How to Grow Cabbage from Seed

all right so I'm going to be starting

some cab that today just want to show

you how I do it's pretty easy I've taken

these sales and fill them with some

potting mix it's an all-purpose potting

mix that I use you can see it over here

over there and it does have fertilizer

in it

you don't really need that and if you

want to use organic stuff you can but

this works for me so that's what I use

so anyway I'm going to be so in some of

these this is some cabbage I've never

grown before it's called early golden

acre and supposed to get two to three

pound heads on it so that's a good size

for us and let me show you what I do if

you look down here I can zoom in here

look down into those first few cells you

can see that I've put a little hole in

there and what I use is this little

screwdriver so so I just take the

screwdriver and make a little hole now

these cabbage seeds are tiny and they do

not have to be planted very deep let me

show you what they look like

now small those are so I'll actually

take two maybe three sometimes four

first sale and put them in there and

though you know most of them will

germinate and I will once they get to a

decent size I'll take my scissors and

just clip clip some of the plants off

leave one per sale and then you got your

cabbage so let me just show you here

take three of these drop them in there

so tiny you don't want to forget which

cells you planted so far so so far

I don't know how many cabbage seeds you

get in a package like that but if you

can grow your own cabbage from seed for

one it's so much better and it's easy to

grow and it's cheap I mean you go to the

grocery store I'm not sure I'd bought

cabbage in a long time but I'm sure it's

a it's more than about a nickel a seed

or a nickel ahead which is about what

you do about what you get for your money

when you grow on yourself anyway they're

in there and what I usually do is maybe

push them down just a little bit cover

them up with some soil and then put one

in that sale

take the soil around or the potting mix

around them they're in now it looks like

you don't have enough soil on top of

them you can take a little bit just

sprinkle it on the top make sure you got

them cover it up and I'll usually tap it

down a little bit to make sure their

cover it up good so they're ready these

seven yes so on the rest of this flat

here but just want to show you how I do

it and then I'll just take some fresh

rainwater and water these in really good

and also this is so hot in my greenhouse

I will take some water and fill up this

tray about halfway and the soil here the

potting mix will actually absorb the

moisture as the plants need as they dry

out as the potting mix dries out so

there it is I got 12 early golden acre

and I'm going to be labeling that I

usually take my little marker this is a

fancy marker here

I'll take this and snap it off write it

on there stick it right there and then

what I'll do since I'm going to be

sewing something different from here on

over I'll do that so I know that these

twelve are the early grown a pair these

are probably gonna be broccoli

cauliflower just like that and that's it

pretty easy these will be up in what

you're looking at is what would happen

about five days later what the plants

would look like five days later I sewed

these on June 30th this July 4th and so

you can see this is a this is obviously

not the same seeds that I just just put

out on July 4th but anyway you can see

how kind of thick some of these have

come in and that's okay I actually

wanted that to happen because I'm going

to choose the healthiest one of the


whenever I transplant these into larger

containers so what I will do eventually

it's coming here and let's say I want to

keep this one I will take these and cut

them off right at the base so I'll have

one plant per sale and the other ones

I'll just take out as I clip them off

and that way you don't disturb the roots

of this one and the other plants the

other little tiny seedlings they just

die off and you're left with one little

seedling so anyway it's a good way to do


cabbage seeds are so tiny figure out you

know figure that this is the easiest way

to do it and you know you get pretty

good germination with this stuff I may

have a few well this whole tray has all

germinated this one has not quite yet it

also depends on the variety these are

early Jersey Wakefield I can see and

these are Copenhagen cabbage these are

all cabbages

these are all cabbages as well and you

can see some of those germinated and

some have not yet and then these are

collard greens and it looks like they

have all but one maybe that one back in

there is not germinated yet so anyway I

hope this helps thanks for watching