Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court Tips and Intro to Updated Hero Guides

what's up guys it's damp so yeah you

guys have been asking for this for a

long time so due to circumstances that

the devs have basically let me know that

there won't be any major changes

hopefully coming I decided to at least

not in the near future I've decided to

release the updated class guides so

prior to releasing the updated class

guides I wanted to make a video about my

play style and some general tips and how

these guides are constructed so you'll

know that if it fits within your play

style or not so the target audience for

this will first of all talk about that

is typically somebody who's a beginner

to an intermediate player but if you're

more advanced you might be able to pull

something from the way I play - you know

maybe cater to your style as well so

here's the overall introduction so to

preface this let's talk about what this

guide is designed around so this guide

is designed around dungeons and not boss

fights we're not looking at killing the

Baron we're not looking at killing the

hag these are designed for general

dungeon crawling essentially and

primarily if you're a newer player I'd

recommend focusing on the ruins or The

Cove because I feel these are the most

forgiving probably the ruins is the most

forgiving out of all of them but the

Weldon warrens can be somewhat of a

money pit with some of the diseases and

some of the people who are the monsters

that are in these dungeons can one-shot

you or at least hit you significantly

hard it almost put you on death's door

in a one shot depending on you and your

party so so now that you kind of know

that this is really designed around

dungeons I'm gonna tell you what

dungeons you probably want to focus on

based off these guides in the way that I

play I would say you're their most

effective for medium gathering quests

medium exploration quests not short

Long's fine but really not short because

it's the least forgiving the short

dungeons what happens with those is

since you don't get that campfire you

can come out of it with a little more

stress I feel you have to be a lot more

aggressive in the short dungeons

sometimes drop your healer and sometimes

our in our in our G isn't very good to


when when you look at doing that so what

I'm gonna recommend is that you stick to

medium gather and medium exploration

quests sometimes the medium battles can

be fine too or activating the shrines

that those aren't bad but I would focus

on the east simply because the focus on

scouting I'm gonna cover will hopefully

touch on that and explain why I say

these these are the best ways to go so

my play style for these guys is gonna be

somewhat conservative compared to some

of my peers so I know play the game and

like to bring four dps characters

because this is centered around newer to

intermediate players I think it's more

important to understand the mechanics of

the game to basically bring a healer

unless you're gonna run a short dungeon

almost you know 95 to 99% of the time

gonna bring a healer unless I'm running

a shorter dungeon or there's specific

circumstances that I feel like don't

need a healer so with that we'll kind of

look on what the focus of the play style

is so the focus the play style is based

around elimination of enemy turns so

when I say that I'm looking at killing

off monsters

rather than prolonging the fight and

trying to heal through it scouting will

also be critical so you're gonna look at

bringing characters like we'll see

probably the grave robber is in my

opinion the best scout in the game

you're looking at prioritizing not

necessarily their scouting chance but by

bringing a trinket like this one it does

increase the scouting chance

what scouting does for you essentially

is it's gonna mitigate the amount of

damage in stress that your character

takes throughout a run because you can

pick and choose what battles you want to

be in if you get those Scout checks

which are pretty common you also have

that option that if you bring somebody

who's a good Scout they can get a

critical scout check and you'll get the

treasure which is either trinkets or

good good amount of money that can

happen throughout that dungeon it also

allows you to complete dungeons faster

and it saves you money because you're

not having to

additional stress that you don't

necessarily have to in looking at you

know if you're going in blind you're

probably gonna be more likely to be

surprised you're more likely to take

stress and damage both which if you're

taking damage it means that your healer

cannot be as aggressive as they should

be meaning your enemy turns our

prolonged meaning that their enemy lives

are prolonged meaning you're you know

it's just kind of a vicious cycle so

scouting is absolutely critical to this

play style so as we talk through kind of

to sum up some of the little notes that

I want to make sure to cover as you guys

are looking at these guides so first

thing is your healing only at the

character that you're looking at being a

probably 40 to 45 percent of their

health or less so for example if we look

at the vestal here you're gonna use

judgment a hell of a lot so you may want

to use some accuracy trinkets or some

accuracy quirks in order to set that off

because the accuracy base is an

absolutely fantastic that she has if you

were to bring the occultist same

situation applies you may need to be a

little more maybe under 65 percent or 60

percent instead of the vest being under

40% because he is so inconsistent with

his heels that sometimes you're gonna

need to make that that option but

utilizing the vestal she's gonna

outperform in this play style for me

because she's much more consistent and

reliable when it comes to the heels so

if you're using an occultist you're

probably gonna run them in slot 3

because he's able to be more aggressive

on those first few turns as we look at a

couple things you're gonna limit using

your AOE so a lot of times people go oh

my god they have AOE they're amazing so

for example if we look at it yah it does

have the ability to hit the first two

rows which is good if you notice the

damage mod is less and she also takes a

debuff so for me that's that's a - the

only time I'm gonna use AoE is when I

have a 75% chance or better of killing

or eliminating one enemy term so if I

have that opportunity I would use a

but I'm pretty selective in this play

style as we look at trinkets we're gonna

be prioritizing trinkets that are

hastening enemy turn elimination or

aiding in stress reduction

so I guess to put that bluntly we're

looking at increased damage probably

increase scout or speed for our utility

characters and our healers as well I

would want them to be to be fast because

you don't want orangy you don't want to

rely on RNG when it comes to needing to

get a heal off with somebody on death's

door you want to do everything you can

to help yourself and offset that by

bringing a speed trinket so you're

looking primarily at speed and crit and

you're avoiding the plus 10% to stress

that you see here like on the ancestors

pen this is one that I could go both

ways because you're getting that

additional crit it's gonna offset some

of the stress that you're getting

because you're gonna crit more in theory

by bringing this pen you're also doing

more damage on your melee which is

really really good but you got to

remember all those values that that

these are contributing to are

essentially truncated what that means is

they're rounded down so if those things

are rounded down keep in mind if you're

only hitting four you know let's say you

hit four ten damage and you have a 15%

damage melee skill that's on there

you're not gonna go to 12 it's not gonna

round up it's gonna round down to 11 so

with that being said keep in mind those

are percentage increases now one example

that I can give you is something that

would that I would definitely recommend

because it doesn't have the negative

stress is now I got to find it I gotta

see who it's on but there's a lot of

trinkets for example that don't aren't

as flashy but if you look at the

surgical gloves 5% crit and 5% accuracy

to melee and there aren't really that

many negatives that come with this

trinket and there isn't negative or

additional stress additional stress

long-term is gonna cause you more money

a chance at a heart attack people

getting stressed out when they shouldn't

be absorbing some of your camping points

that you need

utilize so I really have weighed those

those plus dressed trinkets unless

they're very very strong which ancestor

spin is that's a good case for one but

there's a lot of them that aren't so

I'll just pick out one here really quick

so this ancestors portrait is another

example of one that's good but it's

selective when you're gonna level up a

character it's great but once you're

level five is six you don't really need

to worry about it this junior said for

example you look at this you're getting

20% extra stress and wow you have 30

healing skills well if we look at your

if we take a look at your Vestal here

and we see the Vestal is typically gonna

heal for nine let's say she heals for 10

is to make it easy

so you go from healing 10 to Healing 13

is that really worth plus 20 stress I

really don't think so

so that's kind of some basic parameters

behind the guide guys so hopefully

that's helpful and gives you in context

I've been writing scripts for almost I

feel like two months now and I haven't

published the videos waiting on changes

so I'm making some final edits you

probably see the first the first one

come out I'm hoping over the next day or

so I'll have it out where I'm at right

now the upload speeds atrocious so you

got to give me some time but you will

begin you'll still be seeing darkest

dungeon content for me for sure I hope

you guys are enjoying the DLC the shield

breaker I think that DLC was extremely

valuable for 4 bucks so I'll be covering

I'll go back through all the classes

again just like I did previously and

then at the very end of that I'm going

to update the top 10 tips that I put out

and we're gonna change that to update

for crimson core

so thanks for watching guys thanks for

all your support over the last couple

months it's been awesome hopefully this

was helpful to you and I'll see you the

Vestals who are gonna start off with so

that'll be the first guide I'll release

and it'll be over the next few days

thanks guys see ya