How I grew my Castor beans plants. A video of a large castor bean plant. ( planta de ricino)

oh hey you're a buddy good day to

everyone hope you're doing really really

well it is hot today that's why I'm

sweating and winter and it's very hot

and plus I'm in the greenhouse

all right so we're going to be talking

about the Castrol bean as a lot of

people know you use it for cooking the

oil so this is what the seeds they use

to press out to make the oil from it so

we're going to be planting a few of

these today I'm only gonna pick a few

and actually there's already a lot that

have sprouted so I kept it in some water

for a day and a half and we've had a lot

of success and these already sprouting

for us all right so as you know it has a

very toxic compound in it called ricin a

lot of people have used it to try to

pull them people and actually try to

pull them the president's crazy

different presidents through the years

so it's just one of those things you

gotta be careful with if you were to try

to extract the oil yourself or growing

the plant because you take a risk of

kids or animal trying to eat the seed so

if you grow into these be responsible

about it like I am serious about it this

is not something to play around with it

makes a very beautiful plant but you

need to be responsible how you collect

the seeds off the plant maybe you

collect them off when they're still

green the seeds or try to collect a

Windham a little seed pods already and

then disabled by put them in a bag

because yes these make a really good

like showcase plant or also if you have

plants that need some shade quick this

is a plant to grow the castor bean all

right so about the bosom for instance

two of these you kill a little kid under

12 and after a few days the symptoms are

like the flu you feel nauseous you feel

sick and next day you start throwing it

up you vomiting and then you go into a

coma coma so not to play with a can kill

a human so let's go plant some right now

follow me so I'm only gonna do a few

right now say a little a little some of

these were good some of them are bad so

this one's a good one all right

it's it look like a little bug so we'll

just plant a few right in here

kind of want to just keep going in here

we're just gonna plant one for now and

when he gets warmer I went more outside

straight in the ground and then I'm

gonna take one in the greenhouse just to

see the difference how they do and

always he'd cut it down but this is a

very beautiful plant has beautiful

flowers bees love it most people say you

can't touch the plant it's going to hurt

you some people react to it differently

it's kind of like how some people react

to poison ivy and some don't I react to

poison ivy but I've touched this plant

as a kid it had no issues so and also

they say everything uh they also say

that it no deterrents you know it

returns moles it's not that they it

kills them because the roots are

poisonous it's not that the plant is

poisonous Emily it stalks in its own way

but where they mess up is it's the smell

they put off Castro has a strong smell

especially to a mole has a really keen

sense of smell to it so it's gonna stay

away from that area so it's not that

that moles are dying from it or leave

they're leaving the air because they

don't like the smell of it it's not

because they're biting the roots cuz

moles our carnivores they don't eat

plant they don't eat roots you see them

by the roots because we're eating your

worms and the grubs that rubs up mess

your yard up so moles are good and bad

so that's that's the point about castor

beans we'll keep updating this video on

castor beans growing I'll grow one in

the greenhouse until summer I can cut it

back but I'll show you how quick a

castor bean tree can grow the tropical I

make a very beautiful plant and you can

touch the plant you just gotta be

careful with it you just don't want to

be eaten all over e lot of times people

will get the leaves crush them up and

use it as a repellent for moles and

certain pests so grow you a castor bean

be responsible about it it's something

not to play around with and put signs up

if you grow one and the main thing is

collect the seeds don't let them fall in

the ground keep collecting them

responsible these can't get out of hand

this is Blakes Angela see you in the

next video good day everybody

it's been about a month I planted a few

in the greenhouse and I actually went

out to the property that we're at right

now and planted a few

neither protecting them not me talking

out here okay buddy so I planted a few

out here at the property and I've been

protecting them here's one growing kind

of slow because of the weather it's

keeping it alive it's not affecting it

and then I have some jackfruits bent

over that I'm gonna grow close to the

ground let's go check out the other few

that popped up now you hear a crow let's

go check out the other two that's

growing from seed you can see that frost

cloth I have up just to keep them the

frost off of them there's my avocado I

keep the pie is in there and like a

mango a little loquats alright so let's

go find this other blue there's two

other ones I have my aging guava

protected you get it through the winter

all right so what I'm doing with these I

need the cinder blocks to kind of keep

them so this was not growing as quick as

it would be from thunder across cloth

we're just hanging in there I could have

waited a few more months but I said why

not just blend plan with you

they grow slow when spring comes they'll

grow a lot faster exciting

here's another one looking a lot better

and that's the three I believe I have

growing here I'll plant more in spring

gotta do a lot of work in the garden the

avocado is doing good cold hardy avocado

fantastic are you starting to grow but

not some buds

this spring you'll put on a lot of great

let's go to another property with the

greenhouse hey it's Blake snakes love

and I want to show you the plants how

they were doing the Castrol bean plants

after three weeks to a month so here's

the one that I planted in the ground

and they're growing even though it's the

temperature changes back and forth

they're doing this was doing fine in the

ground there's such pretty plants then

here's three it's in the back and one

pot I might have to separate them and

check this out my giant milkweed seeds

have sprouted

well that's something try to chew on it

I hope no I hope it's fine we got one

that's good then I wanted to show you

the Castrol bean not to get off-track

I'll keep doing updates on them I'm

gonna leave this one in the greenhouse

in this trim egg because it will get

really tall in here

let's go look at the other ones that are

on this side we have two that's doing

well we might have another one right

here we do well how about that giant

milkweed I will do updates on this one

you've seen how it was how beautiful the

tree was how big the flowers were I'll

catch you later is Blakes natural off

till next time catch you later

here's a large casserole or castor bean



fifteen feet long

so this is where they make the cotton

these seams pause a little differently

you see how it looks when it's green you

don't have one to season