Spring Cleaning the Perennial Garden

it's super beautiful out spring has

truly sprung my first crocuses have

opened up the maple tree behind me it

has burst into bloom it's starting to

look really great around here and I'm

really excited but with everything

bursting back into life I am reminded of

the task that I always forget to do

early enough in spring that needs to get

done which is I need to cut back all of

my dead growth on my perennials you can

see my grass is behind me I also have a

bunch of herbs and and different

flowering kind of you know shrubby

plants and I never prune them back in

the fall the recommendation is usually

to prune everything back in the fall so

everything's nice and fresh come spring

but I always leave it in place because

it gives a little bit of habitat to

insects and another wildlife and you

know if there's some seeds or anything

in there the little chickadees have

something to make it through winter with

so I always leave the tasks until spring

but if you don't cut back the stuff soon

enough then it starts to get really hard

to do because the new growth starts to

come up and then you start risking

breaking and injuring that new growth so

today I got to get it done I got a get

get going clean everything up and make

sure that it is a blank clean slate for

all the growth that's gonna do this

succulent is a perfect example of what

I'm saying about you got to do it before

it's too late you can see it's already

starting to grow a lot and you want to

get all of this this I should have

really done

yeah there we go looking much fresher

here is a dead dead cluster of tarragon

then you can see in the base lots of new

growth coming up from the bottom so all

this needs to get hot hacked off my

technique for this is a bit one hand

hold it together and then good then you

have it in hand easy to put into your

bucket to take it away and out of the

garden some plants like my love it's

here all they need is to come in gently

pull doing that just cleans it up clears

it for growing but I don't actually need

to be doing the clippers in there look

how fun it looks all these rosy colors

that it has when it first comes out

before it Leafs up and turns green

lovage is such a weed here's a perfect

example this is like an entire cluster

of like a million little lovage babies

that are growing if you leave lovage

because lovage is like 6 feet tall in in

the summer it's huge and I just spread

seeds everywhere here it'll take over

your entire garden very quickly if you

don't keep on top of it here is my most

precious plant out of my entire

collection this is my sea kale just

starting to pop up it's doing the same

thing as the lovage it's all super

football but this is actually a green

plant once it gets growing but I'm very

happy to see that survived here's

another one of my premiums this is good

King Henry and this is another one that

I can probably pull

this is a perennial green so it's one of

the first things that that kind of comes

up before anything else in the garden

super super hardy and it also spreads

everywhere and just grows like crazy we

could feed a family on one of these last

thing I have to clear out is my

horseradish it's much more clear what's

going on in here after those leaves get

pulled back is all the horseradish and

it's funny because it when it first

comes up it has the spiky fern type leaf

but then it turns into a nice smooth big

big leaf like what you associate with a

horseradish plant but it's fun to see

these first new leaves

the gardens also full of all the

flowering stems for my garlic chives

these are another one I can just grab

and I'll loosen up pull those starting

to come back oh it looks so much better

now now there's lots of space for

everything to grow back and get all lush

and beautiful chatting with someone on

the internet about violets and they

asked how to get rid of them and I told

them I moved ok but that I wasn't sure

that the technique was gonna actually

work and it looks like I was right

because I still have violence here to

that quite pretty though that cleaned up

my swirl - I pulled all the little bits

and pieces this is one that would

definitely do better cleaning it up in

the in the fall just because it grows in

so fast and it was hard to clean but Oh

looking pretty good one of the things

I'm the most excited to see coming back

is my hellebores we've all started to

bloom my winter roses Linton rose very

pretty and they but they have this is

everything needs a weed so badly look at

this one here this is one of my


super ruffled and then the just punch of

color around the white I like this look

at home credible flowers are on this

maple tree the neighbor's bees have just

been going crazy on this but so pretty

one of my plants that I'm actually a

little bit concerned about is Kostas

these are my hostas here easy to do that

we have holes here as as a pest

so I'm have underground eaten all my

pasta pasta plants and now they are not

going to recover when it comes to the


I'm always terrible at cutting them down

in time I always think they look so

pretty but this year I'm gonna do it you

got a cut thumb before any growth starts

or else when the you you basically cut

the tip off and then they grow flat for

their their entire life so let's hack

this down this is getting me



fast and ready for a new year and

I am just gonna leave all the grass here

this garden is a weedy mess and I have

the fence to keep it from blowing away

so I'm gonna use this as mulch but you

can see the new growth starting to come

in this here is a shasta daisy and it's

done lots of greener very last thing

that i'm super excited about here is

these are peonies and kind of see the

tuber that's exposed and then a little

bit of growth coming up so I'm gonna

half off last year's last year's growth

and I'm excited to see this coming back

I'm pretty happy with how this garden

cleanup has gone

I love perennials for the fact that they

come back so early

there's such small amounts of work you

know to do this a couple hours of clean

up once a year really isn't much so I'm

gonna go dump this in my compost pile

and call it a day I'll see you guys next