11 Plus Preparation: Can You Do it During the Two-Month Summer Holidays

hmm so

i know why you're here because you've

seen the video title

11 plus exam preparation in two months

and it's enticed you hasn't it the

thought of

using just two months to prepare your


for one of the most competitive exams

that they're ever likely to sit be it

for a grammar school

or an independent school and you want to

do it

in just two months eight weeks

a nice crash course and just get the job


and you want some tips on how to do that

keep watching and let's see what the

outcome is

okay so quick introduction to those who

are new to this channel

my name is joycelyn akufo i'm the

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along the way for preparation

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now let's get to the main

meal as i like to call it and it's

whether you can prepare your child for

the 11 plus

exam in two months and i say whether

because not every child can be prepared

in two months and it's not just about

ability per se people

often make it seem like only the very

very very super bright children

you know the ones who are like born


uh they don't really have to do much

they're wired differently

um they've got so much intelligence it's

like they're another

specie you know a walking geek obviously

i would say that geek score tutoring and

all of that

and they are just you know um

amongst the mensa children of the world

etc etc so before we carry on with this

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enjoy i'm here to tell you that it's not


i've seen children who have steadily

worked hard

and who have reached academic excellence

that isn't just in preparation for the


the 11 plus exams but will put them

in good stead in their academic careers

just because they have been taught the


skills of studying and

learning and built their confidence

and so on it's not these peculiar


unusual children that attend grammar and

independence schools

only yes you get some extremely bright

children of course you do but then there

are children who also

work hard who might not be at that

academic peak

as you know the ones who score a hundred

percent consistently

but it's a big gap between scoring a

hundred percent

and say 85 percent and

i use that percentage because

generally it's the top 15 percent of


who attend grammar schools and

independent schools

so let's talk about this two-month

deadline so

let's just say it's the summer term of

year five and maybe you've just found

out about the 11 plus exams you know

that your child is very capable

is it possible for my child to be

prepared for the 11 plus

exams in time for september

if i register him or her i've been asked

this question

so many times like if i had

a tenner for every time i've been i've

been asked this

you know i'm sure i would have got at


maybe a month's worth of my very

favorite hot beverage caramel latte

at one of my favorite coffee shops we

won't mention the name

but if you know it's the white and green

colored cup we'll just leave it there i

would have a month's supply

easily of that and that would mean going


a couple of times a day anyway let's get

back to it

if your child is in the top set at


has always managed school work very


in fact tends to finish everything ahead

and is very accurate

and is very quick to pick new

information and learning up

there's a good chance that they can be

prepared in that short time frame

but you need to get your child's buy-in

this is the thing that i come across

as well in that parents obviously we

want the best for our children

and you know we aspire for our children

to get the best that's possible um

but sometimes the children just don't


there's no other way of saying it in you

know i'm not going to

pretend that um all

children want to do the 11 plus and so


some of them don't care because they

don't understand

um the purpose of doing all this extra


when they know their friends are

spending time on their xboxes

their nintendo switches they're playing

out all the time

what's this new game that's um taking


oh the name will come to me i'm sure

hopefully in this video

but basically they don't understand why

all of a sudden their free time is being

encroached on with these videos i mean

these papers my apologies you know


preparation for the 11 plus requires

lots of practice

it requires lots of practice even those

children that i've mentioned before who

seem to just

you know glide through life

glide through school seemingly without

much support and help

you know they're just born geniuses i

bet you

anything that at some point in time

in their lives their parents invested

a lot of time or

money with tuition or time

in coaching them and building that

strong foundation

and at some point things started to


and they have just carried on that

journey ever since

you know just like how children learn to


because they see um adults and older


walking um and aspire for that

children also learn to learn based on

the environment that they're in

and so love for learning generally comes

from something

you know or somewhere and so um

a child who hasn't got that passion it

can literally

feel like you're dragging them through

that process

and if it's just two months you have

that can make it an uphill struggle you


children like that generally don't tend

to do so well

because they don't invest in um

they're not vested in wanting to learn

they just don't care

and so it can make it quite difficult

you know unless you can get your child's


the 11-plus might not be feasible

i know that's probably not what any

parent wants to hear

but i make it a point to be as

honest and open and honest as possible

concerning the 11 plus because it's

quite grueling

a lot of the children have been

preparing for these exams

for months for years some of them and so

when you're faced competitively

with those children if they've been


well over that period of time and then

you've got a child

who isn't bothered isn't doing any of

the homework

won't go over the times tables that they

need to

and all of that type of thing

it just might not happen is it possible

yes if the child wants to do it if

they're working at a good standard

and they're prepared to put the work in

it's possible i've seen it happen

every year i've seen it happen where


um have either found out really late

about the 11 plus because it's like this

hidden playground secret

um or maybe because of the financial

imp impact of paying for tuition over

the long haul

we run summer intensive classes

and many parents who are new to us get

in touch at that stage

um to get their child that final push

and um you know if the child

really wants it you'll see their first

and hunger for

learning and you know everything that

they don't understand they're checking

and asking

those children tend to do very well they


all pass because sometimes they need


month or three months of preparation

and of course you can't turn back the

time you know but many of them do

because they really want it they're

ready to fight for it

and they put in the time to go through


grammar rules understand their maths

and so on and really go for it and they


so is it possible to prepare for the 11


exams in two months it's possible but it


on the child it also depends on the

support because

some parents will say to their child

you know it doesn't matter if you pass

or not with the right intention

mainly not to pressurize the child which

is a good

thing but sometimes

hearing those words can put a child

who would have put everything into it in

a positive

way so in other words not growing


or worried about the exam can put them

at a point of relaxation so they don't

really go for it as much as they would

have done

if they didn't hear those words it's

such a balance

balancing game being a parent i've got

two children myself

who have both gone through the whole

process grammar schools

independent schools and so on i did the

11 plus

exams if you're familiar with this

channel you've heard me give snippets of

my experience so you know that i

understand it from the children's

perspective as well

it's quite a a lonely journey having to

do all of these papers

and the practice and so on and because

it's usually in summer

that the bulk of the work is done

because obviously school

is closed for the summer holidays it


longer days to work with paper wise

and revision wise and so on so it can be


for a lot of students but uh with the

right support

and with the right system in place

routine of working and consistency

oh that word consistency is so

vital in the 11 plus prep if you only

have two months left and you think that

doing one paper a week

as in one paper a week so we'll do maths

this week next week we'll do english

the following week maybe we'll do verbal

reasoning and then the next

non-verbal reasoning is just

not feasible really especially if your

preparation is just starting

the first thing you need to do is a

baseline test

so you head over to bond 11 plus you

know the publishers of the bond books

they've got so many free papers on there

bless them

but one of the papers they have is the

base the placement

test and they have it for all four areas

so maths

english verbal and nonverbal reasoning

let your child do that test see what the

score is

and it's quite good in that you know

bond books tell you

what the percentage score means for your


so if they score a particular score

it will say you know you need to do more

practice in this area

or you know you're doing excellently uh

keep working at this level

or if it's really low it will say like

say something like um you know you

really need to go back

and look at the foundation um topics

like take each topic

or go down a level in the books so that

can be quite

informative so as a guide

children shouldn't really be getting

below 85

in their papers to be in with a chance

and it needs to be consistent

across all the papers so getting

90 one day 80 the other

62 the other day or speak of some issues


obviously all the papers are not exactly

the same

but there are core areas that are

generally tested

in let's say the maths papers you know

you can expect to see

fractions percentages decimals in

every mass paper generally english

comprehension the grammar rules

you can expect that your child would

need to know

nouns adjectives adverbs and so on

and for verbal and non-verbal reasoning

depending on

the type of paper whether it's gl or sem

if you're not sure of what that means

keep looking at the videos

and watching the videos on this channel

because i do

explain the differences between them in

other videos

but effectively those inconsistent


are red flags for a lack of undeep

understanding sometimes there are

foundational topics that

the child doesn't really understand or

they understand bits of it but not all

of it and so

there are gaps all of these areas need

to be addressed

in order to help your child raise the


on their papers and produce consistency

in their scores across the papers it's

crucial it's not about rushing to the 10

to 11 books for the 11 plus preparation

you'd be better off starting at say the

9 to 10 books

seeing that your child really


the work in them the questions that

there aren't

any gaps and if they don't get to the 10

to 11 books it does not mean that they

will not pass

the 11 plus exams oh

how many parents panic when their

children come to geek school

do an assessment and i um

suggest the 9 to 10 books you can almost


the blood drain from some parents faces

it's like oh will there be enough time

yes they will

because it's about understanding what

is being asked of them rather than

rushing through the 10 to 11 book

losing confidence because the questions

are pitched at such a high level

when your child is trying to understand

how to do those questions

and so rushing doesn't help

it really doesn't help at all


and routine of doing the work a good

solid clear plan of action starting with

a placement test

will go a very long way so

my final answer to that question i know

it seems like i'm sitting on the fence

can you prepare your child for the 11

plus exams

in two months yes it's possible

but it depends on that child's


circumstances there it is

it's not a sitting on the fence answer

it's a

realistic answer i'm not here to lie

to parents so thank you for watching

this video

i hope you found it useful please

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