CLEANING BABY'S EARS | Baby Care with Jenni June

I'm here to teach you how to clean your

sweet little baby's ears this is really

important because if we don't do this

and do it well by the time they're

teenagers they won't hear anything we

say trust me I know I've got four of


so let's get down to business there's

two ways you can do this the first makes

parents a little bit nervous because we

don't really want to use a standard

cotton swab for fear of inserting it too

far into the baby's ear canal and

damaging their eardrum so stay away from

these standard types Johnson and Johnson

makes a wonderful cotton swab that's

specifically made for cleaning baby's

ears safely look at the shape it's a lot


it's whiter down at the bottom so that

we can't even accidentally insert this

too far into the opening of the ear all

right now before we get started we want

to make sure that we're cleaning the

baby's ears preferably after bath time

that's when the skin is most supple and

moist there's a little extra water maybe

in the ears that we can get out at the

same time so it's not fitting in your

baby's ears and the wax and the grime

will come off much easier all right so

first we want to hold baby a little bit

firmly because you're going to be Wiggly

and we don't want them to get hurt so

take a firm grasp right here maybe your

hand on their chest and start by getting

the inside of the outer ear get into

those cracks and crevices there and get

all the water out and the oil then flip

the cotton swab over and use the clean

part to clean out the wax at the

entrance of the ear canal we're not

going all the way in we're just getting

the wax in the gunk that's right there

all right we're done the second way to

clean your baby's ears is to use a thin

damp baby washcloth they're less bulky

than a standard washcloth wrap it around

your finger

this and we're just going to go through

the same motions we did when we used a

cotton swab start with the outer part

here get all the excess water and oils

and wax and then move your finger into a

different position a clean place on the

washcloth and clean out the best you can

get in there at the entrance of the ear

canal and get the wax that's right there

at the surface like so both are safe and

easy choose the method that works best

for you now remember we only need to do

this as often as we paid our baby that's

not as often during the newborn stage

maybe two or three times a week at most

but as they grow older closer to the

three-month age we want to try and use

bath time to establish that

all-important bedtime routine and that's

when you clean your baby's ears all

right it's as simple as that I hope this

was helpful to you

I'm Jenny June enjoy your baby