When Will I know I'm Ready To Compete In BJJ?

got a good question from Buddy John he

asks when does someone know they're

ready to compete

so John first off thanks for the

question brother I appreciate it and

that's a good question because a lot of

people that get into jiu-jitsu haven't

competed in a one-on-one sport before

like wrestling boxing something like

that and so it can be pretty

nerve-racking you know to even think

about getting into a jujitsu competition

for me I wrestled first before I got

into jujitsu so wrestling you don't have

a choice right you're on a team and when

your coach says you're gonna go do it

you're just that's what's gonna happen

I remember I was terrified my first

tournament right I wasn't I felt like

when I remember sitting at the

tournament and like getting ready I

didn't feel like I was getting ready to

compete I felt like I was getting ready

like walked to my execution like I was

getting ready to die that was just it

and I ended up winning my first match

and was breathing super heavy and got my

breathing heavy as in you know like that

like and I got my wrestling name which

was tugboat because I was breathing so

every after my first match in just maybe

like a horse like a horn sound and

anyway I sort of get off on a side note

so how do you know you're ready you're

probably not going to know that you're

ready because if you're asking the

question you're probably a little bit

more cautious maybe a little bit more

you know like just anxious kind of like

I am you know I don't think I don't know

if I would have competed had my coach

not forced me to do so I probably

would've been like I don't think I'm

ready yet okay here's a little checklist

for you though think about this way when

you go to a competition you least need

to have one technique from every

position right you need to have like

least one solid escape that you can look

for one sweep or series of sweeps from a

guard you need to have at least a

submission for guard you have a guard

break a guard pass and you need to have

a submission from top dominant position

back side control Mountain right if you

have one of every one of those things

right if you have at least one move that

you can do from every position fairly

well you know you know fairly well boom

you got a game plan in place brother

like you can compete that's all you need

right you just I've seen people compete

with much less right so you don't

necessarily need all that but if you're

really like trying to like you know make

sure that you're ready then just make

sure you have at least one thing from

every position that you

can use because again your when you hit

the mat you don't want to have to think

about what you're going to do you need

to just be able to react and work

accordingly and then the second thing

and this is sort of on a side note don't

build the tournament up into something

it's not right it's because again the

more you think about it the more people

send us through and before you know

you've built this thing up into

something it's completely not again if

you're a white belt you are competing

against white belts that are probably

around the same skill level as you right

they're probably training a couple days

a week few days a week and they're going

there to compete because they're trying

to try to have some fun that's it okay

and think about it this way you're if

you're married or you got a girlfriend

they're not gonna leave if you don't win

they don't care

right there they're probably hoping if

you'd maybe if you lose like will he

stop after this like caddy spend so much

time there so they're not gonna leave

you if you have kids your kids are gonna

hate you

you have friends they're not gonna live

in you're not they're not gonna not be

your friends anymore

your instructors not gonna hate you if

he does he's stupid I shouldn't pay you

afterwards right your gym training

partners they're not gonna hate you or

like taking less if you look like man

thanks for going out there with us and

competing nothing bad can come from you

losing a turn it just happens sometimes

right some people lose and I would say

that before you you know basically say

I'm gonna be a competitor or write off

competition say I'm not going to do this

I would say at least do three

tournaments and the reason I say this is

because I've seen several my students

one in particular one of my buddies here

oh he's he's actually training at a

different gym now because he left it

went into Chicago which you know he's

five hours away now but when he was

training here he was a white belt he got

destroyed his first like two tournaments

and then I remember it was this third

tournament all sudden the guy that was

in the gym that was so good that would

go to tournaments and just brain for it

right that guy was gone the guy in the

gym found his way out onto the

tournament mat and he started competing

he was finishing guys and he did really

really well and he ended up making it

into the finals right so again that was

it was great really great performance

from him and now he started competing

won tournaments as a white belt a blue

belt and now he just won the Chicago

open it is a purple belt you know so

again you you don't know sometimes in

the beginning because most people just

it's a really rough situation in the

beginning so give yourself time to

acclimate to that but again you're not

going to know when you're ready you're

not going to feel that you're ready


but just jump in and do it and even if

you lose you're gonna have a much better

idea of what you're getting yourself

into so you can prepare better next time

but if you're one of those people that

you're just you're an over-thinker and

you need like a checklist or something

for yourself just make sure you have at

least one move from every position that

you can use and this way you know that

you have you know everything's rounded

out and ready to go so John I hope this

helps brother and if you're watching

this you're getting if you're thinking

about competing hope this helps you too

thanks guys