i'm trying to think

what nothing

wait did we just sit at this thing

the best way possible you mean to pull


you like that for real yeah i did have

to you know i called you

yeah what'd i say said baby that's what

you're calling me

what you just call me baby no you should

call me that you just said it though

no i didn't hear it come out of my mouth

i heard it come out of your mouth

but i like when you say that though it

was cute


what's good youtube man if you ain't

know before then you know now it's your

boy chad is kobe and now i'm



back with another video listen listen

listen listen man

in today's video

look now we said we was gonna get

smoothies so that's what we did that's

what we did how long

let me matter of fact you never see

what's up

hello youtube let me set this camera up




we went to get smoothies in


we want to get smoothies you feel me

hold on hey you want to

tell them what you got banana

chai boost banana

chai boo look [ __ ] you know that's

that's the boo that's the boujee

beverage right here you know

peanut butter i just i just kept it

simple and i just got it um

mango strawberry you know the name of my

drink i don't remember

mm-hmm it was a um i don't even know

what you got it was a strawberry tropica

or something

remember oh my god it was like

strawberry banana mango

and pineapple i think something like

that i don't know but i know it's better

than her drink you feel me

i'm just dead that's not yeah all right

my [ __ ] is healthier

hey hey y'all let me know in the

comments if y'all try one of the two


well i mean she she got a whole name

though so she's cheating but i think

you know you shouldn't know your name it

was like strawberry tropica it was

something like that though i don't


you but listen though we decided to get

us um you know get a little drink get a

little smoothie

you know further get to know each other

you know just on some

some cool [ __ ] though because this girl

right here she's um

you know she's very she's a she's a

tough one

she um

oh that's right yeah okay

but listen though um

making me cold you're cold

smoothie usually a little closer

i'm giving you the chills

the smoothie is oh the smoothie yeah oh

this this smoothie giving her to

me damn that's crazy baby

you can't go without touching your phone


baby crazy



this is awkward silence because it's

actually not awkward


i like your smile thank you i really do

i really do

um i don't even know what to say to you

ask me questions you got me speechless

ask me questions

ask you questions um


i actually a lot of questions on um the

other day on the

on the first monday

i got a question how do you feel about

the first winding

i mean yeah it was good

it was good there's another girl there


i mean yeah but she don't think we


invite her to the second day we should

we should have

yeah we should have i don't know cuz i

feel like you ain't heard or that's like

i know i can handle y'all but it's like

i don't think you and her together can

handle me like

i'm a like i'm really like that

you know what i mean

nah you couldn't handle us both together

i don't even think y'all like

me i like that though yeah we are yeah i

don't think

i like that i'm gonna handle that nah

i'm really like yeah

you got dimples huh yeah

that's so cute thank you see like i like

this you i like when you're smiling but

really yo don't don't be fooled though

she likes to put on the front like

she she likes to get very upset you feel

me so just just know like


all this laughing all this giggling but

as soon as the camera oh she's looking

at me like

this she don't really like me for

yo the smoothie is good though

anyways baby how are you doing today

what you saying


no i listen anyways how you doing today

i'm good you're good i'm fantastic

your day was great today sorry it was

you ready to go home and sleep huh


i had a long day today it's like a

colvid test

coca-19 test tested big

negative what else i do

i have to go shopping for my rabbit

okay yeah

but now you get to end your day

the best way possible you need to pull


you like that furrow yeah i did i do

the flying looks butter

that's crazy that you like this spot

right here though i'm not gonna lie

she likes to pull her wait why is it


i don't know i just feel like most

people like getting their hair pulled

from the

no i like okay that hurts that hurts

yes but that don't hurt so the the most

hair hurts but

this the look this should be sensitive

sensitive in a good way

in a good way

okay then baby that's good

that's what you're calling me what baby

no you should call me that you decided

though no

i didn't hear it come out of my mouth i

heard it come out of your mouth but i

like when you say that though

it was cute maybe yeah

that sounds different maybe

nah you just

it's this one piece right here yeah

i'd be braiding and twisting it

sometimes and pulling it

yeah and i would twist it like mad


really but does this hurt right here no


this doesn't hurt does it feel good

hey what's up what y'all think about

this right here y'all know somebody

who's like sensitive

at the ends of their hair and she said

the background


feel good yes yes


nah that's crazy that's different where

i can fall asleep with someone like

playing in the back it's this right here

not not this right

no that's you that too yeah it's like

the whole just this whole back right


yeah so what happens like when they pull

your hair it feels good especially

in a salon what

noted baby you said it again

what baby i don't know like i like

calling you that little kid like calling

me that

yeah i just want to see how you react if

i called you

i don't i can't really i can't get your

real reaction because i can't see your


how do you feel about that that's that's


how do you feel about the word i like it

i like it

cool better than a drink

because you haven't touched the drink in

a little while um i don't even want to

try that to be honest i feel like it's

not even like

it's not good it has probiotics in it



mad good megan it's big though the cups

are mad big like

there's one size like mad watery though

hold on

your shirt probably melted really yes it


nice i just froze on that shim was


gisha is more melted than mine

so you violate it too i want you to have



i don't get it though so you so this

right here you like the the ends getting


but it's you're like what about your

neck is that sensitive too i have a fat


so like it jiggles like you see what i'm

saying i have a lot of skin i'm saying

like somebody like

where's it like grab your neck though

how does that feel good

yeah i like that like but what if it's

tight though

you like the sauce i'm just like

that's tough you want to show them your

henna that should look like marker

i can't even see it that'll probably go

closer because the light

or now you probably gotta go farther

y'all see it

that's tough

this [ __ ] look like a [ __ ] a third

grader did it

does it yeah but you know

i do my own nails it sounds so proper i

do my own

now i don't go to nail salon i do my own

nails self taught

i learned from youtube viral yes

i can't see it

i'm not gonna show my thumb though

that's the one that's messed up yes

she got the big hoop earrings

curls the

curly hair oh

yeah that's it but [ __ ]

i'm trying to think nothing

wait did we just sit at the scene

after you asked me a question i did but

then i said no

wait you know that was different that


different i'm gonna end the vid on that

listen bro y'all made the end of the

video you already know this dude

she's so like she just wants to know how

she looks in the camera she keeps

looking at her her hair and everything

i'm gonna shoot

him here man are you looking at me

well that's good listen though

if you're new to the channel you already

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chad we

here man we on the road to any case

sucks 20 20's a year

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