From Puree to Finger Food - How to introduce texture in Baby Food

I welcome back to 1 upon 5 I received

many questions about when can I move

from 3 to lumpy foods or maybe doesn't

like Perez what can I do or the contrary

my baby doesn't like small pieces the

little chunks of food and it's baby pray

what can I do so today I want to share

with you a few basic information and

definition about baby texture and

consistency on baby food books or on the

web you might find this definition baby

food stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3 but

what are the stages ok baby food the

stage 1 means a baby food that it's very

very liquid usually a baby likes this

kind of liquid consistency between 4 and

6 months of age if you think it kind of

makes sense your baby has been used to

either breast milk or baby formula for

six months since the he or she was born

so baby food stage one as the

consistency that is the closest to milk

it's kind of liquid just a bit thicker

than milk or baby formula and it's a

very smooth transition from breast milk

or baby formula to solid food how to

thin your baby food there are so many

ways you can use breast milk baby

formula simple warm water brought and if

you're curious about how to pin your

baby food check out this video too this

is the stage where almost half of the

baby food will end up around your baby's

face because your baby's learning and

the food is very very liquid baby food

stage two we are moving from a very

liquid consistency into a thick creamy

one still creamy so no smoke pieces no

lumps but

usually babies between eight and ten

months of age they like the thick creamy

consistency stage two it's a very easy

transition from stage one to stage two

basically it's less liquid also you will

see just a bit of less mess around the

mouths also at around ten months of age

the first tooth might already have

appeared and also the gum so they're

getting stronger so your baby is able to

chew even with the gums without teeth or

two behind with one or two teeth in the

front his mouth is developing keeps

developing because the teat are coming


and so not only the food develops in a

more structure way but also you will

notice that your baby's speech

properties are starting and are

developing to baby food Stage three

that's when we are going to add just

made more texture like the lumps of food

inside the baby food the inside the

puree they will still be thick and

creamy but with small tender pieces of

baby food and usually this is the kind

of consistency that the baby likes after

ten months of age the next step of

course is finger foods so small bites

small pieces of food always small and

tiny because we want to avoid any

choking hazard moving from stage one to

stage three to finger food you might

even want to use different utensils

different baby utensils for your baby so

you can start with very soft silicone

spoons a super super soft and tender and

then you can move to more structure the

spoons that your baby can even play with

and chew without any problem and I

really like the concept of the two

spoons one the debate can use it to feed

himself and play and the second one that


can use to really fit the baby the next

steps of course is the toddler set of

utensils so he will learn how to use the

fork spoon and at the beginning the

knife but you know a kid proof one why

is so important that you baby basically

moves develops from the poorest stage

into the small chunks into the small

bites one because the eating development

so the movement of your baby jowls they

are strictly related to the speech

development of your baby a proper

development in texture and consistency

basically will be parallel to a speech

development the property of being able

basically to articulate the small words

because the muscles so that your baby is

using they are exactly the same how to

add more texture to your baby food is

super simple and easy first thing is

simply add less liquid so you start from

the main ingredients and then we serve

the liquid pour the thinning liquid at

the very end and you simply add just a

bit at a time to reach the consistency

that you can your baby like second way

instead of using the food processor or

the merchant blender to create the puree

with a fork with the fork you will just

have small soft chunks or you can add an

extra ingredient that will give more

texture to your baby food an example is

if you have a yogurt to simply mesh a

banana or strawberry inside the yogurt

so you have small very soft pieces or if

you have a vegetable puree and a steamed

carrot add the steamed carrot and mesh

it also offering finger foods it's a

great way to move from stage 2 to stage

3 simply a steamed carrot to cut in

small pieces and spawn by the it's a

lovely example or blueberries adjust cut

enough or grapes cut lengths side in


it's a super nice snack that will help

your baby to add more texture to the

food that he or she is eating another

good idea is to have your meal all

together with your baby simply move the

high chair next to the adult table so

that your baby will share the family

moment of the meal and you can offer him

or her small bites of what you're eating

and don't be surprised is those little

hands will start grabbing food here and

there a very important note there are no

rules at all every baby is different

every mom is different so your baby my

skip steps um I skip stages your baby

might just jump in to finger food or

your baby might just take his or her

time to move from one step to another

follow your babies paced that's the most

important thing as an average suggestion

you can start moving from one stage to

another after one month so four to six

months you start introducing stage one

then seven eight months you go to stage

two and up until around ten months you

reach stage three of baby food but as I

said this does not apply to all babies

some babies they totally skip the parade

that's why the baby led weaning method

is so popular because some babies simply

they want to start from small bites my

personal experience with my two little

kids was that they were totally into

braised and still they really liked a

very creamy consistency but for example

my little niece that she totally skipped

the preface she didn't even want to

start with 1 teaspoon up where and she

immediately liked small pieces of super

soft fruit one question that I receive

quite often is my baby doesn't want to

start with baby purees my baby 6 months

of age

and he doesn't even want to try one

single spoon of baby puree well it can

be totally normal first of all it may be

that your baby is not ready to start

with solid foods and if you want to know

more about when to introduce solid foods

into your baby's diet you might want to

check this video too

also don't worry just let your baby keep

going with breast milk or baby formula

and try the following week so week after

week try again and sooner or later you

will see that your baby will start

enjoying solid food remember that the

movement of the tongue when your baby is

drinking milk or breastfeeding is

totally different from when your baby is

eating solid food so your baby simply

needs to learn and it takes time a

similar situation happens when your baby

is already enjoying baby food but

somehow he doesn't want to move up to a

more textured food it happened with

mainly the one with Alex so my

suggestion don't worry

simply give your baby the time that he

or she needs and try before and week

same thing you will see this sooner or

later you baby will appreciate more

texture and will start enjoying any kind

of consistency

remember feeding your baby should be fun

and without stress but for you and your


so take your time and follow your baby's

taste also all the baby friendly and

eco-friendly baby feeding tools and

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