7 Things You MUST Do Before Starting Your College Apps


alright guys so welcome to day one of 30

days of college advice my name is

Jeffrey I'm with achieve ed and today

we're gonna be talking about seven

things that you should do as a junior to

get started under college apps so I know

that the college application process can

seem vast and maybe confusing but we're

gonna break it all down for you in this

video so that you know where to begin

now obviously this video is gonna be

targeted towards juniors and incoming

seniors if you're a younger student do

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anyways getting back to this video right

here let's start off with this list of

seven things that you should do to get

started on college up so the first thing

first thing is the most important thing

and also the easiest thing that's

creating a common app account so if you

don't know what common app is it's

basically this website where there's

almost everything college related

centered around this website so common

app is where you're submitting most of

your college applications it's where

you're gonna be uploading your

application essays it's where you're

gonna be answering all the application

questions and stuff like that it's also

where your teachers are gonna be

uploading their recommendation letters

as well so super important to have a

common app account and luckily like I

said it's very easy to create you just

go to common app org from there you can

just go ahead and register for an

account using your personal information

and then you're gonna be all set and

ready now on a side note a kind of side

tip thing I would recommend personally

creating a new email address

specifically for college applications

because you're gonna be getting a lot of

promotional and marketing emails from

colleges in the next few months and if

you don't want that to clutter up your

personal email it's better just to

create an entire new email address for

everything college related okay so

anyways you've created your common app

account next you're gonna want to ask

your teachers for recommendation letters

some of you may have already done this

and that's great good you're ahead of

the game but if you haven't I would

highly recommend asking your teachers to

write you a recommendation letter at the

end of your junior year

this way your teachers have the entire

summer to write your letter as far as

who to ask we recommend asking to

teachers preferably from your junior

year because they know you best because

they've had you you know the most

recently and also we prefer AP teachers

because ap teachers have probably

written a lot of recommendation letters

for other students in previous years so

they probably know what's going on and

they can probably write a really good

letter for you okay so now number three

on this list moving on is think about

which colleges you want to apply to now

if you already have a college list you

know that's great or if you already have

an idea of where you want to apply

that's really good but if you don't

that's completely fine right start

looking into it now start looking into

first of all what you're interested in

and what you want to study and secondly

schools that'll fit what you're looking

for in an academic program in a social

environment etc now I would like to note

that rankings do not mean everything so

don't just assume that if the school is

ranked like a couple points higher than

another school then that means you know

you should prefer the school that's

ranked higher that's just simply not

true in a lot of cases you should really

look deeper into the schools you know

look at the school programs see if you

could actually see yourself going to

that school and if yes then put it under

college list if it's just because it's

ranked high then you know you should

take a deeper look at that before you

just apply to that school you want to

have some reach schools which are like

schools with really low acceptance rates

that you don't know if you're gonna get

into but you want to give a shot at it

then you have your target schools which

are kind of like the middle of the pack

these are like schools you're pretty

confident about getting into maybe you

won't get into them but you know you're

pretty confident based on your stats and

based on other people who've gotten in

that you'll also be able to get in and

then there's safety schools who want to

have a few of those for sure where

basically you're pretty much guaranteed

acceptance like 90

you know you're gonna be accepted

whether it's because their acceptance

rate is just really high or maybe you

have some sort of guaranteed admission

into that school you do want to have

safety schools just in case everything

else goes wrong okay now moving on to

number four on this list that is

creating a resume

now most colleges don't actually require

that you upload a resume into common app

or anything like that but it's still a

good idea for you to create a resume

even if it's just for personal use and

that's because of three reasons first of

all it's really helpful when you fill

out the common app questions which are

going to ask you for your top ten

activities so you can kind of just copy

from your resume over onto your common

app questions you know if you already

have that resume set up also a resume is

really helpful when you're brainstorming

for topics for an application essay if

you don't know what to write about you

can just refer to your resume because if

you think about it a resume is basically

a list of everything you've done in high

school so you can kind of refer to your

resume and maybe get some ideas from

that and lastly teachers who are gonna

write your req letters usually want some

sort of resume just because it makes it

easier on them so if you're already

making a resume for your teachers it's

probably also good idea just to save a

copy for yourself now if you don't know

how to create a resume like that's

completely fine your resume doesn't even

have to be professional because like I

said it's mainly for your personal use

so even just like a Google Doc with some

bullet points and stuff like that like

that's completely fine nobody's gonna

judge you for that okay so number five

on this list is start to think about a

topic for your common app essay the

common app essay is generally considered

the most important essay in your college

application because it's the one essay

that got sent to every single school

that you apply to through common app

which is gonna be like the vast majority

of your schools so you definitely want

to spend a lot of time thinking about

what topic to write your common app

essay on and I know it can be hard

because essentially like your entire

life is on the table you can pretty much

write about anything for this essay so

think carefully maybe jot down if you


narrow it down eventually so that you

have a really solid topic for your

common app essay all right now moving on

to number six here I'm going to talk

about reddit so there's a subreddit

called R slash applying to college and

this subreddit is super useful I

definitely recommend like tuning into it

or subscribing to it even if you don't

use reddit like I have a lot of friends

who have never used read it before but

they've tuned in to r slash applying to

college because that's how useful it is

it's basically a community of like

hundreds of thousands of students from

around the country who all have probably

the same questions as you maybe even

applying to the same schools as you or

the same major as you are so it's just

really helpful to have that online

community that's able to help you okay

so now last thing on this list is number

seven that is subscribe to this youtube

channel for all the latest college

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gonna be it for this video I do hope you

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thirty days of college advice series

tomorrow we will actually be going into

more detail about teacher rec letters

like how you should ask your teacher

what you should do

basically that entire process so come

back tomorrow for more like this video

if you did enjoy it and until next time

I'll see you guys later peace out