How to Start a Cleaning Business and How I Made $1,000+ a Week


hey guys angel here okay this video is

like so long overdue I've been getting

so many requests for this video first

let me say this I did a video

I believed like two years ago and it was

called how to have I made a thousand

dollars a week cleaning houses I believe

or it was how to start a cleaning

business on a shoestring budget I can't

remember which one it was but it was one

of my most viewed videos and I took it

down because I no longer clean however I

didn't realize that there was still a

video out there that when I was talking

about me being in the cleaning business

and I said if any of you guys have any

questions about the cleaning business

let me know so I'm just seeing this

video the other day somebody reposted

that video from years ago and I was like

this is where this is coming from so I

said all that to say for you guys for

you new people that are going to come to

this channel because of this video I am

no longer in the cleaning business

however I did have a successful cleaning

business and I'm going to share with you

everything like everything that I did

I'm gonna share with you everything so

again I'm no longer in the cleaning

business I was in the cleaning business

15 years ago approximately 15 years ago

so everything that I'm going to share

with you today this applied 15 years ago

but it's still going to apply to you

today the only thing that you're going

to want to do is adjust your prices

because the prices that I charge 15

years ago is not the same that I would

charge today even though I was averaging

about a thousand dollars a week

only working 20 hours a week and I made

sure that like I wanted to be home when

my oldest daughter got home from school

like all of them sometimes she would

even come to my clients houses with me

when she was in kindergarten so

obviously things go up over the years so

as far as your pricing for houses I'll

get into that let me just let me

go I got a lot of tips to share with you

guys and I actually used to charge for

this information so get out your pen and

your paper and take some serious

freaking notes and I'm going to go

really really quickly through this list

because like I said I'm no longer in the

cleaning business but I just want to

honor what I said in that other video so

number one is to write a business plan I

didn't have a business plan I cannot

express to you how important it is to

write out a plan before you start to

take action I now know that as a

grown-up however when I was younger

starting all these different businesses

that I had I would just get out there

and start it never on plan so number one

is to write a business plan and always

remember that clarity is kid number two

pick a good name pick a name like if I

were to go back into the cleaning

business today I would do something like

Baltimore's finest cleaner or

Baltimore's best cleaner Baltimore's

favorite cleaner something like that

that had my state's name in it so that

it would be more credible people kind of

take companies that have the state's

name in it just a little bit more

credible so I will probably do something

like that back then oh my god the name

of my business was called heavenly

cleaning what did that have to do with

cleaning I don't know but I just picked

that name because my name is angel and

then it's like heavenly cleaning and

then one of my good girlfriends at the

time her husband uh did my website and

this was back in the day one you

couldn't just sit down and drag-and-drop

a website and it had like pennies

falling from the sky I mean like really

embarrassing I mean it was a beautiful

website at the time but I'm like why did

I ask for pennies to fall out I was less

than okay

so pick a good name and then okay pick a

good name third thing is to register

your name with the state and make sure

that it's not taken that's very

important you do not want two years

later down the road realize that you

have somebody else's name and they're

coming to get their name from you the

next thing is to get your insurance for

your company you're going to need to be

insured and bonded now let me say this

when I first started I was not insured

and I was not bonded I'd even know that

you needed insurance I just knew I

to clean and let me clean your house and

I guess if I break something i'ma pay

for I never even thought about that so

make sure that you get up insurance

you're going to get your going to need

to get bonded and insured and you will

need that to go into businesses and I'll

talk about that in a minute so the next

thing is to another this is in any

particular order the next thing is to

purchase your domain name and set up

your preferred social media sites under

that name as well so whatever social

media you decide to use make sure you

set that up under the name under your

name or your business name however you

want to set that up um

and set up your social media sites and

in that and when I say set up your

social media sites it's not what what

people don't understand in business is

that when you set up your social media

platforms and you are a business you're

not there to just say hey buy my stuff

or come hire me to be a cleaner you want

to give you want to give tips you want

to teach people things on your social

media so if you are a house cleaner you

clean homes make some videos or toast or


to share with your clients like um

things that they can do in between time

just you know little little tips that

you can give them to help them stay tidy

from the time that you leave until the

time that you come back I didn't do any

of that because I didn't have social

media at that time so the next thing is

to order all your marketing materials

now I got all my stuff from Vista prep a

business cards a t-shirt with your your

logo on it and magnets for your car and

whatever else that you see fit that you

want to use for uh for marketing

materials um then let me say this about

the marketing piece of this so for the

marketing I had no clue the technical

terms for what I was doing so when I

first started cleaning houses you know

you're cleaning so what you don't need

to put on cute clothes because you're

going to go clean somebody's house but

what I was doing was I was just throwing

on a t-shirt some sweat pain

and some tennis shoes and going to clean

these people's houses and I started to

realize over time like the more clients

that I got I was like I want to look a

certain way

and so I got a t-shirt with my logo on

it and I had khaki shorts or khaki pants

now the shorts were not really short

they were like professional shorts like

longer than this skirt that I have won

like down to like right above my knee

and as a woman you definitely want to do

that because if you're cleaning

someone's housing you got on some booty

shorts in our husband I mean that's just

not cool professional or just whatever

you don't I'm saying so get a uniform

don't just go into these people houses

and think that oh I just cleaned houses

so this is how I'm gonna dress like I

started doing my makeup with my uniform

I didn't do any of that I would just

throw my hair up no makeup nothing and

just go to these people houses and like

I said eventually I started to think

like I want to show up different and I

didn't realize that that was marketing

and that was branding I had no clue what

I was doing I just knew instinctively I

just wanted to show up different and so

the next point is to clients keys now

some of the clients won't be home when

you come to clean and they will give you

a key that always blew my mind because

I'm like wow this is my first time to my

to your house and you're giving me the

key to your house but it happens and you

have to honor that and just be take care

of it because this is somebody's house

key so I had a whole separate ring that

I would use for my my keys for my

clients and I had little white labels or

them that had their name and address on

it so you want to take like you want to

guard those keys with your life because

people will give you access to their

home because they're not going to be

there the next thing is to save all your

receipts from your food gas everything

so you can be prepared for taxes I just

recently did a video about that couple

days ago next thing is to take all the

donations that people give to you when

you go into people's houses they're

gonna like have stuff that they no

longer want and they're going to offer

it to you and I would take everything

that people gave me because even if I

didn't want it I would donate it or if

I didn't um didn't donate I would give

it to somebody that I mean televisions

closed like people want people fall in

love with you and they want to help you

so take all donations and you know just

help them get it out of their house get

it off of their hands if you don't want

it donate it or give it to somebody that

you know can could benefit from it the

next thing is to run um to always let

your clients know that like what I wrote

down was run specials if you if they

refer friend give them money off of

their next cleaning so what I would do

is if one of my clients referred someone

to me and I actually got that job the

next time I would come in to that person

that referred me I would give them

either 10 or 20 dollars off depending on

how much that house was that I actually

claimed so make sure that you um that

you want to honor the people that refer

you because that's a big deal

word-of-mouth advertising number STUV

all is just always going to be the best

so when people actually do that you want

to honor them and that's what I would do

so the next thing is to do not do extra

stuff now what I mean by that is that

okay here this goes to my next point

so what I mean by that don't do extra

stuff is this you want to have something

totally written down this is actually oh

my god can you guys see this it says

heavenly cleaning and this is the actual

contract that I used to give to my

clients now let me tell you why that's

important you want to have everything

written down that's included in what you

do - someone's in someone's home because

this will happen and it happened to me

and it's not a comfortable feeling

because I bet then today is something

totally different but back then I didn't

like telling people no I didn't really

even know how to tell people do these

extra things that they would ask me to

do but honey today is a totally

different story I know how to say the

word know with confidence and with pride

and with um with care

so don't be like I used to be and just

do things so one client would say to me

I remember her I'm in her home she's not

there she called me and she asked me

angel could you clean out the bottom of

my refrigerator today while you're there

and me I'm just like oh I'm thinking I

have a lot of the time for this house I

got to get to a next house but like I

said back then I was insecure I wasn't

confident in myself and I would just

bite it and say yes and I mean as I'm

cleaning the bottom of this refrigerator

I'm so upset with myself because number

one I'm not getting paid extra for it

and number two I need to get to my next

job but because I wasn't confident I

didn't say no so you want to have

everything written down that you're

going to do in their house so they

automatically know they can't call you

and say hey angel can you clean out the

bottom of my refrigerator today because

that's not in your contract so if that

does happen if they want to say can you

clean out my refrigerator or can you

clean up my stove have a price that's

already set for that so you can say

short and I'll add that on to your bill

just like that okay so the next thing is

okay so the next thing that I want to

share with you guys is actually pricing

now I'm not going to tell you how to

price these houses like I said I'm no

longer in this field you guys can google

it you can contact Merry Maids actually

call somebody to come out to your house

give you an estimate if you live in a

home that is your prospects home that

you would like to clean call and get

some estimates around in your

neighborhood just to see what the going

up fee is so the one thing that I will

tell you about pricing is that when you

do the initial cleaning you definitely

want to charge more for that because

that's going to take time it's going to

take more time than it will when you

come back the second third and four

times so when I called a cleaner for the

house that we live in now it was double

the amount that they were going to

charge regularly and I never did double

back fifteen years ago I think I would

do like thirty or forty dollars

now even still with that I was still

making good money like I said I was

working no more than 20 hours a week and

I was bringing home an average of $1,000

a week that's not a bad income when you

are a high school dropout and on welfare

and yeah that wasn't the bad income so

you want to think about every little

thing is going to take time now this is

going to sound so like really angel but

yes when you go into someone's house you

don't know where all their outlets are

all of that is going to take time and

you will notice that once you do

somebody's house for the first time

watch it clock in time it and then when

you go back the second and third time

that time is going to go down so that

initial cleaning needs to be more

because number one you're going to be

finding out where everything is number

two it's when you do the most you know

that's when you're going to hit the

baseboards where you're going to get

cobwebs in the corners when you're

you're literally going to clean

everything so then when you come back

you may depending on how frequently you

come back either weekly I had clients

that were weekly bi-weekly or monthly

depending on how often you come back if

you go if you have a weekly client you

don't necessarily need to hit their

baseboards every seven days but if you

have somebody that's once a month that's

something that you you're going to need

to focus on in that that time that you

go back to clean but make sure you

charge more for that initial cleaning

because it's going to take more time as

far as cleaning products now when I

would clean my clients home some of them

would have their own cleaning supplies

some people have you know

allergies to certain things that are

just over the cattle in the market that

you can buy in the stores cleaning

products so some people will have their

own cleaning products and some people

want some people don't care they just

want you to come in and clean their

house but the one thing I did not do now

I would share of you to use the Windex

and the duster and all of those things

but and if and I would have my own

vacuum cleaner the only thing that I

wouldn't do is that if the homeowner had

pet I wouldn't take my vacuum cleaner in

there because that scent from that home

or you know the dog hair the cat hair

whatever it is if the next person's

house that I went to was allergic to

animals they're gonna feel that through

you know sharing vacuum cleaners so if

that person had a animal I always told

them over the phone or when I want to do

that estimate that they need to provide

their own vacuum cleaner due to the

animals so you definitely want to to

make sure that you're not sharing you

know dog hair cat hair to your next

house uh what else so I wanna share with

you guys um let me give you guys another

tip and this there's you guys are if you

are a cleaner you're a cleaner you know

what you're doing but let me just share

with you one thing that I really enjoyed

doing for my customer so when you are

vacuuming every room that has carpet

make sure that you can find a plug that

you can that you can like pull out of

the wall when you're done so you want to

vacuum out of the room so you want to

start like I hope this is making sense

you want to vacuum to vacuum your way

out of the room and then let get outside

of that room and yank the cord out so

there's no footprints so when the person

comes home from work or whatever and

they walk into their bedroom the only

thing that they see I I love vacuum on I

know I'm not by myself

please somebody in the comment tell me

how much vacuum lines carpet lines make

you so I mean they just make me feel all

warm and fuzzy inside

I love vacuum lines in carpet but so do

other people and so make sure that it

looks like that so when your client

comes home it's like oh my god it looks

absolutely amazing in here so let me

tell you about the marketing side of

this I know I shed a little bit of it

before let me tell you about the

marketing side of this like I said I was

at your marketing and didn't know what I

was doing I just knew that I needed

people to know that I liked cleaning

houses and let us plan your house so I

printed off some fliers like I just made

some flyers and I printed them off me my

mother and my sister would go around to


that had the homes that I wanted to

clean and we would like to sit there and

like ball up these sheets of paper of

the flyer

we will ball it up and I would rap like

um I think it was like blue a blue

ribbon around it and like put it in

their door I would not do that today

what I did I don't know that's I don't

know do whatever you want but that's

what we used to do as far as a part of

marketing that I market it in another

way that is when I tell you guys if you

guys are cleaners and you do this you

will see a big spike in your business

this is what I did so I ordered the

magnets for the car so I had them on

each side so while I'm cleaning for my

clients there would be so many days that

by the time I got back home I had so

many messages on my answering machine

messages on my answering machine I mean

a standalone answer machine I'm telling

y'all my age right now but I would have

so many um messages on my answering

machine because while my car is sitting

in the driveway while I'm cleaning

somebody's house their neighbor sees me

and so their neighbor things will well

with my neighbor trust this person then

I can trust them and then some go into

this print stuff and I mean it just it

was incredible so get those magnets that

is a huge marketing piece um what else

and like I said tell your clients if

they refer you that you'll give them a

certain dollar amount off that's always

so so awesome um the holiday times if

your cleaning if your your clients love

you I mean I would get so much stuff

some people would just double up my pay

during the holidays some people would

double up my pay and give me a gift like

it was juicy um what else what else what

else what else

okay so I'll briefly share with you guys

uh what's on the contract that I used to

give out to people so it just says oh

this oh so let me say this I'm so sorry

so I also clean for Johns Hopkins

University there turn their apartment so

the college kids live

these apartments and when they moved out

I was the person that came and it's

called turnover cleaning so I would do

their turnovers also I did a real estate

agent I would clean that office my

husband I would clean that office twice

um twice a week and so the Realtors that

worked in that realtor office that I was

in we formed relationship with

relationships with them you know just by

being in there saying hi to them and

then when they would sell a house they

would contact me and my husband to go in

and clean that house to turn it over so

they could sell it I mean it was just

it's a snowball effect once you get out

there and you're consistent and you do

good work your business is going to pick

up it's going to take off especially

people like you and so how I got that

those businesses and I also had three

banks that I would clean my husband and

I also clean backs so everybody always

wants to know how did you get the

contract how did you do it I picked up

the phone and I called in literally in

the phone book I went down and called

apartment complex I called Johns Hopkins

University and I just said hi my name is

angel I'm the owner of heavenly cleaning

are you guys interested in taking on

what I say are you guys interested in an

estimate from a new cleaner everybody is

always looking to save money and always

looking at their bottom line so even if

somebody has a cleaner that doesn't

matter if you call and say you know I'm

looking if you are you guys interested

in taking a bid or taking it offer from

another cleaner from a cleaning company

if they say yes go in there with your

proposal written up and present it to

them that's all I did I would just sit

on the phone so how I got Johns Hopkins

University I called them hi this is

angel the owner of heavenly cleaning I

was wondering if you guys are looking to

accept a new proposal or a bid from

another cleaner sure and come in like

just pick up the phone and call people

that's all it is that's how you get out


how you put yourself out there you pick

up the phone and you introduce yourself

that's how I got the businesses that I

was able to get in my business so the

contract it just say it just says okay

so this is what I would send over to the

apartment complex or to people you're

not the cop not just the apartment

complexes or the businesses also to

people and it just says we would like to

present this proposal for market ready

cleaning of all vacant apartments at

Avalon Village Green that was the name

of the apartment place I think that's an

owns Mills um by heavenly cleaning our

services include excuse me our services

include cleaning and sanitizing the

following so then you break down the

room so I got kitchens then you put

appliances inside and out drawers

cabinets pantries inside and out

whatever you do in that kitchen write it

down then I got bathrooms vanities

cabinet sinks toilets floors shower tub

baseboards mirrors door knobs I got that

written down then you have your living

areas then you have your balconies if

you guys choose to go um in the back

then I have the prices for one bedroom

two bedroom three bedroom and then

corporate then it says this estimate is

for services proposed um we will revisit

any unsatisfactory cleaning at no cost

please contact us to discuss any further

options you may require thank you for

your interest in heavenly cleaning and

we look forward to being of cert being

of service to you in the near future and

then it says should you wish to excuse


should you wish to retain our services

please sign below and so once that

signature is there that's it that is

this is what you clean this is how after

you clean this is when you shop anything

outside of what you have written down

charge for it they know that they should

be paying for it because trust me people

will try you oh my goodness people will

try you and I was young and

impressionable and I would just be like

okay who not today

alright guys so I hope this has helped

you um like I said I'm no longer in the

cleaning business so if you guys have

any questions if I can answer them I

will but I like this is all I got

anything else you guys can google and

all of that stuff I'm not saying that I

won't answer your questions but just

make sure that um you can't figure out

the answer before you ask me because for

me to answer the questions in this for

this video um I gave you guys really

everything that there is to know about

how I cleaned houses and made it a

successful business for myself so that's

it that's all I have for you guys and I

love you and I'll see you guys in the

next video and it won't be about

cleaning bye