don't just watch a 20-minute video and

say now i know how to lose weight

watch a hundred of them the more you

learn the more you know the more

knowledge you have the more power you


you can make educated informed decisions

for yourself

greg and today we're going to be talking

about sarms

do sarms require a pct and if so

which ones and what exactly should the

pct be

to get you functioning back to normal

again before i get into that

i need to remind you i am not a doctor

i have never been a doctor i have no

plans of becoming a doctor

and as you know if you're not a doctor

you know

nothing about nothing you know zito like


so whatever you do don't watch this


okay starms are for animals only not to

be used by humans

so this is for all the baby nakeys the

girts the dogs out there

not for actual humans humans should

never use anything

discussed in this video remember never

break the law and if this is not legal

in your country

well then just move along don't even

watch the video why waste your valuable

time i got lots of other videos to watch


go watch one of those so let's get right

into it do starms need a pct the answer


it depends of course it depends it

depends on

how long you've used this arm which

serum and at what dose

okay so i'm gonna give you specific

examples so that you know does this

apply to you

which example is for you and which one

isn't so the first thing you need to

know is

sarms are in fact suppressive they are

suppressive of your body's own natural

production of testosterone okay

they're gonna suppress lh and fsh on

blood work so if you come back after

doing a cyclist arms and your lh and fsh

are down

or your testosterone is down you should

do a pct

don't need to most likely going to come

back on its own but it's going to take a


time to do that you don't want that you

want to come back as fast as possible so

you don't lose as many of your gains

some sarms are more suppressive than

others but here's the thing

all are suppressive if you take them at

a high enough dose

or for a long enough period of time

they're going to suppress your body's

natural production of testosterone

you do that for too long a pct is the

way to go

now here's something you need to know

not all the things that are sold on

websites and whatnot are

sarms so if it's not a sarm for example

mk 677 that is not a psarm it's a growth

hormone secrete dog

that is not going to suppress your

body's natural production of


so if you use an mk 677 which by the way

is prescribed by some hrt clinics

so some doctors actually are prescribing

this so some humans are in fact using


not illegal everywhere you don't need a


other things like gw501516 cartering

it's like a fat burner endurance


it doesn't need a pct because it's not

suppressive it's not a serum

so for a complete beginner somebody that

doesn't know a lot you don't really know

the difference between a sermon not a

sermon so the first thing you do

is you learn as much as you can about

whatever you're going to take

if you want a fat burner you're taking

gw and you say

do i need a pct for this which i get

every single day

questions like that all i can think is

how do you think you're going to take

this when you haven't even got enough

research done to know if you need a pct

or not

educate yourselves people so many people

just turn a blind eye they don't care

they just take things

they jump into it without doing any

research it is important for you to


yeah you can watch a video or two that's

going to help but read some articles

watch a video talk to people

learn as much as possible it's the same

thing if you want to lose weight

don't just watch a 20-minute video and

say now i know how to lose weight

watch 100 of them the more you learn the

more you know

the more knowledge you have the more

power you have you can make educated

informed decisions for yourself

so now we know that if you are in fact

using sarms there's a good chance you're

gonna need to use a pct

of course it depends on the dose taken

and for how long

and your genetics is two people could

take the exact same cycle

one doesn't need a t and the other does

so there's no

exact way of knowing aside from actually

getting blood work so the first

suggestion i'm going to make is to get

your blood work

you can look at your blood work if you

see your testosterone levels are way


lh and fsh are way down you know you

need a pct

or at least a pct would be a benefit but

you don't got time for blood work well i

i don't want to bother with blood work i

can't tell my doctor

my wife might find my circle for i i

don't know

what else can i do okay listen to this

if your

sex drive is suddenly crashing if your

joints are aching

you don't feel good you don't feel like


you probably need a pct so even without

the actual blood work which you should

get of course see your doctor ask them

you can judge based on how you feel you

feel like [ __ ] with no sex drive

you're probably shut down that is how

you know without blood work

also if your balls be smalls

you're probably shut down if your

testicles are actually shrinking in size


half size then you're probably

suppressed okay

suppression occurs your testicles are

smaller than normal mine are about

half size of a normal size so when i was

natural they're about

half as big as they were it doesn't look

like a raisin it doesn't look like a

grape it's bigger than that

people overestimate this all the time

they think oh my god you take something

you probably got

raisins for balls no

it's half a size makes the dick look

bigger i think rich piana started that

dick looks bigger next to some smaller


what else can i say it doesn't matter it

doesn't matter

if your balls are smaller it's just

cosmetic i literally had my sperm tested


normal in every way while taking


me not saying you should do it just

saying i had my sperm to

it was functional normal balls half size

half size of average still could produce

testosterone normal have kids

i'm going to present to you three

different types of pcts depending on

your level of suppression then the first

situation is going to be

a small amount of suppression that's

just a little bit that would be so for


if you did a shorter cycle so less than

eight weeks

in a lower dose like on the low end and

i'm not going to go over every single

psarm i don't have time in this video

if you did a small cycle of just once


on the lower end of the scale of the

recommended dose so if it says take 10

to 20 milligrams

and you took 10 and you did it for 8

weeks or less

probably going to get away with the

smallest pct

required so in this example it's going

to be

nova or novodex for one week 30

milligrams a day

doesn't matter morning or night the next

week 20 milligrams same thing morning or


the final week 10 milligrams morning or

night doesn't matter

what you're doing is you're starting out

with the highest dose and you're

tapering off so that your body

can get used to producing testosterone

on its own

when you first introduce that 30

milligrams of nova it's going to signal

for the

fsh and lh are they're going to rise

you're going to start producing more


and your body is hopefully going to get

a jump start to coming back to normal

so think of it like this when you're on

sarms you're getting hormones

exogenously and the

the balls are like why should we bother

making testosterone when we're getting

hormones from out there from outside the


so it goes on vacation it's laying back

in mexico sun tanning and not working

then all of a sudden the vacation is

over but they don't want to come back

so you got to kind of jump speed them

you got to be like yo wake up give them

some smelling salts it's like the nova

wake up and you're oh okay i got to

start making some freaking testosterone

again and then

the body does that but you don't want to

have the smelling salts every day to

wake up

eventually you gotta taper off that it's

like getting addicted to a sleeping pill

over the weeks you lower the dose of

sleeping pill then eventually you can

sleep on your own without insomnia okay

so you're lowering for 30 to 20 to 10

over three weeks then you stop and

hopefully you're back to normal you go

get blood work and see

are you back to normal lh and fsh did

they jump back is your testosterone

levels back to normal again if it is

fantastic now listen suppression is not

the only negative thing that can happen

with sarms but

that's for another video you can have

other problems but get your blood work

tell your doctor make sure

that you're being safe now the next

scenario is

more moderate level of suppression so

you may have gone past the eight week

limit and

maybe you were using on the higher end

scale of the dosage so

10 to 20 milligrams you're like yeah i

want the bigger gains and you went on 20

milligrams for those eight weeks okay

you have more moderate suppression you

feel a little shittier and your sex

drive may be a bit lower

rather than 30 20 10 this is what you're

gonna do or could do of course you don't

do this this

is just made believe 40 for a week

30 for a week 20 for a week 10 for a


then you're done okay so what we've done

is we've added a week

at a higher dose on an alternate course

you could do

40 for a week 40 for a week 20 and 20.


i prefer the 40 30 2010 it's just a more

leaner decline

but the other way also a good choice and

for the people or let's just say

more abusive they're taking risks

they're doing more dangerous things

they're stacking two sarms together


and rad40 and lg why not let's take the


i want more gains you know i want to

shut down my natural production of

testosterone to 21 nanograms per


i didn't reference anyone there did i oh

no i would never do that

you're stacking sarms using high doses

in eight weeks

i want 12 weeks i want 16 weeks

so you're extending the cycle because

you are addicted to the gains you love

the changes you love the strength the

muscles that have grown

you don't want to stop so you push it

too long but then all good things come

to an end you have to stop

maybe you got your blood work done

you're not healthy your cholesterol is

out of whack

maybe things are going bad your sex

drives you don't know what to do anymore

so you decide you got to go off

the minor pct with just nova s sorry

it's it's not going to cut it you need

to do an actual pct

protocol that somebody who was using

anabolic stereos would actually do

so to do that you can use the last

scenario with the 40 30

2010 but you're going to have to add hcg

in there

so after you stop this aggressive starm

cycle you're going to stop and you're

going to do a thousand micrograms

take a day off thousand micrograms take

a day off

750 day off 750 day off 500 day off 500

day off

250 day off 250 day off and done so

you're going 1000

750 500 250 none okay

just two shots of the same amount every

other day

until it's done the protocol i just

explained will use up the 5000

iu vial of hcg completely in addition to


a week after starting the hg you're

gonna then use the nova

at the 40 30 2010 every week

and never do this this is only for

morons or idiots that would actually use


there's stupid people in this world that

take things that are not

for human consumption okay starms are

not for human consumption at least not

yet i mean they're developed yet

hoping it could one day be used by

humans but to this point it's not

supposed to be used by humans okay

just for experiments i mean maybe giving

it to mosquitoes and seeing if they turn

blue or they stop sucking your blood and

maybe they stop buzzing around

so maybe it's an insect repellent i

don't know use it for something

just don't take these things ever on

your own

hopefully that makes sense hopefully

that shed some light on things you need

to know about sarms and

pct's what to take what not to take and

so on and

ending it here for

coaching greg you set ib pro

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