How To Trim Puppy Nails The Easy Way

how's everybody doing today so we're

going to be showing you how to clip your

puppy's nails so clipping a puppy's

nails is very similar as doing an adult

dog's nails just some minor differences

pretty simple but it is something that

you probably should know

so this puppy right here is going to be

our model for the day

good and my beautiful niece so all right

let's get into it so as you can see we

allowed the puppy's nails to grow a

little bit longer now on this one

particular nail is white because it's

right around the Paul there's always

going to be other nails like this where

it's going to be more gray now this is

the one you can see better you can see

that white tip there and you'll see like

the black and then that white tip that

white tip is the extra area so you go

further than that white tip and I hope

this is focusing correctly so if you go

culture then that white tip then it's

going to actually make the puppies bleed

because they have nerves inside of their

nails so sometimes if you have a puppy

that does have white claws you just have

to be a little bit careful because of

course with the white paws that makes

the white tip look a little bit less

distinguished but in person you could

definitely see it so but we're going to

use this one as an example okay we're

going to jump right into it here so

we're going to be doing this claw here

this is a white cloth that has a little

bit of a white tip you can see it better

in person I want to squeeze on this a

little bit because it makes the claw

kind of pop out a little bit more and

once I squeeze on it we're gonna quickly

come in here and we're gonna sit very

quickly very easy we're gonna do this

one as well which is a black boar with a

little bit of white tip remember it

squeeze so that the call comes down a

little bit but you want to move fast

once you get it get the Clippers on

there so that way it doesn't bother the

puppy we're using regular Clippers for

puppies because it's a little bit more

accurate when dogs become bigger you

need to use the regular dog clippers so

we're gonna squeeze hurry up only get

that white tip there you go no pain for

the puppy and you see how fast I can

do all of them it's not that complicated

once you get into your rhythm but you

can see the pump is getting a little

agitated now so that's why I said don't

put the Clipper on the puppy and you

know leave it on there long and you're

getting nervous because it makes the

puppy nervous and you want the puppy to

feel comfortable while getting the nails

clipped and make sure to get the puppy a

really big kiss and rub once they do a

good job so that it's a positive

experience so that way you don't have to

keep taking them to the vet to get the

nails clipped so I hope that helps

everybody you all have an absolutely

wonderful day