How To Start CLAT 2021 / 2022 Preparation || CLAT New Pattern | Bala Sir

hi guys so confuse about how to get

started with your flat 21:22 preparation

this video is for you

so let's get started with a very

powerful code which says that a new

greatest adversity you find your

greatest opportunity yes all of us are

going through a very tough time but as a

student can be make the most order this

time can we do something wonderful for

ourselves if you are a clad a spinning

then just keep watching this video I'll

tell you how can you make the most order

of your time okay am you can kick start

you clad 21 22 vibration so actually is

to start with let's talk about the

latest example that the cloud consortium

has introduced so guys a BF Christine

pay you can see the latest flat pattern

Dookie clad 2020 say implement Chiara

alright and hopefully this will be the

pattern for clock 21 and 22 also right

so there are some changes like earlier

if there used to be 200 questions now

there'll be 150 questions in the paper

time remains the same and it will be an

offline paper so sorry sections way way

up the screen per day per at our gate in

sorry sections for details we have the

Barker rate alright now let's talk about

you know upload Evita re-start kanika so

train so what are the most important

skills that you need to build as an

aspirant which are going to see you

through clack 21 22 right

first thing is reading skill they go

you're the new pattern you know it's I

can say 70% reading and 30% other skills

so definitely we can say key readers are

going to be the leaders in the new

platform so up Co ideally many up click

like measure being upper high screen pin

apke reading speed should be somewhere

between you know 300 words per minute

and and above okay go get up 300 words

eight minute may per decade who score so

much later if noggin after reading speed

so I think that will be a game changer

in the trade or 80s of checkers acting

through newspapers and various reading

reading various articles you can check

your own reading speed okay

second thing is critical thinking and

critical analysis skills they get

critical thinking is when you get a

piece of text of course could take okay

whose case sorry

Allah delegate aspects so much mileage a

unique paragraph Cooper take you so much

mayor Jake is Miss America include curse

at Tom yeah inferences draw course


kiss premise here ko Perea sentence

based ed alright is same tense K under

two P week which implicit cheesy okay

yes Aria aspects up who picked Ernie on

a Chilean again it's a part of reading

if you start working with your reading

skills is sorry cheesy opening up up can

their bill design right the third one is

analytical skills definitely her feel

misery here analytical skills are more

like you know logical reasoning skills

so this will help you crack the logical

reasoning section is Kelly characters

appear until you argument that right the

fourth one is calculation and reading

graphs make a visual mathematics can a a

pattern here of maybe they copy last

screen way it's not exactly mathematics

but it is quantitative techniques so

quantitative techniques male what sorry

graphs do you trying it okay like pie

charts bar graphs line graphs tables a

sorry buying it in coop understand karna

on a chain and then UNK basis pay

mathematical calculations cricket

questions Alcorn apology and last but

not the least general awareness you have

sabh you know life scale mmhh we should

be aware of what hap what's happening

around us right so glad maybe up a where

Reina padega key up chaos first up kth

me or Corrigan Yami yeah major

happenings generally right so these are

the skills that you need to build now

what are the habits that we need to

build to get these skills in us ticket

they go her odd Mihara skill is a

Bethany on that but in the due course of


definitely I'm Ramon cheese over bill

cuts at them so I had say key which yeh

habits bakery

which will help you get those skills

first and foremost reading newspaper up

for newspaper reading pay you know

subsidies other focus Carmen all right

if you really want to build a lot of

these skills ticket people just give up

mr. Pablo you know egg though egg then

though then char the newspaper but if

they only have they made that not be

enough then Bologna probably father's

cook all over here they came they came

up look papa log almost daily half an

hour to one a newspaper in the spring

can they write same cheesy up who cannot

start Cornett and up K is effort quake

extra push then a chelate fools den and

4d education have made you know daily

online newspaper editorial discussion we

start here so if you can join us on our

YouTube channel

Polti education at 10:00 a.m. every day

a puma pay the Hindukush 82 real

discussion daily Milligan that'll be a

boost for you right please start doing


second thing law updates make a fake

lawyer benevolent Oh hobby say you know

a lawyer well a life Gina start girl

life every day you have to go through

key by cow and a male or simulated

Supreme Court decisions there are K

State High Court scared Asians in it for

all this there are some website so many

mention K are locally screen pay in ko

follow curry and you will get updated

with a lot of legal news

UK after current affairs maybe exam may

help carita also legal reasoning section

may operator third Venice daily GK

newspaper cooperating you say daily ZK

after they are with a tiger Saudis are

there are some websites

okay like GK today alright just go ah

Paulo Kirk a daily GK celebrated

recently and last but not the least

after reasoning and analytical skill

skinny I would say key regularly

puzzle-solving paper Korean there are a

lot of books on proposals milling is a


are they weak like both series famous

series have puzzles kabocha vents all

that ok yeah where you can go for

regular pseudo kiss so Doku solving they

can use paper my pseudo quarter

daily up pseudocode is altering it after

reasoning skills copier chat available

jacket right alright now let's talk

about section by section a cake section

Joe many Matthias there are five sex

this section McCarty is a Pucci changhie

of course America kiss tailgate is over

approval :

first one is legal reasoning legal

reasoning a new patent made there are

going to be passages of 450 words each

ticket yay passages Joe hello current

topic saying it go up Courtney exam k j-

x al k and then Chitina be you know loss

a related updates or cheesy putting it

happening serene go for locker key okay

pumper articles for name unique a basis

for your passages okay and own passages

space some legal and logical reasoning

valid questions right okay so definitely

these questions are going to be a test

of your reading skill okay your

comprehension skills and your basic

knowledge of you know law and legal

legal language okay the next one the

next screen okay you can see key many is

sul you clad consortium name official

sample papers nickel in basically one or

eighteen sample papers Nick Aliotti more

sample papers name locate legal kaitiaki

topic so no decay buoy Harper Michalka

up to the end

also yellow Mayo baekpa ranky yellow

memory in case sources convention here

they say life meant Bloomberg went the

wire media nama calm The Economist bar

and bench comp and the Guardian these

are some of the websites Johar say is

sulky official flat paper schedule you

know set hey Ruben I again so I think of

no way so much may are working a web

sites co-op asado follow karma so that

there are good chances Quito article of

faith as a predator okay way exam be

okay right

the next section is leak logical

reasoning make a guy is logical

reasoning maybe there is a lot of change

earlier what Alexei say pooches are to

be a be copy Allah cheese which is re

one of the most important prophets is

coverage Barbara gear that is critical

reasoning so critical reasoning in the

format of GRE and GMAT Joe have o of

Zadar pooches are at let's say GRE GMAT

K Patton pay you can practice critical

reasoning questions ticket secondly

short RC Scooby reasoning section main

group key again and puzzles arrangements

and pass

jo karana patent silly again it's a

lodge ism and blood relations be poor on

a patent see at key again right but H is

on hemlock acre I'll be the glad 2021 a

merry a sorry topics glad kachou sample

paper ayahuasca basis with our own posit

actual paper my couch or topics VI

so just stay updated weather you know

fools in and also clad 2020 paper up

taking and you'll get a better idea

coming to the quantitative technique

section that is math section is going to

be a test of your ability to read graphs

jessica has a third data interpretation

okay so there will be various graphs

swap understand care que busca bases fit

mathematical calculations correctly a

post section was all Canoga its make on

say arias key skills are clogging it up

in cheese in areas paper connect

percentages profit and loss and averages

these three topics are going to form

uniform the foundation of this

particular area we a concepts plus

graphs car knowledge plus calculation

skills is going to help you with that

section coming to the general knowledge

part now see guys Abby you know GK has

become one of the toughest sections in


well Akio that uh he said current

affairs pooch theory of shame Anika

current affairs racket challenge over up

GK may you will get a good score but now

the pattern has changed what they are

going to do is newspaper here online

articles or tying it current of sk manly

j k article attire whose per march

questions are putting right on punch

missing teen questions to current a

pesky are hanging but no questions i

said i Jose current of a skate topic

co-star take your constant G case a

connector Kapoor Shaad I for example

manly Ricky citizenship amendment act

Abarth or a it again

so Abby Jo see AMA changes I escaped

Arabia the questions Rangi southeast

South go connector they go scope

constitutions in cricket who check out

keepeth aria Constitution mayor

citizenship ke baare I make one say

articles mini air yeah where you can

take the constant ship sorry citizenship

act Joey aha fairly baroque once a year

may ask a major you know points there so

is that ok

current topics Co constant G case I

connect Kirk equations of say pooch

enjoying it so I'd suggest key of the

current of s coordinate Luca background

study Kirk a mooncake

you know history or sorry aspect school

bolas tickly per decade

they are coming coming to the last

section which is English English is

going to be a test of your reading

comprehension so our passages va-jenga

almost 450 words each K and escape SS

pair of equations so alqvimia right so

guys that's all from our side in this

video do not forget to post your

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