What age should my child start preschool?


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Lisa kaki our expert preschool advisor

and we have a couple of questions for

her first and foremost Lisa when we

speak to parents one of the first

questions they ask is what age does

preschool start so traditionally in New

York State a preschool begins when your

child is two years old by September 1st

the year they attend preschool there are

a handful of schools that start at 1.6

but by and large most schools minimum

age is 2.0 what do I do

though if my child is not 2 by September

1st what are the options so the good

news is is you have lots of options you

have essentially three different options

you can first do classes you can

continue doing a basic music class at

gym class maybe a swim class and your

second option is called a preschool

alternative programs those are programs

that mimic a preschool experience

they're usually several times a week

they meet for several hours there's

usually a component of separation those

programs are not licensed by the city of

New York and that's why we call them

something different if you are

interested in one some of them are

terrific have great curriculums

wonderful directors it's really

important that you ask a lot of

questions when you go see them ask

questions about the faculty ask

questions about the curriculum where the

teachers come from what their

backgrounds are you know the hours you

want to ask a lot of questions to get

the answers that you need as a parent

the third option is something called a

pre school based toddler program and

those are programs specifically for

those children who miss that cutoff so

they're within existing nursery schools

they often have the same teachers and

faculty although not everyone does and

it's often the same director again not

everybody follows that but those are

programs that are usually shorter in

days and hours and again sort of mimic a

preschool schedule great so there are

three options for families whose

children are not - by September 1st one

is classes two is preschool alternatives

and three is preschool based toddler

programs and all of these are mentioned

in our directory called let's play and

there's always the fourth option which

is do-nothing and I've enjoyed this time

with your baby go to the park put them

in the stroller take them to the grocery

store the post office you don't have to

have a schedule baby and there is

absolutely not a baby resume that three

schools are out there looking for so

enjoyed this time with your baby

do not over schedule them as long as

they're getting some social experience

that's all preschools are interested in

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