Cooking Raw Sharks | Testing OSRS Wiki Money Making Methods

welcome to the series where i test out

the osr's wiki money making guides

i started this series almost a year ago

and since then we've tried out multiple

methods even if they're a little silly

such as picking bananas or even flax

if you enjoy these types of videos then

feel free to check out the playlists

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with that being said let's get into the


so for today's money maker we'll be

taking a look at a fairly simple one

and that is to cook sharks now the

requirements for this

is at least 80 cooking but of course the

higher the better because you'll be able

to burn less

the wiki does suggest 89 plus and i

think the reason for that is because at


with the hasidius kitchen you won't burn

it anymore

this is also while wearing the cooking

gauntlets that you get from the family

crest quest

now aside from the cooking level you'll

also need some money to buy the raw

sharks or of course you could fish them

yourselves but i think you're better

off just buying them from the ge if you

have the money for it now as for where

i'll be doing this money maker i did use


mythical cape to teleport to the mid

skilled and the reason for this is

because it has the best spot to cook

in my opinion and the reason for this is

because you don't have to move

from the spot there's a bank and a range

right next to each other

there's also a similar place like this

in the rogues den

except you are cooking on a fire so i

think you're more likely to burn items


but if you have a high enough cooking

level then you probably don't even need

to worry about that any spot will do

now the only item that i'd recommend

bringing if you have it is the

cooking cape that way you will never

burn a single piece of

shark this will ensure that you make the

most money from this money maker

and it'll be interesting to see how many

we are able to cook because the wiki did

estimate that you can cook around 300 an

hour but we have been known to

perform a little bit better than the

wiki's estimates

now i gotta say this money maker is

fairly enjoyable because of how afk it

is and not only do we make a decent

amount of money but we also get a lot of

cooking experience as you'll see

towards the end of the video for each

piece of shark we are getting 210

cooking experience

and if you were curious about the burn

rates on the shark here is a nice little

graph showing you what level you need

and what items you need in order to not

burn a single piece of food anymore

so as you can see here the lowest


cooking level we can have is at level 84

and that is while wearing the cooking

gauntlets and completion of the elite

corrand diary to get a 10 boost from the

hisidious kitchen

but the elite diary might be a little

out of reach so simply getting 100 favor

at hussidius for the 5

boost with cooking gauntlets will only

need 89 cooking for that

and that is pretty much it for this

money maker it is very simple you're

just cooking sharks

and you can afk for quite some time

while you let the full inventory cook

so it is definitely possible to play on

another account while you are making

some money on the side

and of course getting some cooking gains

so after one hour of cooking

sharks we did manage to get a total of


sharks cooked valued at just over 1 mil

we can now head over to the grand

exchange to sell off all of our food

that we have cooked

and i did a price check on this to see

what the prices were

and i found that 733 was the best price

for the sharks

but of course if you are more patient

than i am you can possibly put it in

there for a little bit more

and make a little bit extra money i

gotta say i was fairly surprised to see


so low um the raw sharks were worth

around 500 coins

or close to 500 coins and that really

caught me off guard but it did inspire

me to make this video since

there were some decent margins on

cooking the shark and as i state with

all my videos always make sure to price

check before trying out any of the money

makers because the prices are always


but now we can go ahead and calculate

the total profit we made from the one

hour so if we take the cost of the

sharks it's

774 648 gp

subtract that from the money we made

which was 1 million 87

772 gp we get a grand total profit of

313 124 gp

so just over 300k an hour not a bad

amount of money

especially considering how afk it is and

compared to the wiki

it was pretty close we did manage to

make a couple more sharks than what the

estimations were so that was nice

and aside from the nice money we made we

also managed to get a lot of cooking xp

311 311.6k to be exact

i just want to say thanks for checking

out the video and if you enjoyed it

please consider giving it a thumbs up

and maybe even a subscription and as

always i will catch you guys in the next