

you're absolutely freaks of nature

absolute freeze I don't actually believe

the Ewings it

one thing I definitely would say about

about all of the stuff that we bought is

that like don't make a decisions based

on anyone else's opinion like you as a

couple need to be comfortable and decide

together when you want to start buying

stuff because to be realistic it's hard

to afford all that stuff as soon as the

baby's born

we said to ourselves and as a couple we

said once we get past like the 20 weeks

can and that news hopefully comes back

positive which was great you know they

said the baby's really healthy and

strong and active you know that's when

we'd start to consider you know

investing some of the stuff we're not

obviously taking it out and using it and

all that kind of stuff just in case the

worst happens which are young office

Liam brain doesn't but at the same time

pregnancy is a natural thing you can't

go through it being anxious every day

you can't go through it assuming the

worst you've got to be hopeful you've

got to be positive

she's so much more comfortable now at

this stage in the Prima see that she was

you know eight nine ten weeks in when

everything's anxious and the stuffs

happening and cramps happening you know

like by this point far less anxious than

we were and now he was really excited

and positive and the reality has kicked

in that we've now gotta build an

infrastructure around to be able to

support our lovely child when it comes

into our family so what I would say is

when you already start buying stuff

we've got them ready which is cool we

did a lot research on it saves a lot of

money by buying it online as well and I

feel very cheeky because I went into a

lot of shops and kind of ask them for

information and like test drive it and

stuff and start nice breaks and what

does this do and all that kind of stuff

and then usual informational thing go

online and get cheaper so we got a

travel system in the end the Java system

is like an all-encompassing system so

it's like a car seat has the prime

aspect to it some people have a carry

car as well but it we personally felt it

would be easier to have all in one

remember--the in that connects to

everything so car seat Braham everything

then by a single stroller car seat carry

cot Moses basket all of that kind of

stuff I'm getting quite good it ever

sent up as well I'll show you in fact

this is me this don't worry this to me

like six or seven attempts to get the

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