BABY'S FIRST TIME EATING RICE CEREAL ✨ | How to make rice cereal + baby's reaction


hey guys welcome back to my channel

alright so hopefully today today was

gonna be pretty quick but we're gonna be

giving Riley um rice cereal for the

first time we went to the doctor today

um for her four-month appointment and we

kind of explained a lot of like the

sleep issues that we're having with

Riley and the doctor recommended that we

start introducing rice cereal so it's

gonna be the first time that we try to

give it to her so I figured I would kind

of record like how we make it and then

like her reaction to it so this is a

rice cereal that we bought we bought it

at Publix and I really don't even know

how to make it so we're gonna have to

read it we bought these uh these little

spoons also these little munchkin spoons

we bought these at Publix also so what's

nice about these spoons is that they

turn white I guess when the stuff is too

hot so what does it say how do you even

make this mix 1 tablespoon Siri over

forty five tablespoons of breast milk or

infant formula okay so do you have to

like heat it up doesn't say sir guys

everyone so I had some breast milk that

I had pumped earlier this week and this

has been just like sitting in the fridge

so we're gonna take the rice cereal

sweat 1 tablespoon yeah ok that even

look like interesting you know it I've

never seen what this looks like excuse

our olive garden I said that we ordered

for take-out we've never done this

before or first time parent so this is a

whole new process for us so we'll see if

we're even making it writer she even

likes it so a 4 it says

do I even have enough that's two

tablespoons so the doctor said that we

could make it here this is the the

doctor said that we can make it like as

watery as we wanted like you can put

less milk and have it be a little bit

more solid but rattie's four-month-old

so we wanted to still make sure that

it's somewhat somewhat liquidy don't

totally freaked her out okay so we ended

up putting one more tablespoon of breast

milk so the ratio now is three to one so

now we're gonna see if she'll take it

and I had already put little Riley in

her pajama but we're gonna take it off

so that she doesn't like make a total

mess when we feed her so now we have a

nakey baby we're gonna put them bib on

her anyway okay to make you baby these

are the bandana bibs that we love the

AVA baby I think I'll leave a link for

them below so you guys can check them

out are you ready Gordy are you ready oh

you have to concentrate you can't play

with the toys are you ready

let's see what she says put that tongue

way what is that good D what is that

yummy yummy mmm

she even taking it she's spitting it out

do you like it baby

she's thinking about it she started

getting crazy and like just spitting it

out every single time we put it in her

mouth so we think the baby is over it so

I think we're gonna go ahead and just

stop there but I think for our first

time of having cereal they should have

pretty good what do you think luckily

these bandana bibs are super absorbent

cuz look at that that is a hot mess you

are a hot mess baby we have to clean you

up daddy in with the YP just a wet rag

let's go out up girl nope yeah sorry

baby we have one clean little baby I'm

just gonna put on her pajama right so

now that she's done with her cereal we

still I still have to nurse her a little

bit so I'm nursing her now and she

doesn't she

probably not gonna take as much as she

normally does but still got nurse for a

little bit you see her tiny little hand

here but yeah that's it for today's

video I hope you guys like seeing her

first experience eating rice cereal

honestly I think she did a lot better

than I expected her to I expected her to

spit out every tiny little bit of it

because she is the most difficult tiny

human in the world so I'm glad that she

at least took some of it for her first

time not so bad

so we'll keep at it and hopefully it'll

keep her tummy a little bit more full

tonight so that I can actually sleep a

little bit because baby girl's been

waking up like every hour hour and a

half at night which is just crazy

so we'll see y'all definitely keep you

guys posted so yeah if you liked this

video I'd appreciate it if you'd give it

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you're new and we'll see you in the next

one bye guys