How/When to start the college application process

hey guys it's Aria and in this video I'm

going to talk to you about when and how

to start the college application process

in my opinion you really start the

college application process with touring

colleges in regards to this you want to

start touring colleges by the end of

your sophomore year the summer between

your sophomore and junior year and then

all throughout your junior year you

really want to be done with touring

schools and having your list finalized

by the end of your junior year and I'll

explain why later in the video there are

a couple reasons for why you should tour

colleges the first is that it normally

gives you critical information that you

can include in your like why this school

essay when it comes time to your

applications some of which you can find

on the website and some of which you

can't it just all depends on the school

and the information they give another of

course is to see the campus see the

actual school see the community that the

students bring and the place that the

school is located in usually you can

tell by stepping on campus going through

a tour of campus whether it's a place

you really want to spend the next four

years of your life in or somewhere you

really don't and my last piece of advice

with touring colleges so many people

make the mistake or I don't really know

if it's a mistake but they both will

drive like five six seven eight hours or

fly to go see a school sit in on an

information session and a tour and then

just leave like when you go to visit a

school especially if you're taking a lot

of time out to go see it sit in on a few

classes meet with current students talk

to professors and really engage with the

community and see what it would be like

to live there as a student if you start

touring colleges too early you might

forget by the time your junior senior

year rolls around and you start

finalizing your college list if you

liked a certain school and why yet if

you start touring schools too late then

you're gonna still be touring them by

mid senior year or something and that

can get a little stressful I know

there's many many reasons why students

can't tour schools all together or why

they can't store schools until their

senior year and I know a lot of people

apply to colleges and then tour them

after and that's another approach I've

just always preferred touring schools

beforehand for the reasons I just listed

but if you can

would really advise to try to throw as

many schools as you can and try to tour

them by the your sophomore junior year

so that's not super early but that

you're not stressed senior yet now with

your junior year please please bet your

standardized test done this year I have

made it so many videos about the a CT

and why you should study for whether you

choose the SAT or a CT whichever one you

choose why you should study the soft the

summer between your sophomore and junior

year and I still highly advise it go

watch one of my other videos I explain

it all but the gist is that you want

your junior year to be as stress-free as

possible especially because the

academics will probably be so

challenging you're gonna be involved

with work and sports and clubs so get

the standardized tests out of the way in

case you don't get the score you want

the first time if you take it for the

first time in september/october if your

junior year you'll have plenty of time

to study and retake it

like I said juniors probably gonna be

very rigorous academically and you're

going to want to spend most of your time

on your classes not just on studying for

one test and if you wait too long you're

gonna be taking it October November

December of your senior year when you're

trying to get perfect grades for a

semester trying to write like thirty

college supplements and trying to have

one last year of high school fun and

trust me that is not where you want to

be by the end of your junior year my

advice is to have your college List

finalized or near finalized that way

when August first hits you are ready to

go I have some really close friends who

thought I was absolutely ridiculous

for having my college list finalized by

June of my junior year and they waited

and now it's December of their senior

year and they're still scrambling to

find schools to add to their list that

they really want to go to and it's just

really really stressful all together so

just have especially with the number of

supplements many schools require some of

them require eight or nine I had a

school that required nine so just you

really want to have your list finalized

you can tackle the supplements and make

sure those are really well written

also real quick about colleges I know a

couple of you commented on my past

videos asking where I've applied if I've

gotten in anywhere I haven't answered

that yet but I will in the next upcoming

videos I promise I will make a video

about that soon now this brings me to

the summer between your junior and

senior year obviously if you have any

last tours to do do them but hopefully

your list is around finalized if you're

still confused on why I keep mentioning

the August first date I made a whole

video about that so go and watch that

but the gist is is that this is when the

common app rolls around again if you

don't know what that means I explained

it all now on his first video for me I

had to write 36 supplemental essays

total so trust me if I didn't start on

August 1st I don't know if I would have

finished on time definitely no question

about it at the very very least get your

common app that say written and

finalized before the first day of senior

year because that will just be a huge

weight off your chest and get all the

family stuff done on your common app -

it asks about your family or siblings

your like income your demographics where

you live fill all that stuff out because

it's not they're not hard questions it

just takes a really long amount of time

so just get that done in the summer get

your Common App finalized do that for

the bare minimum I would also highly

recommend getting your activity section

of your common app done in the summer -

I know a lot of you might not know what

that is yet and I will be making a video

in the future explaining the whole

common app and the activity section but

once you get around that you'll know

exactly what I mean I would also highly

recommend getting at least half of your

supplemental essays done in the summer

especially if you especially if you have

a lot and then you can always finalize

them during the school year don't

underestimate the amount of work some of

these essays take and the amount of

thought a lot of them are really tricky

questions actually um you know yourself

in your schedule if you're gonna be

overloaded with work and clubs and

activities and like five APs and you're

gonna have like college essays on top of

that maybe get more done in the summer

if you can afford to have spend a little

more time on them during the school year

I guess is okay - it's really up to you

and your schedule but I would

highly recommend at least nothing half

of them out

so those are my more general tips on

when and how to start the college

application process it's a big topic to

tackle so let me know if you want me to

tackle any specific parts of the process

in the comments if there's any other

topics for me to talk about in the

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