How To Start Coaching And Get Paid For It (Even If You Have No Experience)

how do you start coaching and get paid

for it when you've got no coaching


and no clients but you want to build a


business that's what we're going to talk

about today

hi there if you're new here i'm luisa

joe and i help ambitious men and women

take their

job skills and experience and

use those to build their own online



business all right so

how do you do that when you've got no

certification and

no a coaching experience

so the first thing to understand is what

the definition of

coaching means so years ago

the definition of coaching was purely a

question-based approach where the coach

would ask the client questions to help


get clear on the answers that the client

themselves already knew they just needed


help to kind of pull it out of them

now over time the definition of

coaching has evolved and

what it has become is more of what i

like to call

coach salting which is a combination of


and consulting coaching where you are

still guiding that client through

the answers that they themselves know

they just need a little bit help getting

clear on them

while also combining at certain times

just telling your client hey here's what

you need to go

do so that's the combination that i like

to think of so first we need to get

clear on that term

now the second question is what if i

don't have any coaching experience or a

coaching certification

so there are some industries where a

certification or a license or

degree of some sort is required

i'm not talking about those uh those

industries specifically i'm definitely

not saying

don't do what you need to do however in


cases all you need is the experience

to help your clients get the results

that they are going to hire you to get

and for me that is again outside of the

industries that

require specific certifications and


way more important let me give you a few

examples so the criteria to back up a

little bit the criteria that we're

looking for

is do you have the experience to help

your clients get the results that they

are going to be hiring you for

all right so when i first started my

first few online businesses i did quite

a few things

first i did microsoft excel consulting

where i was helping people with

microsoft excel

what were my credentials for that i

didn't have any microsoft excel or

coaching certifications

but i used microsoft excel all day long

at my job i was a whiz added i knew all

the shortcuts the macros

everything and so i was able to help

people with that and

set up their own reports and get faster

at using microsoft excel and all of the

results that

were microsoft excel related then when i

moved on to do career coaching again

i had my own experience transitioning

industries in lots of different careers

building a six-figure salary getting

a managerial position and managing a


and so those were the things that i was

able to

help people with so again it was very

much based on hey

here are the results that i've been able

to achieve myself my own experience

and how i'm going to be able to use

those to help you

get the results that you are coming to

me for then i moved into doing digital

advertising consulting

the skills i had from my job same thing

i had those skills i could help people

with them

i could teach them those skills and

so again because i had the experience

and the ability to help someone

that's what they hired me for same thing

in my current business helping people go

from employee to

entrepreneur i don't have an mba

i don't have a coaching certification to

this day what i do have at this point

is i have taught well over i think two

three thousand students through all my

different courses and coaching programs

how to build their own online businesses

and i myself have built a successful

multiple seven figure business

and so to my students that is way more


my ability helping others and my

experience and my own experience than

any degree or

certification so the first thing i want

you to wrap your head around

is the idea that even if you don't have

a certification but you have the ability

to help your clients get the results

that they're coming to you

for that is way more important

again outside of the specific industries

that do legally require that let's

let's be super clear on that all right


with that if you're thinking okay i've

done a certain thing in my life i can

help people with that but i haven't

helped other clients do that

that's totally fine because that is

where we all

start and so what you want to do to get


is to really focus on okay what is the


that i can help someone get and so if

you need help brainstorming ideas i do

have a great video on helping you get

clarity on your niche

that i will link for you somewhere


on the screen or in the comments below

so make sure you look out for that

now that aside what you want to think

about is what are the results that i'm

going to be able to help someone get

through this coach salting kind of thing

that i'm going to be doing

and so if you are doing something very

tangible where you're saying hey

i for example was able to get this

new job in a new industry or negotiate

the salary increase or do this amazing

thing with my career

or i able to help you find a romantic


or repair your relationship or i'm able

to help you lose x pounds very tangible


those are the results you're going to

focus on if you are in an industry where

you what you're going to be helping

someone with feels is slightly less

quote unquote tangible so for example

maybe you're helping someone with

happiness coaching or confidence

coaching which are areas that i have had


build their businesses in before you can

absolutely still do that

what you would think about is what are

the symptoms of the result

after i work with someone so after

someone becomes happier what is that

going to look like

versus what their life looked like

before they hired me

if i'm going to be helping someone with

for example

stress coaching what does their life

look like how do they feel

after we've worked through their stress

so it's the same thing

just in a slightly different way

depending on what type of coaching

coach salting you are going to be doing

once you figure out that result

what you're going to kind of i i want to

say reverse engineer except you already

know so you don't need a reverse

engineer you're just going to kind of

map it out

for your future clients as you're going

to think through okay

what is the process that i'm going to

help someone through

to get them to that result now what i'm

going to recommend

is that you break that process into a

three month

period what this is going to be is this

is going to be your first coaching

package and i'll talk more about that in

just a bit

but what that means you have to have an

idea of where you're going to sell

and how you're going to coach before you

can go out there and confidently sell it

and get coaching clients and so that's

what we're building for you right now

once you've understood

the concept of coach salting you've

understood what is really required

to be able to start getting clients

doing this now it's about

okay what is the result that we just

covered that someone

needs to be able to do uh or

needs i need to be able to get help

someone get and then

the next piece is okay how am i going to

help them get there

once you have that idea you can then

explain it to your potential clients and

actually get

paying clients so what does that look

like well

you would think through okay so if i've

done this and this is the result i'm

going to help someone get

let's say they're starting at where i

used to be so if someone's coming to me

wanting help getting a new job they're

in a job that they don't love

but it pays well and they're scared that

they're going to have to give up a title

or a salary to be able to get a job that

they love

or if someone's coming to you they want

to lose let's say 30 pounds

okay how do i get them from where they

are now to

losing 30 pounds how do i help someone

who's coming to me for stress

coaching go from being stressed out all

the time suffering from insomnia

to waking up calm relaxed having

more time and peace of mind to be

present in whatever they're doing which

leads to higher productivity

better health maybe lower blood pressure

maybe a better time

quality time spent with their loved ones

so again all the different examples that

we've talked over

now what you want to think through is

what is a

reasonable result that i can help

someone get in three months

so maybe you can't help someone lose 30

pounds in three months maybe you can

actually i don't know if that's healthy

but that aside i'm not a health coach

uh whatever is reasonable in three

months right so when someone comes to me

and says

i want to start my business i can say

okay in about three months you know you

are probably gonna

if you're doing the work and working

really really methodically

and proactively you can probably aim to

get clear on your business idea your

first offer get some paying clients i'm

not gonna be saying in

in three months you're gonna go from

zero to a million dollars that's what i


and so once you get clear on what is

reasonable to accomplish in three months

you can back into okay how do we get

them from point a

to whatever that three-month result is

so if someone's coming to me

they want to lose 30 pounds all right

maybe i can help them lose 10 pounds in

three months

and so in month one we're going to do

this to help them lose their first five


in month two we're going to do this to

help them lose their second five pounds

and then month

three we're going to lose another five

pounds doing this this and this so that

ended up actually being 15 pounds

but you can see the specifics no matter

i'm just breaking it out

for you and so using one of my programs

as an example

my employed entrepreneur course it is

self-study so people move at their

different their own pace

but what common example is that people

take one month to get really clear on

their business idea

and offer and i have steps for how to do

that and i walk them through that

then in month two they're going out

there they're starting to connect with

potential clients and often people get

their first paying clients

in the second month and so i've got

strategies and tactics for them to


when how where what to do and then month


maybe they're getting their next one two

or three clients

and so you can see that's a very clear

mapped out process

and that equivalent for you is what you

want to be mapping out

for your coaching clients and you know

this all you have to do is think

through okay what what did i do if

people in the past

friends family have come to you and

asked you for your advice

on this topic uh in the past that you

gave to them for free

great that still counts think through

how did you help them and

how did that process look and so

after you do that then what you're going

to do is

you're going to say okay so that is how

i would be able to help someone in

three months then you are ready to go

out there and start

sharing this package with your ideal

clients you do not need to create

anything else you do not need to create

a fancy pdf you do not or a whole bunch

of fancy pdfs or a

membership site or anything like that

there's a time and place for that

but not when you're starting out what

you're going to do is

once you have the idea you're going to

build your experience

through coaching actual clients

and so what you're going to do is as you

get that first client

you're going to know what they need help

with you're going to have your overall


then before your very first call with

them you're probably going to map out


the first call here's what we're going

to do we're going to go over this this

and this

you're going to walk away with these

exact things to work on

and then next week we'll come back we'll

see your progress and then we'll go

from there that's exactly how i started

and this is where that

coach salting combination comes in

because you are going to combine what

they want

and what they know they want to do with

the pieces of hey

okay i know this is what you want to do

this is how i'm going to recommend you

get there

here are the exact action steps and so

for my very first call doing digital

advertising consulting it was a one-hour


i knew what i was doing i'd been doing

it for years in my job and

had been paid a very great salary to do


but i i was nervous because it was my

first time

doing super in-depth coaching on digital


and so i knew this client i knew exactly

what they wanted to do so i

spent three hours preparing for a

one-hour call i literally scripted out

every single thing i was going to say

i reviewed their website their ads

everything and i said okay

first step second step third step fourth

step all right this is what you're going

to go off and do in the next week

send me any questions in between next

week we'll go over this

and so before the second call because i

knew what my client had worked on in

their first call

i was able to do the same thing it took

me slightly less time than three hours

right and by the third call i was

feeling okay yeah i do know what i'm

talking about this is going really well

i don't need to spend three hours

mapping out a call anymore

and so i was able to go from there but


each step because you know the high

level of okay what i'm doing in month

one month two month three with this


then you know okay call one call to call

three call four for

each month what i'm doing to help them

move towards

the goals that we are going to aim to

accomplish each month

now obviously each person's progress is

going to be

a little bit different that's normal but

once you have this high level

deadline or the deadlines for each month

for the results you're going to aim to


right again even if it's something

intangible you can set results

again let's say let's use stress

coaching as an example if you are coming

in month one

all right let's aim to maybe overcome

your insomnia

month two maybe it's let's aim to have

you wake up in the morning feeling good

about yourself

then by month three right you've

completely reduced your stress

just giving you a super high level

example so that you can see there are

even if you're doing something

intangible no matter what you're


on you can absolutely turn that into

some sort of results focus so that you

and your client

are focused or held accountable and are


them forward versus just getting on a

call talking about whatever they want to

talk about

which you know might feel good but is

not often going to end up

in them getting the results that they

wanted to

hire you for and so that's how i

recommend that you go ahead and

get started it really does not need to

be complicated

you already have the experience now

you're simply learning a new skill of

consulting of teaching that skill and

helping someone with the skill that you

already have

which is very doable and

you've already done the hard work of

earning and gaining the actual skill

that you're going to be helping

others with so that's what i wanted to

share with you today

now we talked about how to go ahead and

get started and

i did mention that i was going to share

with you more about how you can create

your first coaching package

to sell successfully to sell at a

premium price at

a thousand dollars or more even if you

are just starting out

i have a great video on that it's

actually one of my most popular videos

on how to craft your first coaching

package and so

i'm gonna link that somewhere either on

the screen and or in the comments below

so that you can check that out if you

loved all of this i've got one more

great thing for you and that is an

awesome pdf on a 20 second script to use

to get your first paying client because

think about it

you're starting coaching you're going to

create your first coaching package

what's next

getting your first paying client right

so again i will link that either

somewhere on the screen and or in the

description below

so make sure you check that out that's

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