How to Crate Train a Puppy

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in order in the description if you're

new to training a dog you're very likely

making the very common mistake of not

controlling your puppy's environment

sufficiently it's really easy to

underestimate how important this is

since you're in the communication

building faced with your dog you're not

going to yet have reliable communication

because you haven't trained them yet and

it takes many months to have a

well-trained dog so you have to strictly

control their environment in the mean

time now broadly speaking there are

three ways to control your dog's

environment the best way is by having

them on leash and attached to you

anytime your whole next you can have a

large puppy proofed area like a bedroom

bathroom or laundry room and finally a

crane now all three of these have their

own unique advantages when used in

moderation crates can be a fantastic way

to help with overall training they can

give your dog a secure place to rest

save your property assist with

accelerating house training time and

give you some freedom when you're

distracted from puppy training of course

not all dogs will love being in a crate

and crates are not for every dog but if

you go out of your way to make it an

awesome place there's a really good

chance your dog will chill out in the

crate with a door wide open simply

because it's their absolute favorite

place in the house to be how many of you

at home already have dogs like that tell

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other brands the contour crate comes

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it folds for easy storage I recommend

that you get an oversized crate for your

dog for maximum comfort as your dog

mature since the contour crate is

available in six sizes well that's

pretty easy the better you are at

controlling where your dog can and can't

go the faster your overall results will

be but for those times when you're

cooking sleeping or working and not

directly supervising your dog still

needs to be in a controlled setting and

crates are great for keeping bad habits

from emerging and keeping your pup safe

in those instances minimize the amount

of time though that your dog spends in a

grade so 15 minutes to an hour here and

there and overnight are generally

recommended in cases where you have to

work though avoid leaving your dog in a

crate more than four hours at a time and

less for dogs under four months of age

if this is you make arrangements to come

home and exercise your dog at lunch or

get someone to help you if you're gone

longer than that dog walkers and doggy

daycares are an option too before

creating your dog for any significant

period of time or even introducing the

crate to them exercise them in fact you

should almost never create your dog for

several hours without thorough exercise

beforehand especially with energetic

dogs exercise almost always reduces

anxiety and makes for a more cooperative

dog and virtually all instances if your

dog doesn't like the crate now you can

start over by making it a fun enjoyable

experience like we'll do today this is

often the case with adopted adult dogs

and that's okay just go slow with these

guys first thing we want to do to get

our dog comfortable with the crate is

let them sniff it walk them around it

and just let them check it out feel free

to throw them a good treat anytime they

react well since this crate has two

doors let's go ahead and use that to our

advantage and make it a nice open area

to be explored I'm really comfortable

with that Magnolia is accepting of the

crate at this point I want to encourage

her to go in the crate I'm

using really tiny pieces of meteor about

the size of a grain of rice I'm gonna

place it in there and look at that right

in there and this is typically how long

will go if your dog has never seen a

crate before really good job the idea is

to make it as fun of an experience as we

can and even consider using toys when

introducing your dog to the crate tube

because nothing says fun like toys go

here there it is I love this low

threshold to makes it easier to climb

over look at that think about it like

this we're trying to make the crate kind

of like a bedroom for Magnolia we want

her to feel comfortable in it to go

there when she just wants to relax this

is her personal space and dogs really

tend to like that and the reason I'm

continuing to treat her while she's in

the crate is eventually I'm gonna want

her to be comfortable in there for

extended periods of time and in general

when you're putting your dog in a crate

you really shouldn't have a leash collar

or harness on them you want to have them

as safe as possible so now that she's

comfortable going in the crate coming

out of the crate I think it's time now

that we show her that these doors can

actually close I'm gonna go nice and


oops sorry she seems okay with it I'm

giving her a little treat there just to

let her know hey look this is everything

still good here she's having a good time

we're making it kind of a fun game for

so let's try closing the other door here

see what happens we're gonna pull up

here and then let it come down and

closed right there really clever feature

as you're just hanging out with them

watching TV doing your thing have the

crate out like this and just kind of

treat them make sure they're extra

comfortable feel free to open it like

this and just let them know hey look you

can come out anytime you want it's cool

yeah that's good so as your dog gets

comfortable with being in the crate give

them some safe chew toys to chew on just

to kind of minimize boredom it's just

really critical to take your time now it

can take anywhere between a few minutes

and a few weeks to get many dogs

comfortable with the crate in the

meantime control their environment in

the ways that I mentioned earlier until

you're happy that they're happy in the

crate and don't forget about exercise

this is perhaps the biggest thing that

most people forget about when getting

their dog comfortable with the crate so

for example

wouldn't be reasonable to wake up in the

morning let your dog out to do their

business and then just put them in the

crate while you go to work you'll have

to thoroughly exercise them before doing

that ideally we just want our dogs going

in the crate chilling out passing out

and being comfortable until you get home

for lunch you can use crate training to

take your overall general training to

the next level as well for example say

your dog gets really excited when guests

come over now naturally your attention

is divided in that scenario and you

can't focus on your dog having them in a

crate so that they can experience being

around people while still in a

controlled environment is a great way to

phase end distraction training and once

your dog has settled down you can let

them out of the crate put them on leash

and allow them to interact with your

guests because you'll be more focused

another valuable way to use a crate is

for house training I'll have a video in

the description that will show you how

to get that done I'm also gonna have a

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