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often should you condition your beard

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here for how often should you condition

your beard okay so this is another one

on topics and for me to just spit a

number out there to you guys and say

this is the amount of times that you

should condition your beard would be

totally wrong and a couple of things you

got to take into consideration we're

talking about how often you should

condition your beard and this is

something that I think a lot of people

and it goes all the way across the board

from bloggers to a lot of companies to a

lot of people that put out studies and

put out research and all these things

they really don't take into

consideration there are so many

different varying degrees of hair or

beard texture that you that no one

answer is the right answer

okay so

what I mean when I say that is you can

have a you can have a blogger and

nothing against people who put out blogs

I'm sure they do a lot of research

before they start writing their blogs

down and then presenting you know their

arguments as to why they believe what

they believe but if they don't have

experience with different varying

textures of hair or beard you have you

may have salon professionals that may

have not had very many experiences with

what some would call a 4c hair or

natural hair or very curly coily coarse

hair and so what they what they're

speaking on is based on their

experiences and they're not really

speaking to experiences because they

really can't that they haven't had or

learned okay so you know there's people

out there that may have never touched a

hair texture or a beard texture like

yours they've never had the opportunity

to you know to touch a curly coarse

beard so you can't really fault them for

maybe believing that you know all beards

are almost the same okay

now so let's get into this what you have

to do when determining how often you

should condition your beard is to start

to understand slow down and listen to

your beard and if your beard is dry if

your beard feels crunchy okay if you

have a beard that it seems like

everything you're doing is not working a

lot of times your conditioning may be

what you're lacking so

is there a chance that if you start to

condition your beard too much you can

over condition yes how do you figure

that out

that is the process that this video is

all about so if you're conditioning your

beard once a week and you're noticing

that your beard is still very dry maybe

you need to step it up to two times a

week maybe you need to step it up to

condition your beard once during the

week and as well as do a deep condition

once during the week so that would be at

two times per week maybe you need to

step it up to three times a week if

you're not seeing any results okay now

once you've gotten to 3 times per week

and you're starting to see results maybe

you might want to go to four okay if you

get to four and then you start to notice

your beard is feeling saggy or your beer

just feeling like jelly and you feel

like okay now this is not really working

I may be over conditioning my beard

maybe then you might need to drop back

down to three times per week but what

you need to do is figure out what your

particular beard needs and what it's

going to take to make your beard as

healthy as possible so for me to just

say five times a week is perfect for you

or four times a week it's perfect for

you I couldn't do that but what I can

tell you is to experiment with the

different days okay and during that

experimentation process use the same

conditioner don't don't switch up on

conditioners because then you're not

going to get a feel for is it the amount

of days or was it the difference in the

conditioner you want to try to keep the

variables as close as possible when

you're trying to figure out how many

days you should condition your beard

I can also tell you that what routines

you do in between the conditioning may

also play a part in how many times you

should condition your beer and you know

there's so many varying there's so many

varying textures of beards and if you

have our curly coarse beard if if you if

your beard has a lot of shrinkage okay

if your beard can be maybe three three

four inches long but you only show an

inch because it curls up so tight

especially under the neck area okay you

have your beard is going to need

products that are going to help it to

retain moisture and moisturize it a lot

more than someone that may have a beard

that does not do that so they're

routines okay if you have a straighter

beard is going to be totally different

as far as maybe not necessarily the

product you use and in some cases it is

different but the amount of products

that you use because a lot of times you

may you may grab some products and you

look and it says apply a dime sized

amount to your hand and that's gonna

take care of your head or your beard and

if you put a dime sized amount of

product in your hand and you look at it

and you know your beard and you know

it's gonna take far more than that just

to work into your beard and to get it to

spread evenly so you know that shows you

you know how much difference there can

be in the different textures of hair and

if there's a difference in that there's

gonna be a difference in the amount of

products and there can also be a

difference in the amount of use in the

amount of days in the and the routines

that you do so a lot of times you may be

doing everything that you believe is the

correct way to do it because you're

reading the label all right on your

latest product or you're reading a label

on you know whatever product you're

using but that label may not necessarily

be the

exact fit for your particular beard even

if that company went out and they had

scientists do a study and they grabbed

200 people and they ran tests and they

did all these things if out of that

group of the 200 people that the

scientists used to participate in the

study if only a handful or if none of

them in a lot of cases had the same

texture hair or beard as you do as far

as I'm concerned when we're talking

about our routine that study has a lot

of fault ok so that study can't be

considered fact for you it may be

considered a fact for that scientist and

for those people that can relate or have

the same texture hair or beard as the

people in that study but that will in no

way shape or form relate to the people

that have a different texture of Hera

beard so I said I'd like to say that a

lot of times when you read a lot of the

directions on a lot of the products you

have to use that as a starting point ok

but don't be scared to go beyond that to

figure out what routine in which way you

can use the product to better suit your

beer okay so in long story short to

figure out how many times you should

condition your beard X might not have

the answer so you're gonna have to start

testing and inconsistency is key when

you're trying to figure out which

routine works best for you so you're

gonna have to consistently test to

figure out which way and how many times

is the best way to condition your beard

how much product is the right amount of

product for your beard okay because I

can tell you dime-sized nickel size

quarter size amount of conditioner or

beard oil or a lot of these different

products does not work for me and I know

it doesn't work for a lot of you

brothers out there

so I hope this video helped y'all out

it's your boy X I appreciate each and

every one of y'all tap that subscribe

button for me and I'll be back at y'all

again soon

hi peace