Where You Should Be Before Prep Starts

in today's video we discuss where you

should be before you start a contest

prep hey guys what's going on this is

power Bella from pro physique comm and

I'm here with one of my top prep coaches

of pro physique Steve beau Grande the

master of exercise science these science

with Steve guy but today we're going to

talk about something a little bit

different Steven yeah that's that time

of the year where we start thinking

about contest breath

oh man that's such a heavy thing to

think about well I'm excited because

we've got some amazing competitors we've

been you know getting experience and

really working with some amazing people

over the last well for me a decade but

for many of us it's been several years

now even focusing on competitors like

Steven here and so what I want to talk

about is where you should be as a person

as a competitor before you start the

process of dieting down for contest prep

and I love Steve's experience in this

because he brings kind of two facets

he's got both the science and he's got

the experience of coaching competitors

so I brought him in we're gonna talk

about it and the first thing we want to

talk about how long it's been since your

last show so when you thoughts on that

very important so we want to make sure

that we're taking as long outside of the

diet as we are putting in inside of the

diet in terms of our contest

preparations we all know that event

through contest prep it's very very

intense it's time-consuming its life

consuming we're accounting everything we

eat everything we drink every step every

exercise every rep it's a lot of work so

not only is it can it be super

beneficial to get us Rhian spired and

psychologically to take just as much

time off and out of season right but

it's definitely a huge benefit in terms

of physiological response as well

remember our metabolisms are adapting to

being lower on calories to being higher

on energy expenditure over time so if we

don't allow the body to have time away

from that diet we can find that it can

be very difficult to get that loss in

body fat as we perceive forward through

that next dieting phase you know I think

it's very common for those of us that

compete for the first time to get so

excited by the process that we kind of

forget about how difficult

it is on our bodies and minds going

through the process so our basic rule of

thumb and this is something I share with

all my pro physique coaches is that you

should be out of prep at least as long

as you were in prep and preferably quite

a bit longer if you need to put on more

muscle which we'll get to in a second

all right coach Steve what do you think

is a good place to be for cardio before

you start a prep right so what I tell

all of my clients is my preference is

about an hour or less of cardio Grenn a

day a week a week yes I last with us a

real concern that is it is a real

concern I have had clients come to me

that have been doing 18 hours of cardio

per week and maintaining weight so it's

something we want to keep in mind now

there's definitely some wiggle room

there depending on your circumstances

but if we're doing 3 4 or 5 hours of

cardio a week and we're doing that

specifically for weight maintenance /

weight loss we're probably not going to

be in the best spot to have a lot of

tools in the toolbox to utilize in terms

of energy expenditure to facilitate that

we keep losing body fat to get to that

stage lean composition yes so there is a

balance here some of us are busy our

lifestyles our jobs are careers demand

that we move a lot so if your calories

are offsetting that movement then you're

fine but if you're having to do lots of

cardio with low calories just to

maintain where you're at and during a

contest prep is most likely going to be

very difficult

speaking of calories Steve where would

you like the calories of a client to be

before we start restricting them to

start a pro absolutely nice easy

recommendation here if you pay attention

to pounds like us here in the States

you're going to be looking at 13 to 15

times your body weight in calorie intake

per day anything over 15 is gravy

absolutely phenomenal so that way we

know again tools in the toolbox right we

want to make sure that we have calories

to cut from in order to facilitate that

deficit in order to facilitate that

we're getting Fred Z's bra so we just

want to make sure that we're setting

ourselves up for success and part of

that is having

calorie intake where we're maintaining

weight pack this calorie intake there's

going to be at least 13 to 15 times your

body weight yeah and if we're talking

about kilograms we get this all the time

so that's somewhere between 26 and 32 I

believe yes 26 32 33 ish yeah so those

are the numbers that we're looking at

for again these are just baseline

numbers but just like cardio let's say

you're super sedentary and you're only

on 13 times your body weight in calories

well we might be able to just make you

move more to get some weight loss going

so again these are just staples things

that we look for that are indicators

that hey you know what this is gonna be

a successful contest prep number four is

probably the thing that I really never

paid attention to when I first started

coaching okay we would look at the raw

data the numbers of how many calories

how much cardio how much working out are

you doing but the thing that I think is

probably the biggest change in coaching

that I've done over the last couple

years is looking at life stress so let's

talk about some of the life stress that

we probably want to avoid during a

contest prep yeah absolutely so the ones

you would really think of so making sure

that we're financially secure right yes

obviously that's gonna be important

since prep is a very expensive process

for the vast majority of us I think it's

expensive for dudes like multiply that

for the ladies out there it's much more

expensive for you so making sure that

we're financially sound and stable and

in a good place there is going to be

really important some things to maybe

avoid if we can't moving right new jobs

that can be a big life stressor now

making sure that you know hey are we

getting married right that's another big

one a lot of stress I hate good news

you're safe



but making sure that we're planning

ahead and we say hey what is going

what's our life going to look like

throughout us prep what do we have

planned or that we can first see

obviously there's always going to be

unforeseen circumstances so it's always

gonna be things they're gonna pop up

like oh hey guess what stress and we

have to do our best to manage those but

making sure that we're going to be in a

good place to minimize stress throughout

the process is going to help us to have

again better results yeah don't don't

add to the stress of prep by being in a

stressful situation avoid if you can

things like planning a prep around a

wedding you know sometimes we can't

avoid changing jobs or moving or

financial stress that's just a part of

life but try to put yourself in a

position to compete at a time that works

well for you maybe you're just avoiding

family stress maybe you have a family

trip maybe your kids have some events

going on maybe you don't want to plan to

be competing or deep into prep around

those times yep and we'll finish this

off with another very common question I

get from beginners and that is how much

muscle should I have before I start a

contest prep and there are many ways to

look at this but I think Steve and I

have discussed what I feel is the best

approach so why don't we talk about us

Steven yeah you'll never have enough

muscle we're all still small

end of story just kidding so I think

we're on the same page in terms of like

you probably shouldn't put off competing

forever at some point you have to pull

the trigger and maybe our beliefs on why

that is or why we justify that might

differ a little bit but generally

speaking if we're super were concerned

with how much muscle we're going to have

at some point it is worth it to go in

and get the experience there isn't a lot

of benefit to be had by spending years

and years of your life investing into

something that you don't know if you

truly love or even like you can be fit

you can be healthy you can get stronger

and do all those things without ever

competing so definitely I encourage

people like no have realistic

expectations yes get on that stage know

that we might not have as much muscle as

they're looking forward to fill out to

be highly competitive but that does not

mean that there is not a lot to be

gained from the process of competing

while you may not have

muscle is necessary for what you see in

pictures and videos understand that when

you go to a competition they often have

a first timers division people that have

never competed the novice division if

you're a masters they have age divisions

for 40 50 60 so all of this allows us to

get on stage and enjoy the process

knowing we're going to fit into a

category now what you learn and prep

things like time management goal-setting

how to set and achieve goals throughout

this process I promise you if you love

the process and the sport the most

progress you are ever going to make is

after your first contest one of my kind

of regrets in life is that I waited

until I was 32 to compete yes I had

plenty of muscle I had been working out

for 14 years but the year after I

competed was my best year ever for

training for nutrition for consistency

why I had learned so much learned about

nutrition learned about how to train

properly and I was super motivated why

because I had this goal now of getting

back on stage being a better version of

myself so yes you need to have some

muscle but don't feel like you need to

look like someone that's ready to win

and overall at a big show right away

enjoy the process enjoy the climb

alright guys well listen if you're

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