Feeding chickens grit early enough? - AMA S7:E2

did ever name is Johnson school [ __ ]

I'm in my chicken Bruder I got a small

batch of birds in here just as kind of a

homestead mixed layer flock for the

summer and I got a question for an ask

me anything on the form on my home page

at our marketing solutions comm and

Pierre asked when is it early enough

when is it too early or whatever it what

is the best time to start feeding grit

to your chickens and I have some some

good advice here



so I start feeding grit to my chickens

really early on within the first couple

days but I don't necessarily do it on

the very specified grit size like you

buy grit in and that's one of the best

things you can do for birds and we'll

talk about that a second but early on I

want to get my Birds with a diverse diet

and I start acclimating them to see what

they're gonna be experiencing out in the

pasture your knob you see I've got a

little flour hanger here this is just a

flower basket from a nursery or

something I'm sure it was a Mother's Day

present at one point in life and I will

go out and I'll take a shovel or

sometimes I can pull it up by hand and

pull up clumps of sod or weeds that I

let grow this is clover that's in here

if this is on the camera right now and

then I got all the roots and dirt that

comes with it now if you don't want to

pull out just sod if you've got a pile

of soil or if you want to dig a hole

somewhere you're taking a shovel full of

dirt and putting it on the brooder if

the birds will root through that and

pick out what they want and the reason

why we need grit for our either egg

layers or meat Birds any bird has a

gizzard birds don't have teeth

I can't chew so what they do is swallow

their food whole they take off little

bites break whatever they can break off

of their beach swallow it whole and goes

through the digestive tract into the

gizzard and that gizzard has little

stones that they've swallowed as well

and those stones that gizzard my muscle

will flex it and break up their food and

mix it in with some digestive enzymes

and then it will continue on to the rest

of their digestive system where they

will uptake all the nutrients and then

poop out whatever they don't want now if

they don't have any dirt or soil or sand

or rocks or pebbles or grit is our vocab

word in their diet it's like having no

teeth and not being able to chew your

food and you don't digest well you don't

process things well and if you think

that if you're raising Birds out on

pasture they're gonna get all the grit

that they need from the ground I invite

you to go out and maybe I'll do a video

this next week you go out and look in

between the blades of grass for how much

soil is actually readily available and

how many rocks are in that soil itself

now i have good connecticut sandy rocky

soil makes

with some heavy moment of pebbles like

their stone walls everywhere rocks is

one of our best crop so I have a lot of

small rocks and stones in my soil but

that doesn't mean it's freely available

at the surface that is why I shovel it

out and put it in and Luger and start

them young with this availability now

after the first week or so I will add in

a supplemental feeder and you can just

use a regular feeder and add in the size

grit that is appropriate from your bird

for your birds you can get this at your

local like tractor supply or AG way or

whatever kind of tack shop or livestock

shop you have near you I can order

online although it's always feel silly

like ordering rocks off the internet

but the stage of your birds will require

different sized stones and those

different sized stones you can buy and

say it looks for poultry grit for birds

this size you know for for this age and

you buy the appropriate stuff the other

thing you can do is once you kind of

know what size is what and I'll work

with somebody that created a blog post

about this what size from what age you

can also buy like gravel from quarries

or a playground sand or you know

something that's a little bit cheaper

that you can buy in a 50-pound bag it

comes down to the availability in your

area and how creative you are but the

takeaway from all this is that start

your Birds with some kind of rich early

on and then keep them on grit throughout

their entire lifespan super-important

with turkeys it's definitely important

with chickens you see a increase in your

yield and your productivity and your

overall birds health and happiness when

you give them grit as an available

supplement to their diet if you have any

questions where to farm marketing

solutions com go to the bottom of the

page and fill out and ask me anything

challenge this isn't grits a great topic

and it's one of the things that's not

covered enough I think in poultry and

I've heard Jeff Maddox that's our trail

talking about it a lot so I'm gonna

reach out to Jeff and we're gonna create

some videos or I'm going to have some

follow-up stuff throughout the season

here as these birds progress as I get

more meat

comes on the farm here about what

exactly I do and how I handle this and

this is me saying you subscribe to your

channel you're gonna see a bunch of

those videos but as I like to keep my

video shortened to the point feed them

early give them small rocks in the

beginning and slowly build up to your

rock size you can use playground sand

and pebbles and stuff just make sure

it's clean and not you know you don't

want any chemicals or weird like try to

find a good source for it or just search

it out and buy it online and you'll be

you'll be happier

your birds will be happier so until

tomorrow I guess I'll see you