3 Way Successful Clinics Get Better Everyday

so if you're ready to change your ways

as a clinic owner or even a clinic team

member and start making the most of your

clinics potential here is how you can

manage it more effectively number one

identify the weak spots in your clinic

many things will compete for your

attention in a single day but you must

first know what is worthy of your

clinics time and money before you decide

how to spend it now you can use the GCR

benchmarking reports on my four pillars

strategy to know exactly where your

clinic is weakest in the minds of the

patient and once you recognize your top

priorities you'll be able to working out

an exact plan to get your move your

clinic moving forward every day number

two set aggressive goals for your clinic

it's easy to let the day determine how

the day will go before you know it it's

it's the end of the day you've not

accomplished anything of value but

clinics who establish goals in the

morning for what they attend to

accomplish make incremental everyday

progress towards their goals and entry

and towards their future clinic success

so set a goal for your clinic today for

example you could add a new study area

or clinical expertise you can bring in a

new team member you could be buying or

learning about some more specialized

diagnostic devices for your team you

could train a member of your team to add

a new service to your patients you could

be updating your GC our clinic profile

your clinic profile on Facebook LinkedIn

Twitter or using the GCR review

management tools to increase the amount

of reviews you're getting every day in

the score of those reviews there are

limitless things that you can do that

don't cost money that you can do today

that will increase the overall

reputation and revenue of your clinic

number three ignore the noise

distractions always happen in the

everyday running of a clinic and it's

it's so important that they don't derail

you from your best laid plans many times

these interruptions will be trivial

matters but some will require your

immediate attention and skills now

exceptional clinic teams manage problems

quickly and get back to focusing on

their goal

once you start taking a strategic

approach to managing the growth of your

clinic every day you'll notice a big

difference in the reputation and revenue

of the clinic over time both patients

and doctors will share your clinic

positively with others and you'll have

the revenue to provide even better

health care and services to the world to

your chronic success Daniel Shaw GCR

excellence in healthcare is our duty

responsibility and obligation