What every patient should know about cardiac rehabilitation

I'm here this morning with dr. eric van

edison director of our cardiac

rehabilitation program and we're going

to talk this morning about cardiac

rehabilitation so a lot of patients

maybe hear of cardiac rehab but they

don't really know what it is and may be

fearful of it so can you give a little

brief description about what that is

public rehab is not just exercise

it's a all-encompassing plan for an

acute period following your major event

after hospital discharge it includes

behavioral management nutrition guidance

substance abuse guidance if present and

overall strategy is in terms of

providing those recommendations for a

preventive cardiology lifestyle going

forward so who would be a good candidate

for that is that every heart patient or

you know which patients should really

think about cardiac rehab if you're an

individual that may have recently

experienced a heart attack had a major

cardiac surgery involving valves have

cabbage our corner arterial bypass graft

surgery percutaneous intervention or

heart failure where not enough blood

pumps out of your heart you may be

eligible for cardiac rehab depending on

your insurance coverage and I would

strongly urge you to consider cardiac

rehab as an important next phase of your

care plan and contact your insurance

provider to ensure that you are indeed

covered under your plan if a patient is

in the hospital and they go home when

should they start a cardiac rehab

programs we encourage you to attempt to

enter cardiac rehab within the 30 days

following your discharge and that the

data would demonstrate that if you don't

enroll into the cardiac rehab and you'll

prolong that then there is a risk that

you'll never enroll on cardiac rehab as

well as reduce the probability of

reaping the benefits of cardiac rehab

even if enrolling at per

it's a 60 90 day window after your event

so many patients you know think about

taking their pills and we encourage them

to take their pills but you often say

that cardiac rehab is medicine so what

does that mean

absolutely so just like you talked about

the pharmacotherapies is that now the

data would show is the benefits of

cardio rehab and exercise training

indeed delivers similar or comparable

benefits in terms of the chance that you

may be rehospitalization or health and

that we know that regular adherence

regular participation and exercise in

the context of a very safe and

controlled plan that structured

individually to you is is that that can

be something that you can do in the long

term and that there's no point in time

where we would ever say that you can

stop exercising so as patients recover

after they leave the hospital and you

mentioned the first 30 days they may

start feeling better and think why do I

even need cardiac rehab it's not just

the short-term period of that important

exposure to your caregiver team where

they're going to provide you with

education guidance in terms of

navigating barriers but we know that

adherence long-term is important and

that there is a natural progression of

your recovery and that we want to be

there in order to help provide you the

proper guidance going forward in terms

of what the logical next step is in

order for you to continue your exercise

in a very safe and controlled manner

what about for patients that don't live

in an area where they have facilities

close by is there any option for people

like that I would encourage you to

connect with perhaps a cardiac rehab

center within the vicinity that you live

in and and discuss do you offer remote

cardiac rehabilitation involving

technology or are you aware of any sort


online programs that may provide you

with some of the information but I think

at the minimum if there's that

possibility to visit a car to rehab

center and at least do an entry visit to

discuss the core components of what

cardiac rehab is is is that having that

knowledge is important in terms of

potentially being able to implement some

of the strategies on your own if I have

a family member that has had a heart

condition and requires cardiac rehab

what is the benefit for the whole family

the spouse and the other members of the

family and joining a cardiac rehab

program we definitely know from the

medical literature that the adherence to

cardiac rehabilitation or even the

initiation of cardiac rehabilitation is

greatly enhanced if there is the support

of the family members and they

understand the benefits and they can be

there to provide encouragement because

unfortunately not every single day is

going to be the best day following a

major event and we want there to be that

support and that encouragement when

perhaps a day is less optimal that

there's that encouragement for the

patient to know that you're doing the

right thing

cardiac rehab is benefitting you and

that we're here to support you and

provide you with that additional

guidance going forward so as a leaving

point can you just recap what the

benefits are or if I was coming to you

and I'm kind of you know questioning why

I need cardiac rehab what would you tell

me I would say number one we value

quality of life and we want you to have

on a day-to-day basis a high quality of

life we want you to demonstrate a

functional capacity that enables you to

carry out activities of daily living

without burden we want you to be able to

make the smart choices for yourself at

the present as well as long-term and we

also want you to not ever have to visit

the hospital again to have a

revascularization or

have any additional care and going out

long-term is we want you to have a high

long-term prognostic outlook in that

participating cardiac rehab has been

demonstrated to show benefits greater

than five years after being in the

hospital well thank you very much for

joining us this morning and telling us a

little bit more about cardiac rehab I

hope it inspires people to take two take

steps to join a program alright well

thank you for your time Betsy and thank

you for the invitation