hello guys and welcome to my channel so

I'm still trying to figure out an intro

for my personal channel haven't really

thought about one because let's be real

why only upload like once a month

I'm not consistent on this channel at

all I'm gonna admit that so I do this

right here I have a bunch of baby

clothes so yes I am going to be doing a

baby clothing a lot of you guys have

been requesting for me to do it I have

this bin right here full of things that

I have been accumulating for like a year

and things that I've recently just

bought so the reason why I've been like

collecting things for a year is because

we've been trying to get pregnant for a

year and there's been times where I

thought I was pregnant and I'm like okay

you know I might as well buy baby

clothes right now and there's time so

I'm like you know what I'm gonna get

pregnant so I might as well buy this

because I like it and then I also just

got back from old lady so I have a bunch

of clothes I went hand at the clearance

section I'm rushing to shop at the

clearance section I think the smartest

people look at the clearance section

before they look at the regular price

section so I'm not going to show you

guys every single thing here because if

I do it is going to be the longest video

ever so I'll start with the things that

I got at Old Navy I just got all of

these things so if you guys like any of

them you might be able to find them so

the first thing that I got is this dress

right here for baby girl and it is the

cutest thing in the world look at that

look at that guys

this one was on clearance but it was

like $12 which i think is pretty

expensive for a clearance price but you

know I could have passed it up it was

really cute with twins it's really hard

to match them so I'm kind of doing like

the same style of things so I got this

little asleeping pajama and grey and

then this one in pink and they got them

both in three to six months they're both

gonna be born around the wintertime so

it's gonna be cold and I got each one

for ten dollars then I got some shorts

for baby boy I got this one for nineties

since and then I got this one for three

dollars and 49 cents even though they've

a sink so why are they different prices

I don't know hey guys this right here is

the softest thing I've ever felt in my


and I didn't have a pink one in size

newborn so I didn't get a pink one I'm

gonna put this on him and his first

couple of days of life and I found this

dress on clearance it was on clearance

for four dollars and 49 cents so I

definitely am starting to get the hang

of what style I want for the boy and

like what colors and stuff like one

thing about me you're not gonna see

those onesies and those shirts and those

sweaters and things that happens like

cliche sayings and I'm not saying that

if you have those there's anything wrong

with that I personally don't like those

there's nothing wrong with them just me

personally not my thing so I found this

set right here for the boy and I got

this in zero two three months and this

one was a little more pricey this one

was $25 so it comes with a go little

sweatshirt and then it comes with these

sweatpants this one was on clearance for

$15.99 now your brand fan member if you

guys watched our vlogging videos then

you know that Luis my husband loves

muscle shirts so I had to get a couple

of muscle onesie so this one was four

dollars and forty nine cents and then

this one was 399 so I got two little

muscle shirts for baby boy got having

some sweat pants got had before pairs of

socks and these are very cheap a dollar

in 99 cents this dress right here for

baby girl was on clearance for five

dollars and forty nine cents and then I

got her bathing suit and this one's not

for six of 12 months baked it very

helpful tip it does not matter if it's

gonna fit them in like six months or a

year literally what I do what I've done

is Penelope is if I see something very

very very cheap on clearance I will buy

it even if it won't fit them for months

and months and months or maybe even a

year just buy yourself a container like

this how all the things that you bought

that you found mine clearance store it

away and then for every season fall

spring summer winter just pull out your

bin and then just take out the pieces

that is for that season that then fits

them it's a really good tip especially

for your kids because they grow so quick

and then I just got baby boy some jean

shorts and then these were seven dollars


so that is everything that I got at Old

Navy so I could ascend am I going to

show you guys every single thing that's

inside of here because this video would

just be way too long but I'm going to

show you guys just a couple of things so

you guys can like get a taste of my

style I got these little shorts right

here for baby boy and these are from

Zara and these were $15.90 and then I

got a pack of onesies and they got these

at Marshalls or teaching max I can't

remember I don't think I read the tag

off but since I can't match the twins in

the same exact clothing I mean some

pieces I can like gender-neutral colors

but as far as right here I thought I was

so cute like the boy can wear this one

with like the vegetables and then the

girl can wear this one with like an

orange they can match with the same type

of theme same with this over here so I

found these pack of onesies and I

thought this would be so cute to put on

the boy and then this one to put on the

girl with like a yellow headband or a

yellow bow and then look at these bows

over here guys so this is from one of

our brown friend members who watches our

vlogging Channel and she hand makes

these headbands and she said a couple of

happens to me and when I got them I was

just in shock of how good quality they

are for her hand making them straight

from her home and then I place an order

for like 4 more bows and I'll have her

link down below if you guys want to

check them out and then these are a

couple of items that I bought two of

because they can definitely match these

because these are very gender-neutral

colors so these are little footed pants

and these are from H&M so this is a

green one with stripes and then this one

I don't know how to explain this color I

guess like a very light olive color


and now I'm gonna get into some

accessories guys I am obsessed and every

time I see this word I can't get it


bonnets I've always wanted to put them

on Penelope but by the time I discovered

them Penelope was way too old to have

them on as soon as I found out I was

pregnant I'm like I'm buying some so I

bought these two right here from a

little Etsy shop and they're handmade

and these are what the bonnets are if

you guys don't know it goes in their

head and then you tie it under their

chin so I got two neutral colors so both

baby boy and baby girl can both wear

these and then I also got this one right

here from Zara and this one was $60 and

19 cents it is like a little like pink

so this one's for baby girl all these

are onesies for the boy and I'm gonna go

through them very quick and you're gonna

tell that none of them have like the

cliche sayings and they're very simple

colors so this is a white one with great

mountains white onesie with gray and

blue clouds stars and moon white and

gray striped onesie now this one right

here definitely is not cliche it just

says so much to dream about it's not

anything like mom's number one from a

player or the best kisser or you know

you know there's something like how does

your baby know you're the best kisser

how does it maybe know he was to be a

pro player like I just I just don't like

this this top right here it is from Zara

but I found out Marshalls for $4.99 and

it was before I knew I was pregnant and

I'm like I can't pass this up it's too

cute with sorrow like what is sorrow

doing at Marshall's when I showed it to

the list I'm like oh look and sorrow and

he's like oh you should get it and like

in the back of my mind I really wanted

to get it but I didn't want to because I

didn't want him thinking I'm crazy like

getting boy clothes for a baby I didn't

have at the time but when he's like oh

you should get it yeah I'm like oh say

no more

this onesie right here used to be our

first merch ever and it was like when we

first started YouTube and they sent me

samples of like every single thing that

the ones using the shirts and with

everything and I always kept it because

I thought it was clothes like our first

merch ever and it says hashtag baby

goals I'm going to show you guys some

clearance things that I bought literally

when Penelope was like a year and a half

old because I I knew I always knew that

we want any more kids and when I would

go to the stores like Old Navy

especially cuz they have a really good

clearance I would go through things and

I would find things for super cheap like

97 cents a dollar two dollars and then

you were gonna have more kids I was like

I'm buying it storing it away and I look

it's coming to use so this one right

here I only paid 97 cents for and it's a

onesie a tank top bungee with the

strawberry that's strawberry the water

balloon that says happy these are little

bloomers they were 97 cents and these

are 18 to 24 months found this dress

right here at Macy's I believe five

dollars and 96 cents some knitted baby

booties for baby boy I believe I found

this one on clearance to last year okay

so I think that is everything that I'm

gonna be showing you guys for this video

right here if you guys want to see

everything else I do have believe it or

not I do have another bin full of

clothes and then I do have a bag full of

baby boy clothes but I think for right

now that this is good I'm literally out

of breath and I'm very thirsty and my

butter it's from sitting on this carpet

so to be honest the only things that we

really have are clothes

most of them are like going out clothes

not a lot of them are comfy clothes like

onesies and pajamas and we don't really

have bibs and things like that like we

are still we're still buying a lot a lot

of the necessities but I feel like

there's so much like I don't know where

to begin but I definitely need to get

started on that

I am 20 weeks pregnant I'm more than

halfway there because I'm gonna be

delivering at 38 weeks so yeah that is

everything for today's video and if you

guys want to comment down below what are

some of your favorite stores to shop at

please let me know because I'm always

looking for favorite stores and if you

guys want to know what some of my

favorite stores to shop out for kids

toddlers babies it is definitely Zara


Old Navy and then if you're looking for

something cheaper it would be tedium ax

and Marshalls you can find really really

affordable pieces there that are brand

name like Azhar or like you know the

stuff that I showed you here so yeah

that is everything honey they go catch

my breath so thank you guys for watching

this video hope you guys enjoyed if you

did give this video a thumbs up and I

will see you guys in the next video