Carb Cycling - A Guide For Beginners


let's have my YouTube family welcome

back to my channel I am Alive I am still

doing YouTube videos just been an insane

at last month where two weeks until the

wedding oh my gosh so I've been

obviously prioritizing things and

putting my time and energy into getting

ready for this wedding and keeping on

top of work my own personal goals and so

some things had to be put on hold for a

little bit but I am back now with a

video hence the title carb cycling so I

mentioned carb cycling on my Instagram

stories like a week or so ago and all of

you were live video on carb cycling what

is carb cycling can you explain it a

little bit more so I thought this would

be a perfect opportunity since I have

been doing carb cycling maybe it's

something you guys can do maybe it'll

really benefit you I forgot about carb

cycling honestly I did it alone on a

long time but for my own self I started

carb cycling and boom my body just

started making like a lot of progress

also started putting off a lot of my

current clients on carb cycling and they

loved it we started seeing more progress

with my own clients as well so the

little like explanation on carb cycling

what to do how to do it how to set up

your own thing and hopefully if you guys

apply this carb cycling method to your

own routine you will see the same amount

of success that I did

you can probably get an idea of what

carb cycling is you basically are

cycling alternating I'm kind of

manipulating your carb intake daily you

can approach us in so many different

ways you can approach it daily weekly

monthly it kind of depends on you your

preference and how you want to do it

personally I liked the daily approach

because it was high carb one-day

moderate carb the next low carb the

third day then you go back up high carb

now my protein stays stays the same the

whole time but my fat does change as my

carbs change so basically I'm still in

taking the same amount of calories per

se even though I'm manipulating my carb

and my fat intake but I'm still getting

the same amount of calorie so obviously

high card day I am doing low fat then I

go to moderate carbs they do moderate

fat then I go to low carbs I do higher

fat so basically the idea is this is

gonna help shock your body and also to

kind of manipulate fun your carb your

energy source carbs they are an energy

source because your body converts and

breaks down a carb into glucose which

gets stored in your muscle fibers in

your fat tissues as glycogen which when

your body goes into exercise or even

just walking to your car or you are

tapping into these glycogen stores for

energy now having the proper amount of

carbs of glucose is going to help

prevent muscle breakdown getting the

proper amount of carbs energy source

either that be from carbs or from fat

now this is this is where you kind of

get in to pick your high carb days on

probably your most intense day which a

lot of us might be late day and so I

typically do high carb day on my leg

days and then my moderate it's kind of

more like upper body full body workout

and then low-carb tends to be on more

like my cardio stretching days I didn't

need as much glycogen I didn't need as

much energy on those day now this is

gonna vary from person to person some of

you might want to do a couple couple

high carb days who no longer periods

with a high carb day before you start to

go to moderate until low so again this

is where you're just gonna have to play

around and see what works for you it's

about experimenting and playing around

for numbers not getting stuck on one

thing and thinking that's the only way

to do it and that's the only numbers you

should be in taking the best way to

start is calculating out your macros so

you can go to my website I do have a

Macbook macro calculator right there so

you start there but let's say for

example you you went in and you put it

on all your information and you came up

with this carb number so you come up

with this fat number as well you start

from there you start with that number

the way I made the adjustment is I stuck

within 10 to 15 grams when I changed my

card number so say you start with 150 so

your moderate Dave maybe it will be 140

and then your low card day might be 130

so let's say you follow this number for

a couple weeks but you finding you were

still way too hungry on your heart high

carb days and starving like feeling sick

to stomach starving on your low-carb

days even with those adjustments so you

might want to increase a little bit so

let's say you go up to 160 grams then

you go to 150 for your moderate then you

go to 144 year low here's where I'm

really pushing you guys to experiment

okay don't get stuck on one number

because that number might not be for you

don't get stuck on that number now I

know from my own experience I'm already

in a deficit but I didn't want to go any

lower so that's why I went into card

cycling because I still want to get the

adequate amount of energy I don't want

to start compromising my

ilysm or even my health by going way too


especially with the type of training

that I do I wanted to stay at that

calorie intake but just by manipulating

my carb and my fat Daisy like that my

body was thinking that I was going into

an even more deficit but then BOOM I

came back up with more cards that get I

think it's a great way to kind of push

you past that maybe you're stuck at a

plateau maybe maybe you decrease way too

much you don't know where to go at this

point your body's not doing anything and

I think it's a great thing before you

even go even more in a deficit a calorie

deficit that trying that manipulation

with your carb and your fat intake so

you want to counterbalance always with

those two protein can stay it doesn't

have to move and you guys are setting up

your day your carb cycling day you got a

plan and prep the night before or prep

out your week you know say take a couple

hours out of the day and you're prepping

all this food especially carbs proteins

new your veggies all that stuff doing it

and being being able to be ready to prep

meals for the next two or three days

that's gonna help you stay on track be

some people like to prep and plan the

night before you kind of have to base it

off of you the way you process things

the way you work your routine and

obviously with your schedule if you're a

mom if you have a busy work schedule or

you're in school so you have to kind of

work around that planning and prepping

is gonna be the keys to success you guys

so you can't just expect you're gonna

make all this progress and meet your six

and that's when you don't even plan or

prep for it I know from my own self I

usually will pick up you know one or two

carbs proteins or one it just depends

and then I prep all of it and one night

a couple spend a couple hours then I

have pre prep food to make multiple

meals for the next couple days packing

is going to help keep you on track you

can either write it down be like hey

high carb day this is what I'm eating

you actually have to plan it out you

actually have to measure things and know

what it is and then write it up so you

kind of follow that plan for maybe you

know a week or two or you can use

there's several apps out there that you

can use that can actually track food I

know I am

coming out with a new app I know I've

mentioned this before and so we're into

the final stages we're gonna be filming

and all that so I will be having an even

better meal nutrition planning and

workout I mean everything all in one app

that's going to be releasing in January

so you guys don't have to be patient on

that that's what's gonna be the keys to

your success to you guys and that's

what's gonna help you stay on track and

stay committed and stay consistent

that's the key here

consistency and commitment to the plan

if you aren't consistent and if you get

off track you're not gonna go anywhere

you're just gonna kind of be going on

this little hamster wheel so you got to

be consistent so that's why it's

important to plan and prep and have it

you have these things all written down

have them all type dot have them in your

phone how does something that you can

that keeps you accountable that keeps

you on track if you're not hiring a

coach so let's refresh our memories a

little bit how do you want to start this

carb cycling is one you want to

calculate out your macros according to

your intended goal so that could be

bulking that could be maintaining or

that could be fat loss now you once you

calculate them out it'll give you that

number it'll give you your carbs it'll

give you protein and it'll give you your

fat so that is your starting point now

you have to decide do you want to do it

daily or do you want to do it every

couple days or do you want to do it


and when I say weekly that means one

week is all high carb second week could

be monitor carb the third week can be

all low carb or you could do it monthly

one month is all high card for a month

then the next month is moderate card

then the next month is low card so you

decide if you want to do daily weekly or

monthly once you decide day week or

month then you're gonna go for there and

then you're gonna take your carbs you're

gonna take your fat no don't worry about

protein you're gonna take carbs and fats

and you're gonna decide 10 or 15 gram

decrease increase say you chose 10 grams

starting with that card number your next

moderate day should be a 10 gram

decrease you want to do 10 gram increase

with your fat and you're going to your

low carb so you do another 10 grams

decrease on your car another teint

increase on your back you can you see

how this is working so once you after

you've completed your low-carb then you

go back up to high carb again then once

you've kind of played around I've

adjusted to it a little bit

your body is adjusted to a little bit

you can pick what day you want your high

carb on what day you want your moderate

carbon and what day you want your

low-carb on so you want to adjust that

to whatever cut type of training you're


so this remember no one way is the only

way so you're gonna have to modify this

and adjust it and fit it to your needs

your training needs specifically now you

can continue this as long as you want as

long as you see progress this is where

you want to make an adjustment to your

macros again you you want to match your

calorie intake to your calorie

expenditure so if you are training six

seven days a week and you're training

for an hour hour and a half you want to

make sure that you're in taking properly

according to that now that's where

calculating your macros according to

your exercise level that's where it

comes into play okay now if you're only

training three or four days again that's

where it calculating out your macros

according to that is gonna come into

play so you never want to just like be

overtraining and not eating enough

because then no matter what you do it's

not gonna work for you so if a lot of

you guys are thinking of cutting more

calories stop don't do it maybe try carb

cycling first because it gives you a

little bit more freedom to maybe have

you know more fat on one day and then

less carbs on one day and then vice


so it kind of gives a little bit more

flexibility and fun nough stew nutrition

versus just staying with this one number

and that's all you do because it might

get all but having that - one day you're

like yes I get more fat juice and then

the other day you're like yes I get more

carbs again you know so it's kind of

makes it fun and

mentally it helps you to not get burnt

out at the same time your body - your

body's not going to get burn out your

body is not going to plat tell brought

the carb cycling back I absolutely love

it and it's been it's been it's worked

really well for me right now especially

getting ready for the wedding and the

honeymoon no I'm not saying you have to

do carb cycling you can do whatever you

want but maybe me explaining it to you

maybe you want to try something new you

want to try it out try it out I think

you know experimenting and trying things

that's the best way to learn about

yourself what you like what you don't

like and what works and what won't work

okay so experiment try new things don't

be stuck in one way because you do it

carb cycling might be for you carbs like

your body might love heart cycling and

maybe not maybe you need to go do

something different you never know

hopefully this video kind of broke down

the whole carb cycling thing and kind of

explained and you guys have a little bit

understanding on how it works and what

to do you guys so much for tuning in and

I'm glad to be back here we are almost

to the wedding and almost done so yes I

will be back to regular filming again I

will be back on YouTube no I'm not

leaving YouTube and I will be coming

back with all the fitness stuff and all

of these all the good stuff that you

guys love so much I will be back with

that so thank you so much for being

patient and thank you so much to those

of you who have stuck in while I've been

a little m.i.a I really really

appreciate you guys in your patients so

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