this cleaning they started at 5:44 in

the afternoon which is pretty rare for

me I usually always start cleaning

sometime in the morning but long story

today I'm gonna be doing my normal

cleaning routine that I do every time

pretty much the mess gets out of hand

and on top of that I'm also gonna be

doing some sanitizing because Maddie

poor little Maddie she got strep throat

and so I just felt like germs were

crawling everywhere and since she had

been on antibiotics for a few days at

this point I felt like this was a good

time to just clean the heck out of my

house since she was no longer contagious

at this point and the mess had clearly

built up today I'm gonna be starting in

her room because that's where I felt

like the center of all the bacteria was

since that's where she spends most of

her time and that's where she sleeps etc

etc I'm gonna start by doing all her

bedding and some Tai can fit more than

just her bedding in the washer I went

ahead and took ryan's bedding as well


so I load everything up and there was

still a lot of room in the washer and so

I got the rest of her laundry and I just

threw it in


then I just went back to her room to

finish organizing everything I'm not

gonna ask her to help me today because

again long story I don't really feel

like explaining it so anyway if you saw

my last video I decluttered her closet

in just her room in general and it has

made such a difference in keeping her

room clean like it stays clean longer

now and cleaning it was a total breeze

because I just knew exactly where to put

everything and there wasn't like a

million things all over the floor like

there usually is so turns out that the

cluttering actually makes life easier

who would have thought I don't know



it's so disappointing sometimes when I'm

done the vacuuming and there's like

nothing in the little canister there's

like a little bit as you can see but I

always want like uh done to make me feel

like I really cleaned a lot thankfully

for me though by the end of this video

that canister container thing is going

to look so much different you will see

what I'm talking about towards the end

of the video

anyway Madi had not played with this

castle in like over a month so we

decided to put it away for a little bit

and yeah I had a good time taking it

down wheat


I am done with her room for now there's

still some stuff in there that I'm gonna

be cleaning but right now I'm still in

the organizing phase of cleaning in the

bedrooms so I'm moving on to organize

Ryan's room I noticed that there was

some random junk starting to build up

underneath his bed so I moved it so I

can clean all the junk underneath it



remember that one time I was like Ryan's

room really really needs to be the

cluttered today's just not the day well

it's not the day again it was not

mentally prepared for that but the day

is coming I still have some

procrastinating to do you know and as

soon as I'm done with that then it'll be



so as you can see the vacuum canister is

looking a little more full after

vacuuming Ryan's room I'm feeling a

little more proud of myself now that

I've sucked up a good amount of dirt

from both of their rooms so yeah I'm

gonna go get the laundry into the dryer

and then move on to cleaning my bedroom

pretty much all I had was some laundry

that I did earlier that day and then of

course the disaster on my desk



I need some husband say I need some tips

on how to keep your vanity or my vanity

organized but I don't need tips what I

really need is a slap to the face

because I know exactly what I have to do

in order to keep it organized and I just

don't do it because I don't know other

things take priority over it so I just

do my makeup do whatever I need to do

leave everything out and run and

continue on with my day usually I don't

know I'm gonna blame it on the kids next

I'm going to vacuum my room and this

room is where my vacuum comes to feast

this is where it gets stuff I don't know

why my rooms carpet is always dirtier

than my kids my guess is that it's

because all the hair that I shed I'm

super bald these days I don't know if

that's what's causing it or what not but

point is my carpet is dirty and I'm

vacuuming it



so this is after vacuuming all three

rooms as you can see my room filled it

up the most and at this point I stopped

to do some other things that I had to do

besides cleaning this is a quick tour of

what it looked like after I was done

organizing everything in all three rooms

and after this thing one and thing two

needed to have a bath and do other

things so I went ahead and did that then

eventually I was able to step away from

them again and got back to the cleaning

their bedding was all dry so I just put

it back and while I was doing that I

noticed that the windowsill was looking

very dusty in Mattie's room so I just

wiped it down with a wet cloth and then

I did the same to mine in rimes room too

they all had some dust but Maddie's room

was definitely the dustiest



making Ryan's bed is always a pain

because of the little rail guard all

around I'm sure I've mentioned it before

million times but apparently I can't

stress it enough because Here I am

saying it again

I decided it would be easier to make the

bed if I pulled it out so I did and then

I caged myself in and had to do a ninja

jump over it I didn't realize until now

that I came pretty close to hurting

myself I had so much energy I didn't

even notice or cared at that point so I

decided to use this lysyl with hydrogen

peroxide cleaning spray to disinfect and

I picked it simply because I needed

something that would kill bacteria and

that I could use on all types of

surfaces and I just make sure I use it

sparingly and I'm just going around

wiping down things that we touch with

our hands regularly

Maddi started wanting attention so I

gave up on the cleaning and waited until

they were both asleep it's the best

feeling ever when I put them to bed

after I've washed their bedding and

giving them a bath it's the perfect

combination for making me feel like I'm

actually doing something right as a mom

anyway this is the spray I'm going to be

using in the bathroom normally I use the

method bathroom cleaner but that one

doesn't disinfect so I picked this one

up honestly it's probably the same thing

as al ISIL they just mark it as bathroom

cleaner and then I feel like I need a

different cleaner for the bathroom I

don't know I think it's a scam but I

fall for it anyway so I sprayed it

around the bathroom turn the fan thing

on and then ran out of there to clean

other things while I was kind of

settling I didn't want to be in there

while it was still all floating around a

quick little update on my shoe rack I

made a video about the shoe rack like a

month ago just wanted to mention that I

still love it a month later

every now and then I try using the

vacuum cleaner on the wood surface and

it does okay but not as good as a broom


so these nasty black specks on the floor

came from the fan it's the lint and dust

and crap that always gets stuck on the

fans ryan claims that he knocked the fan

over and that all this crap just went

flying everywhere which i think might be

a lie because i've knocked it over

before and that didn't happen my theory

is that he sat there and picked it out

while I wasn't looking which is

horrifying I'll never know because

sometimes he lies another theory I have

is that it's probably time to take the

fan apart and clean it maybe just a




I don't show myself wiping this section

right there where I'm pointing with the

pink arrow cuz I had missed it but I did

catch it eventually I just didn't record

it sometimes when I'm editing the video

I see things that I didn't see at all

when I was cleaning and it's so

frustrating but that one I actually did




the moment my vacuum has been waiting

for all day has arrived I can't wait to

show you what the canister thing looks

like after I'm done with the vacuum or

with the living room it's it's just

something else




this is a quick Kurama inspection in

which I don't take the couch completely

apart I just kind of look around for

crumbs and then call it a day after this

I am done with a vacuum and just look at

this container it's like a solid pound

of just I don't even know dirt lint

random crap just really nasty looking

stuff I don't think it's ever been this

full moving on from that atrocity I am

done with the living room yay and I'm

moving on to the bathroom my sink is

covered in random objects some were in

the tub and I put them there so I can

clean the tub and then other stuff had

just built up because it always does so

yeah I'm just gonna start by scrubbing

the tub I don't know if you remember but

at my last place I used to have this

scrubber that was meant for scrubbing

your tub and it was basically just a

scrub on a long stick that I really

really liked I got from Target for like

ten dollars but I lost it when we moved

I think it went and like the donation

box or I don't know where it and at that

point is now I'm having to scrub with

the little regular sponge and I'm

conflicted on whether or not I should

buy another one because the thing that I

didn't like about it the tub scrubber

that I lost is that it was really hard

to clean small corners or to clean any

corners with it and corners are a breeze

with this little sponge but with the

little sponge it's hard to clean big

areas so yeah I don't know until I

figure out a better solution I'm just

gonna keep using the small scrub and a

really quick update on my shower doors

they still have the soap scum or hard

water stains I don't even know what they

are if I ever get rid of them I will let

you know but if I don't mention it just

assume that they're still there because

I haven't found the magic things that

will just wipe them off everything that

I try makes it look better but nothing

really has removed them




I'm gonna distract you a little bit from

the fact that I'm about to clean a

toilet because toilets are so disgusting

I cringe a little every time I watch

myself cleaning this but I mean

everybody has a toilet so whatever I put

it out there um

as usual my comments here are disabled

so if you want to leave me a comment or

send me a message of any kind that you

can do so on my Instagram the link will

be in the description box and then

another super random thing I'm gonna

mention is I was looking at my video and

then I noticed the shirt that I'm

wearing and I realized there's people

that might not know what the heck hold

on many there's people that might not

know what it means so it says the

walking dead it's not like some random

crazy group I am part of it's actually a

show that I used to watch and I don't

even watch it anymore I just wear this

shirt because it's so comfortable and

perfect for cleaning





today is the last day that I'm gonna be

using this disposable Swiffer cleaning

pad and I'm so excited I got some

reusable ones off Amazon that I will be

trying later on in this video but yeah

this will be the last disposable one

that I use hopefully ever


once again I'm disappointed by the lack

of visual evidence that there was

anything actually cleaned off the floor

there's just like a few little black

stains not enough

I am literally sweating my back is

drenched but I finished the bathroom

from the moment I started cleaning I was

so determined to get it all done before

I went to bed like I just had the energy

and I had the willpower but eventually

everything I had to give had left me and

then I'm starting to feel kind of

defeated at the fact that I wasn't gonna

accomplish my cleaning goal and then I

remembered that they're still not

handing out mother of the Year awards at

least not in my area so after I finished

cleaning this section in front of the

door I wiped down some other doorknobs

and a few things that I wanted to

disinfect and then I called it a day and

left my kitchen completely trashed I was

so tired before I had started cleaning

we had gone on errands and I took the

kids to the park and did other things so

yeah I just whatever I gave up anyway

this is what I'm talking about this is

the evidence I like to see when I clean

it's so dirty but it makes me feel good

that it's no longer on the floor


I am very sparingly going to be using

the lysyl spray to clean my recently

painted table the back of the bottle

said that it was safe for washable walls

and that was like the closest thing to

my table

that wasn't a list of safe surfaces to

clean with this product so yeah I went

ahead and used it probably not good for

it but I don't know I wanted to

disinfect if you have any tips on how to

disinfect a painted table let me know

because otherwise I'm thinking about

getting a plastic cover to go over it

it's not gonna look as nice but at least

I won't have to be worrying about

cleaning it with products and then I

just did the exact same thing to the

chairs basically as soon as I'm done

scrubbing it I dry it off immediately so

it doesn't like stay wet on top of the

paint or the wood for the chairs


I normally only used water and a cloth

to clean this section because I put

fruits and vegetables on it sometimes

but again disinfecting mode I'm just

gonna make sure that the fruits don't

touch the surface directly this looks

like I sprayed a bunch of the cleaner on

it but most of this wetness is from

water and I did wait until it completely

dried off before I put everything back


these little toy pots and pans are

actually dishwasher safe so I'm just

gonna throw them in a dishwasher and

then disinfect her little kitchen

playing area as much as I can again I

just want to mention that I'm using very

little of the cleaning spray it's mostly

water that I'm wiping everything down

with and just a tad of the cleaning

spray I know it looks like I'm just

spraying this thing everywhere but I do

feel like it's really not that much and

I do have all the windows open so we can

get as much ventilation as possible the

scent to begin with has not even that

strong at all it wasn't the type of

cleaning product that gives me a

headache like the really strong ones

give me a headache this one did not





as usual I have clean dishes in the

dishwasher that I need to empty out

before I load the dirty ones in I dream

of one day being the type of mom or

homemaker I guess I don't know that can

unload the dishwasher as soon as it's

done because that's like my biggest

weakness for sure and then another one

of my weaknesses is loading up my

refrigerator with I was gonna say crap

but it's not crap it's my children's

artwork but I really really love and

they love to display on there they make

a lot of things and after they've been

on display for a while I like to store

them in a place called the trash I know

that sounds horrible and mean but they

make so many things that I can't keep

all of it the very special things of

course I do keep but their everyday

drawings they end up in the in the in

the trash I hate to say it out loud my

poor babies anyway moving on











there were so many crumbs on this

counter my floor was just covered after

I finished wiping it all down sometimes

I do use these little rags to clean my

counter and not counter my stovetop it's

not something I recommend I prefer to

use an actual sponge I just didn't have

one right now so I used my little rag

but I do plan on getting one for the







it's time to try my reusable cleaning

pads I want to let you hear how they

stick to the Swiffer they stick on

really well which I was surprised

because these are not like made by

Swiffer it's like a third company that

makes them and they're just compatible

sorry Matt he's making noises behind me

she's playing with her toys but anyway

first impression I really really liked

it I think I'm gonna be using these a

lot it was ten dollars for a pack of two

I will leave the link in the description

if you're interested the only negative

thing I have to say about them is that I

feel like I had to spray more of the

solution than I did with the other ones

because this is like a thicker fabric it

absorbs more and so yeah I felt like I

was having to spray more in order to

cover the surface that I wanted to but

that being said it was not a

deal-breaker for me I still really liked

them I don't want to recommend them just

yet I want to use them more before I say

whether or not I really really love them

but so far I like them



I am completely done and here's some

evidence that my house was actually

clean entirely for at least the minute

that I took to record this the living

room was a little messy because the kids

started playing but that's them that's

the usual other than that everything

else was clean thank you so much for

watching this video and I will see you

in my next one bye