Eating Night Crawler ( Lost Jugging Challenge)

all right I lost the challenge I got to

spin the wheel so we'll see what we got

consists of take a swim eat a night

crawler or do 20 push-ups or you get a

free pass which means I do absolutely

nothing except drive across the lake and

put my boat on the trailer and go home

all right here we go

come on free pass big eater Nightcrawler

I'd rather eat a Nightcrawler than jump

in the lake oh yeah a little bit make

sure they're good mixed up just dip it

in the water first

now I'm washing it off for some you sure

you paid good money for these neck

collars are you sure you wanna take one

bite no we're eating it it's taking a

bite not swallowing it okay how much

gate range



he's trying to come back up let me see

that again when you go P tonight you a

Nightcrawler don't come up well I didn't

taste it okay I'm alright

are you guys happy with that yep you

want to show them the fish