Starting Cannas and Dahlias Indoors

hey my girl here I just wanted to do a

video for you today to show you what we

do in the up here in the prairies to get

our summer flowering bulbs ready we need

to pop them up before it's warm enough

to have them outside and we also bring

them indoors for the winter so they

don't freeze so I just first wanted to

show you these are my canis and this is

what I had done with them just to store

them over the winter I just have a mix

here it's mostly peat moss with some

vermiculite just holds the moisture but

doesn't keep them it's just damp it's

not wet and it actually dries out a

little bit over the winter so you just

have to keep poking in and having a look

and give it a little spring one so well

if you need to I keep them you know just

just above freezing you don't want them

to get over I'd say 1012 degrees Celsius

but you definitely don't want them to

freeze that's the main goal through the

winter so this is what they look like

when you take them out of winter storage

there's lots of old roots they're brown

they're just the old roots so you don't

really need to worry about them the how

the stems attached I just cut them down

here just so you can have a better look

at the ball on this one so you can see

the ball it's not mushy it's nice and

firm I can't really squeeze it in or

anything and they'll have some little

growing points starting on them I don't

you can see that one there that's a nice

one so you want to start with a good

size ball so that you have flowers in

the summer now these need to get planted

up about eight weeks before they get

planted out and you don't want to put

them outside until it's not going to

freeze at night anymore so check with

your local garden center or your local

AG center and find out what your last

frost free date is and plan to put them

out probably even a week after that so

you really don't want them to get

getting it by the frost so what I do to

plant them up just to start them indoors

I don't want them in my

the other pots yet so I'll just get a

can from that I've used from the garden

center gotten something in before so

I'll just take that can and I'll just

put already little coffee filter in the

bottom of it that's just to keep the

soil soil from falling off the bottom

but it lets the water go so you don't

want them to get too wet so then I'm

just gonna put some soil in there fill

it halfway it's just regular potting

soil you don't need anything special you

could put some compost in there if you

want it just to feed them a little bit

but when I started them inside I make my

own compost though I don't wait to have

that in the house just in case you know

there's anything over wintered in there

I want to make sure I don't invite any

little friends in the house so then you

just take the bulb and this where all

the roots are coming out and it's a

little bit flatter that's your bottom so

you just put it in and it'll be a little

bit tight you just set it in there nice

and firm so you can see that they're the

points are coming up it's down in the

soil and you're just going to cover it


you only want about 5 centimeters you

know maybe 2 inches of soil on top they

don't want to be super deep so we're

just gonna put a little bit more

and now I'm not pushing real hard

because I don't want to break those

growing bugs by just giving a little

little tap down because you don't want

any air pockets and there that'll

promote rot and then I'm just going to

stick a tag in there so remember what I

put in this pot later on so you don't

want to give them a whole huge amount of

water right to begin with I like to let

them kind of get settled in and then I

will just come along like in a week or

so you might even see growth poking up

and give them a little bit of water just

to get just just down and then we're

just gonna leave it keeping it just

slightly down until they're really

growing once they're growing they're

gonna do a lot more water in a pot like

this and they're going to need light so

you need a nice bright warm place in the

house you could put it by a nice stuff

facing or west facing window or you

could put them under girl lights that's

probably where mind will go but until

they're showing girls you really just

need them somewhere warm so that's the

camera now I also have a nice big

healthy Dahlia here and I had it stored

in a different box but this is exactly

the same way as the counter was and

again you can see it's a nice healthy

bulb tuber so what they actually are

they're more like a a potato in some

ways so they get all these these are

storage units they're just gonna feed

the roots to grow the Medallia so

there's lots of dirt in there and that's

fine because it keeps the air pockets

and growing I'm just feeling around to

make sure there's nothing that's soft or

mushy in here because if there is then

you would want to cut that out and maybe

put a little bit of cinnamon is a great

fungicide that you can use just to put

on the cut part and just leave it to dry

for a couple of days if you have

anything you have to cut off is that

with all balls because you want it to

heal up so you don't have it in wet dirt

pruning rot

so this one looks really good and

sometimes hard to tell with Adelia which

way you want to put it but I always kind

of look this is an old stem here this is

an old stem here and here's a bunch here

so I'm gonna try and get those going up

right in my pot as much as possible but

I find this bulbs most the time they're

gonna figure their way out anyways so if

you're not sure just stick it sideways

if you think you know the top and bottom

but don't know which is which or just

plunk it in there they'll figure their

way out so same thing I just stuck a

coffee filter in the bottom of this box

just an old can from the you don't want

it super compact but you just want to

make sure you don't have any air spaces

in there I find if you just cover them

with foil to start and as they start to

grow you can add more soil just make

sure if there's any leaves developing on

the stump and they're gonna get covered

the soil that you just trim those leaves

off so they don't rot under the soil and

you know start some bacterial or rot

kind of going on down there but I'm just

kind of poking the dirt down here just

gently around those bolas parts there

I'm just gonna put just enough on there

just to get them covered and that's all

for now like I said as it starts to grow

I'll come along and cover it up more and

this one won't last very long this is

the the biggest pot I have this daily

has really grown so it may have to go in

its permanent container sooner than I'd

like right easier to manage in the house

for a while anyway so again you want

this is probably gonna be six to eight

weeks at least before your last frost

date that you want to get these started

just keep them nice and warm

and once they start to girl get some

light on them and keep them watered

daily is like to drink a lot so once

they get growing they're going to need a

good amount of moisture every week

probably twice a week you'll be watering

them if it's really hot every day in the

summer and they like a nice sunny spot

but they prefer to have in a hot area a

little bit of shade in the afternoon if

you can get a spot like that where

they're getting lots of Sun most the day

but in the hottest part of the day if

they can have a little bit of shade

they're going to thank you for that

the canna it just likes a nice hot dry

will not dry like it it can hot windy it

can handle some pretty extreme weather

but it again you're going to want to

make sure that you keep it kind of

averagely moist but they're both great

plants as long as you pay attention them

don't forget about the most side today

I'll give you lots of blooms and lots of

impact in your garden this summer so why

don't you all go to your local garden

center or big box store and you can

easily pick these up for a couple of

bucks then pots them up get those

started so you have some nice blooms

this summer thank you for watching and

we'll see you next time