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it's all science-based and I love all

this stuff so it's been our zone we're

gonna talk about it all you guys have

been asking me a lot about castor oil

and so we're gonna dive deep in a castor

oil today and I'm gonna talk about how

to do it and what not to do okay guys so

castor oil has been used for centuries

to detoxify and regulate and get rid of

all the junk in the liver any other area

in the body it's been used for chronic

illnesses and inflammatory diseases

because you know I'd love to talk about

decreasing inflammation that's my thing

and castor oil fits the bill so I'm sure

you guys have heard a lot about it you

can't really get into the natural

fertility world without hearing about

castor oil packs but there are some

things that you should know about how to

do it properly and then you know there

are some other things that we should

know just to keep it kind of relaxed and

not this hugely prescriptive very

restrictive thing it can be more relaxed

than maybe other people or other sites

lead you to believe

so castor oil helps to increase

circulation and blood flow to all of

your organs in any area that you put it

on and it helps not only to increase

circulation blood flow but it also helps

your body to release toxins and get rid

of them and it does this by impacting

the lymphatic system and the liver and

the circulatory system and now you know

you point your liver to be super duper

healthy because your liver is the site

of a lot of action your liver detoxify

the blood it breaks down things that

neutralizes things that it balances

estrogen and balances all your other

hormones so it's extremely important

that we want our liver to be super

healthy now I feel like a lot of times

in fertility we focus on putting castor

oil packs on the uterus and that may

cents because we're talking about

fertility right but we're gonna talk

about doing a couple of different things

with our castor oil packs today okay so

first let's talk about when you should

do your castor oil pack for fertility

number one you should start doing your

castor oil pack on the day after you

have your period so as soon as you have

your period you stop bleeding you can

start doing your castor oil packs on

your lower abdomen over your uterus and

you do it over your uterus on your lower

abdomen for your entire follicular phase

up until you ovulate

once you've ovulated you don't want to

do a castor oil pack down on your

abdomen because it can actually cause

uterine contractions and a lot of

different things to the uterus that we

don't want if you want to get pregnant

if you're not trying to get pregnant

then go to a different video but since

you are trying to get pregnant we want

to just do the castor oil pack up until

ovulation after ovulation you're going

to continue doing the castor oil packs

but you're gonna move it to your liver

now your liver is located on your right

side right by your ribcage right under

your breast so you can just make sure

that you have it like midline to the

right and then avoid the lower abdomen

at that point it's pretty easy to do

because you're not gonna have a huge

thing we'll talk about that coming up so

castor oil pack lower abdomen over the

uterus from the day after you finish

your period to the day you ovulate

castor oil pack or your liver from the

day you ovulate up until either you get

a positive pregnancy test or you have

day one of your cycle again

okay so to make your castor oil pack

you're gonna want to use pretty good

castor oil you're gonna want to use

cold-pressed and pure this was a top

quality so I can put the link for this

one down below so you want to get a good

quality castor oil and then you're going

to want to get some sort of sheet or old

t-shirt that you can tear up or you can

use old flannel but you have to make

sure that it's white and it doesn't have

any dye in it that can run because this

will actually make dye come out of

shirts and flannels you can also just

use paper towels you can use gauze you

can use anything you look online and it


use flannel use a certain type of cotton

that's from some weird place out and I

don't even know where you don't have to

do that the point is that you want the

castor oil to be on you so you just need

something to hold it there now to make

it easier you can just put it on your

skin you don't need to actually saturate

something to have the to hold the castor

oil on you now

the benefit of actually saturating a

piece of cloth with the castor oil is

that you can package it up and say that

you can use it up to five to 15 times

depending on the cloth that you use

honestly I always find it easier just to

put it on directly on the skin and then

you can wash it off and then you can do

it anywhere anytime you don't have to

worry about packaging and prepping and

all that stuff there's a lot more prep

work that goes into making an actual

saturated cloth but you can just put it

on your skin to make it easier so after

you have either saturated a cloth with

castor oil and place it on you or after

you have rubbed the castor oil on

yourself you're going to cover it with

some plastic wrap you can use saran wrap

any other kind of cling wrap or you can

just use a plastic bag as well you want

to make sure that it's not touching your

clothing or any sheets or towels or any

kind of other clothing because it does

stain so if you just bought like brand

new sheets don't put this on and get in

your new bed because you're gonna have

splashes all over it so sit on a towel

you don't really mind getting kind of

crappy and avoid using anything nice

around it because it will stain once you

have the plastic wrap in place you can

either use a hot water bottle an

electric heating pad or I really love to

use these things these are like corn

rice bags and there's several different

kinds you can either get ones that are

filled with rice you can get ones that

are filled with corn you can get runs

that are filled with herbs this one's

filled with herbs so it actually smells

really nice and you could put them in

the microwave for a little bit of time

and they stay warm for like twenty to

thirty minutes which is great so this

particular one I love because you could

put it on and it wraps around your

abdomen and it it will

Valkyr all on the other side and you can

just put it on stays put which is great

so I love these things I use it for


I use it for cramps I use them for

because I'm cold these things are great

so but you can use hot water bottles or

electric heating pads I'm not crazy

about electric heating pads because

there is a little bit of a fire risk

especially if you fall asleep at night

with them on so I prefer these they're

easy and I don't stay hot too long so

once you have your castor oil on your

skin in place or the pack in place you

can then you wrap it in the whatever

warm device that you're using and you

can leave it on anywhere from like 20

minutes to 45 minutes usually about

average about 30 minutes but it can be

for as long as you can do at the time if

it's a matter of timing you only have 15

or 20 minutes do it for the 15 or 20

minutes so you don't miss a day it

doesn't have to be like it's not all or

nothing it's not 45 minutes or nothing

at all just if you can do 15 minutes do

15 minutes so you'll put that stuff on

you'll leave it there for a little bit

and then you'll wash it off your skin

you'll put your pack on a bag or a glass

jar if you're using the saturated

flannel saturated whatever it is then

you can store it in either a glass jar

or a bag for up to like five uses I

don't really like to use those things a

lot just I'm a one-shot deal I like to

roll it on the skin be done with it so

I'm not really a good person to ask

about the storage bit but I'm sure you

can look that up online I just put it

straight on the skin because it works

good for me I can just do it quickly and

not have to worry about pre-planning it

20 or 30 minutes and now here's what not

to do we kind of talked about this

before you're not gonna want to put this

on your on your lower abdomen

over your uterus during your luteal

phase during the time that you could be

implanting because it can get in the way

of that you're throwing a whole lot of

blood in circulation you're throwing

around toxins around there so you want

to keep that area kind of clean and away

from the castor oil effects while you

could be implanting so that's why we do

on the liver or you could just do it

during your follicular phase and then

nothing at all until the next time that

you might need it okay ladies that was a

really quick video just to give you an

intro into castor oil packs and how they

can work for you they're really great at

releasing a lot of toxins and getting

blood flowing to previously stagnated

areas that don't get a lot of flow if

you've got a lot

and buildup so really great for that

it's just good all-around even if you

don't think that you have a problem it

can be great it might take a few weeks

for you to see the effects of it it's

great if you have fibroids or

endometriosis or pain very painful

periods very heavy periods it can be

really great for that so it's a really

great natural remedy it's been around

for centuries I highly recommend that

you use it and don't drink it though you

know what happens if you drink it don't

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