How To Prepare Potatoes For Planting - Chitting Tutorial

well hello everyone and welcome to a

very quick on my short here on the Emma

Gardner channel it is potato starting

season and you want to start your

potatoes early in the year you want to

put them in the ground still while

there's a risk of frost do you want to

make sure you plant them about two weeks

before your for your last frost date and

you want to do that because it takes

some time to establish some roots and

get a really healthy plant and you're

going to get a jump start on your season

you don't have to do that 100% but I

find that I have the best results when I

do because the fact that the potatoes

acre will just find them to the ground

and they take a little while to get

started and these are going to be your

sets we actually grew these from we

actually started these sets and you can

watch that episode and I'll post I'll

put a little card up there and also put

a link in the description box for you to

click on if you're looking at how to

start your own potato sets so these are

from our potatoes that we grew last year

and we have our own sets so we didn't

have to buy any which is great so now

when it comes time to preparing them you

can just take a potato and plant it

right in the ground however it's a big

waste of money because you have a you

have a I hear and I hear and I hear and

I hear and I their and they're all

growing and they're all going to grow a

different a different plant so you want

to make sure that you use your hear you

want to make sure you use your potato

wisely so you get the most plants for

the most the most bang for your buck so

what we're going to do is we're just

going to take a sharp knife and you want

about two to three days to allow them to

dry so come on in close I'm going to

show you what I'm talking about here

we're going to cut them up and I'll show

you how to cut them up so you get the

most bang for your buck so you have a

potato here and you can see an eye here

and an eye here basically the eyes are

just the young plants you'll notice that

there are little bumps on your on your

sprouts and those little bumps those

little little knots those are actually

young roots that just haven't formed yet

so you want to basically divide them up

using your knife and you want to divide

them up just so you get between one

and to two eyes per slice here I could

cut it right down the center there and I

had would have one plant there in one

plant there but sometimes you'll find

that when you have to the more dominant

will grow and let's say this one grows

and this one doesn't if I were to slice

this I have a guaranteed one plant here

but let's say this one ends up dying or

rotting off because it's just not strong

enough then I've just I've just wasted

I've wasted the chance of having a

really successful start there so you

have that one done and then this one

right here this is one so you're going

to have that now you will notice that

there are little in in the the actual

eyes themselves there are little indents

those little indents will also become

eyes later on if they have enough energy

this one right here is already growing

so we're going to leave that one itself

now you have a case here in which you

got a lot of you got a lot of stuff

going on and you have an eye here that's

just starting and three main ones I'm

going to focus on these three main ones

here and what we're going to do is we're

going to cut like this get that out so

you have this one and then I'm going to

cut here on this angle right here and

then you actually have those right there

and these are really healthy ones these

are these are guaranteed goers these are

just going to go right in the ground and

we're just going to set those aside so

you have again another case in which you

have eyes here eyes here eyes their eyes

there and eyes there there's a lot of

eyes on this one and I'm just going to

cut this one kind of like this and again

you know it's really based on personal

preference you can plant this and have

three plants whoops you can plant this

and have three plants if you want but

I'm going to actually just take it and

I'm just going to be a surgeon here I'm

going to cut that like that and now you

have this little wedge here that has a

really nice forming plant on it and then

this right here you have this eye and

this eye that are growing so you can you

can mix and match whatever you want all

these can be divided if you want they

can be left whole but this is this

process of and I really have to

pronounce that word properly but it's

called cheating

ch ITT ing and that is actually the

process of cutting the potatoes and

curing them so that you have a better

success so yeah it's really simple it's

really not that complicated but there

you go I know I had a lot of questions

on that so I just decided I'd make a

video on that and like I said once

they're cut just let them set out let

them set out a well-ventilated area and

you'll notice that they'll kind of just

get a little leathery and dry and that

that leathery and dry is actually going

to protect the potato because if you put

it in the ground just like this it'll

rot and when it rots it can actually

write out the the main plant and prevent

it from from growing so you just don't

want to do that either so just give them

a chance to dry out and and scab over

and if you happen to forget them for

five days six days it's not going to

hurt it either and then I wanted to end

on this one because this was a special

exception if you have just a whole

potato like this where you only have one

main growing point here's another one

another great example if you have a

whole potato that only has one main

growing I just plant this it's actually

going to give you a better result and if

any of these other little indentations

happen to grow it's only going to be

more assurance but you're going to have

a really good success with this and also

you're going to have a lot of energy

because the the starch in the potato is

actually what gives the energy for these

for these to sprout so the more potato

you have the more energy it's going to

have to have a really healthy plant for

you so there you go hopefully enjoyed on

how to chit your potatoes and it's

really simple what post any comments or

questions you have in the comments box

below and I'll be able to answer them

for you as well

all right so there we go we are all

finished and I hope you all enjoyed

hopefully you learned something new and

as always this is Luke from the Emma

garter channel hoping you all are

growing big or going home and I'll talk

to you all later

see ya bye