How to Make Carrot Puree for Babies | Baby Food

we're going to review how to make carrot

puree if you're a baby at home

so carrots are actually a very very easy

first food to make they're very high in

beta-carotene which is excellent for eye

development and your little one what you

want to do to start off is to take the

carrots keel them and slice them into

evenly sized pieces kind of like so and

you'll bring water to a boil in a

steamer basket place the carrots then

cover them and cook them about 8 to 10

minutes until they're fork-tender and

then you'll remove them so these have

already been prepared I'm going to place

them into my blender and we'll add just

a little bit of water to get them moving

steamed carrots alone prior to puree are

actually an excellent first finger food

for toddlers so if you're looking for a

finger food for your little one you can

always stop at this step and give it to

them on their highchair tray so we're

going to puree this for about twenty to

thirty seconds

sometimes you may need to stop Midway

and add a little bit more water and

scrape the sides to keep everything


and once it is finished puree you have a

nice then carrot puree that you can go

ahead and pour into a serving dish and

then it's ready for serving

and that is how you make carrot puree

for babies