CANNABOOST Accelerator


in addition to our four nutrient lines

kana offers additives to help you get

better results kana boost for example

speeds up the metabolism of your plant

it contains plant extracts which help

the plant to produce better flowers and

fruits kana boost is suitable for use

with any growing medium in this video we

will explain the different functions of

kana boost it stimulates the production

of chlorophyll to achieve a higher rate

of photosynthesis and kana boost also

improves the flavor of the fruit the

energy that is captured through

photosynthesis is transported throughout

the plants usually as complex sugars or

carbohydrates from the leaves most of

the sugars move upwards and are used for

growth and later for the production of

flowers or fruits some sugars are also

transported downwards towards the root

system the root system consists of roots

and root hairs around these root hairs

there are many tiny organisms some of

these microorganisms such as tiny fungi

known as micro Rizzo fungi absorb energy

and metabolites from the root but also

taken nutrients and moisture in the

substrate and pass these on to the

plants when the fungal micro organism

dies it decays and releases its nutrient

load into the soil as nutrients use

canna boost from the second vegetative

phase on khana boost contains highly

specialized carbohydrate chains such as

oligosaccharides as well as amino acids

the ingredients in the kana boost are

absorbed by the root system and the

fungi in the root zone now the fungus

needs to consume less of the sugar

produced by the plant itself the

nutrients are absorbed by the plants

while the oligosaccharides trigger a

response in the root system all these

nutrients are then transported up to the

plants leaves flowers and fruits

at the cellular level we can see that

chlorophyll is made up of amino acids

the chlorophyll enables the plant to

synthesize the various carbohydrates

that it needs to grow and function

through the process of photosynthesis

the second function of Kanna boost is

that it helps the plant to produce more

chlorophyll which increases the rate of

photosynthesis this makes the leaves

look greener and ensures that the

flowers get more energy and building

blocks carbohydrates this means that

they grow faster and more vigorously

it's also possible to apply the Kanna

boost directly to the leaves to speed up

absorption using the Kanna boost in a

foliar spray you can start doing this

right from the start of the vegetative

phase whether it is applied to the roots

or using a foliar spray kana boost helps

the flowers to grow bigger as the flower

changes into a fruit the components in

the kana boost and the sugars created by

the extra photosynthesis will make the

new fruit even larger and approve its

flavor the fruit also absorbs nutrients

from the kana nutrients and peak ay1314

feed but when we also feed the plant

with karna boosts the proportion of

sugars in the fruit rises making the end

product taste sweeter using cannabis

correctly will give you the optimum

results every time and we also have

other additives that you can use

alongside Kanna boost to make sure that

you get more from your plant so don't

forget to use kana rizzo tonic kana zim

and kana peak ay1314 during the

flowering phase this will give you even

better yields