GW-How early should a student begin visiting college campuses?

when I started my college search it was

my it was my favorite part of the

process and for a couple of reasons it's

something that was completely about me I

said that my visits I research my

colleges I I did everything short of

running the car to drive around and and

so the college visit should really be

something that a student is initiating

and we tend to see the students are

ready to take that step forward and

cross that threshold about the middle of

their junior year right around the

spring break they've they're more than

halfway through Campbell Hall and and

they're thinking ahead to the senior

year they've got a little bit behind

that but they're just ready at that

point to start focusing on the college

process I I believe that when I see

students ninth tenth grade unless

they're visiting because they're on a

family vacation in the area which is

it's pretty common in Washington DC but

the parents are really driving that

process and my fear is that the message

that gets sent to students is that

they're not capable of doing their own

work they're not capable of really

steering the wheel of their own process

and so it's fine to visit a college here

or there ninth and tenth grade I may be

even starting locally to discern whether

the liberal arts is a way that you want

to go or maybe you're looking at a more

selective university setting but to

actually schedule a 10-day college to

our 9th of 10th grade it's just it's not

effective I find