Couch To 5K: Week 1 | Starting Running For The First Time

cash to 5k is a challenge and it's one

that we've

covered in videos in the past but i

actually wanted to find

someone who we could take through it

step by step to share it with you guys

so i needed a guinea pig

one who's happy to share their journey

over the next eight weeks

i'm delighted to say that i have found a

wonderful volunteer

pippa now i need to go and let her know

exactly what she's led herself in for

before pippa arrives i should probably

give you a little bit of background so

peppa's part of our team she works as a

producer and is basically

an all-round amazing problem solver as

for pippa's running background i'm gonna

let her

share you in on that one but one more

thing you're very lucky because you are

going to get to meet wilma yes pippa has

a puppy called wilma

she's just awesome

all right hi peppa how are you doing i'm

good i'm good how are you

i'm good are you looking forward to this

i mean we are going to get you running

5k in under 30 minutes in just eight

weeks i mean i'm very nervous that i'm

gonna make a complete fall of myself in

on the internet um but if you manage to

get me to run 5k

under 30 minutes i'll be super chuffed

because that

has never happened ever or we will do

and we might even get wilma

well not running that as well and now i

know you're not

a true couch potato but where are you at

with your running at the moment

well i mean i've definitely been a couch

potato since coronavirus hit the uk

we've been in lockdown so that's

basically the past

three months four months and i could

count the amount of times

that i've exercised on my hands but

before that i

was relatively fit exercising about five

times a week

either in the gym or netball but i am a

hundred percent

not a runner if you saw me running in

the park it would be because i either

lost the dog or i was

late for something um and i have no idea

where to start

i just don't even know where it all

begins and there's so much to think

about you know when you

take running seriously and you want to

start building it up with like pacing

and breathing and terrain and

so i'm a complete newbie cool excited to

see you cool

be a proper runner well we've got a lot

to cover by the side of it i mean i know

that you've done netball in the past and

you know quite a lot of hit sessions in

the gym so you're you're used to pushing

your body

but in a different way then i guess

definitely cool well i think it's time

that we share with you the first two

weeks of what we've got in store and

also going to share with you guys so

you can follow along at home

so first week three sessions with the

one or two days rest

in between and they're all going to be

the same to start with so it's a five


warm-up which is just a walk and then

the main set

is 60 seconds of jogging followed by 90

seconds of walking

and you repeat that eight times through

and then it's a five minute

walk as a warm down and the second week

only increases slightly again three

sessions with the same one or two days

rest so you spread it out

um all the same again so a five minute

walk to warm up and then the main set

this time is going up to 90 seconds of


but the rest increases as well to two

minutes of walk and you repeat that six


and then the warm down is again five

minutes of

walk all right so now you know what

you're in for for the first two weeks

how are you feeling have you got any

questions before we get going i mean i

have lots of questions

oh gosh trying to avoid doing the actual


firstly am i walk how fast am i walking

and running

okay i mean it's hard to like put an

exact number on but your walk is like


going for a walk with wilma you're kind

of you are going somewhere you're

walking to the shops you're not just


for like a walk with a friend so you're

thinking right i want to get somewhere

maybe like you're walking to work

because i've seen it i've seen you walk

to work so it's it's brisk

and then and then when it comes to

that's for your warm up so the

building's there and then

for the jog i just want you to be

jogging because if you're not used to


it is literally so that you can still

say a few words so maybe you're chatting

to wilmore if you've got a friend to run

with so that you can talk

it's not you're not finishing because

you've finished and you've then got to

go back to walking not stopping so we

want it to be continuous

um then the walk in those in between

bits can be a bit slower if you need to

just get your breath back

so it's kind of conversational running

and then

walking that's still moving forwards but

as a recovery walk right okay and then

so then

each session am i trying to get faster

or i just keep the same pace

no so at the moment because naturally we

are it's only slight but we're

progressing the distance

so you don't want to try and change too

many factors at once so

we're not going to be changing the

intensity we're just changing the the

length of each effort

and then overall a tiny bit more in

total so we're just concentrating on

that and then the the pace will come in

later on so the first few weeks it's

purely about just getting used to


and sort of finding your comfortable

zone right okay

and then if i you know skip a day

what happens there okay well at the

moment it's three per week so you've got


a little bit of leeway to still have so

if you skip one day

you could hopefully still fit all three

in in the week but if say it gets to

sunday and you haven't done it

then there is no harm in putting that

one on the monday as long as you've

still got a day off in between and just

don't panic like maybe give me a call

and see how you're doing or something

but i don't want you to sort of

back them all up so you're then doing

your or like we're meeting two weeks

after and you haven't started and you're

gonna then try and put all six into one


don't i don't want you doing that so

yeah no no no like cram learning or

anything like that so try and always

keep a day in between

and if you go off that model you've

still got a spare day each week to play

with so to speak

cool and then i think the last bit is

obviously we live in bath and it's

ridiculously hilly yeah and i get really

tight calves so what what do i do there

okay well i know you've got some some

nice new shoes which have got a bit more

of a heel toe ride so that should


help a little bit and yes hills are the

pain of our lives around here

but you can use them to your advantage

so if you

are starting off in your like you're on

a really hilly route and like some of

the really steep hills around here it's

okay to actually walk that but walk it

really hard on if it's on your run part

and then obviously on the recovery bit

you're gonna have to walk really slowly

to make sure you've got enough recovery


the heels do naturally make you work

harder so don't you worry about pace

or anything like that and then as for

tight calves

just make sure you can start to get a

little bit of a stretching routine and

some rolling but we'll talk more about

that maybe in the

next week but yeah just keep an eye on

them and if they are getting

uncomfortably tight or it's it's


then yeah ease off a little bit and make

sure you just got so plenty of stretches


and also it's really important you get

that full five minute warm-up before you

start each time so we'll keep an eye on


okay great and then lastly i guess is

there any sort of running etiquette

i need to know as a complete newbie

that's a funny one isn't it i'd like

because i think because i've run all my

life i have to actually

have a think about that one it's not

quite like cycling there's not as many

things that you could do

wrong so i wouldn't worry i think at the

moment in covid times if you're running

on any paths

just remember to like shout as anyone up

ahead because you know i know some

walkers get

oh can get like worried if they suddenly

hear a runner like up behind them

so don't be afraid to just sort of maybe

your breathing's heavy enough so people

hear you or just

like sort of cough or like say i'm

coming through but other than that

i would say smile to other runners that

you pass

all right now you've asked all your

questions i think there's no more


it's time for your first session are you


okay i think i'm ready i think wilma's

ready she's definitely ready and you've

got plenty of walking so i think she'll

be fine

definitely okay all right good luck

let's go see you when you're back

all right whilst pippa is out on our run

we probably should have a look at kit

and as you can see

peppa came prepared she had the full set

of running kits and

you don't need to go and splash out on

loads of new kit but i would say

investing in a decent pair of running

shoes is essential it'll make such a


if you don't have the correct shoes it

could lead to blisters and even worse

some sort of injury so make sure you've

got something that's comfortable and

offers you

the amount of support that you need and

again a good pair of socks will also

help with that comfort side of things

now as for clothing it doesn't need to

be so specific

comfort is keys for getting you coming

back to your next session

but if you've got something that's sweat

wicking that'll help to maintain you

and your body at a nice temperature um

if you're obviously in really hot

climates then you might need something

that's a little bit more technical

talking of technical you probably notice

pepper has a nice polar watch

you don't need to go to the extremes of

buying a sport specific watch for this

program it's all based on time so

you just need something to basically be

able to time yourself with so whether

it's a basic sports watch or it's even

your phone with a timer

that's completely fine if you are using

your phone you might want to have


to carry it in if you don't have a

pocket because you want to have your

hands free and talking of that

headphones are another option if you're

motivated by music then by all means use


but try to find somewhere to sort of put

it out the way so it's not distracting


and finally water and a lot of people

ask about water

obviously we're starting off pretty

short on these runs so unless you're

somewhere really hot i would say

you probably don't need to carry water

with you if you do try to find some way

of carrying it so that you can

still be relaxing your upper body and

concentrate on form rather than having

to hold something in your hand




how was it it was okay yeah i was good

i mean i am really unfit so

i'm definitely excited for that to

change well that's good i mean it would


kind of if it was really easy and you

were like oh i'm super fit i kind of

defeat the object but

was it harder or easier than you

expected i think i think it was

it wasn't as hard as i expected because

the walking really helped but i

definitely think

at the end of the running i was sort of

at my capacity and i

i needed those walks okay i was very


for those so thank you and whilst you're

doing it did it bring out any like

hopes have you got for this whole

program or anything you're really

worried about

i mean i'm worried about my calves but

i'll go home and do like a proper

stretch session

now um and then yeah i guess i'm scared

i'm gonna fail in front of all these

people but

um i'm really that's normal isn't it but

yeah that i will become a runner that

you will get me

regularly running and hopefully i'll


you know to be using it as a stress

reliever like so many people use it

whereas right now it's more stressful

so okay well we'll hopefully get rid of

that stress side of things if you've got

any questions before you go off for your

next sort of

these two weeks you've got another what

have you got another five sessions

before we

touch base again i think i'm okay now

but i will probably be ringing you

like please do please do awesome and

wilma did you enjoy that

she seemed to be pretty cool with it too

i think definitely next time i'll go

without her though because she yeah she

was far more interested in sniffing and


as much as she's a beautiful camera

model yeah it's better to run without


awesome well we look forward to the

update in two weeks time


a massive thanks to pippa because i know

it's really getting out of her comfort

zone to be doing this and to be on

camera so please

give her plenty of encouragement and

even better if you're in the same

situation as pippa then join in

and follow the program and let us know

how you're getting on you can do that in

the comments section below so we will be


in two weeks time to find out how

pippa's got on and also give you an

update of the next two weeks of the

program so

see you then if you've enjoyed it give

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