Cry It Out Method - Our experience (First 5 nights)

what here therefore live a nut and then

I recorded a guy has just agreed to try

the cry it out method which is something

that I've wanted to try you're letting

your ear baby cry for an extended period

of time really at bedtime because so far

she's been like you know rocked to sleep

or fed to sleep so she doesn't know how

to sleep by herself

the cried out method is supposed to put

a stop to this so this is day one I put

her down she was sleepy she's fed she

showered and everything she was in bed I

laughed and it's been like five minutes

and she started crying and it's 7:28

p.m. I'll try it again tomorrow night

and the next night and see if there's an

improvement yeah at 7:42 and she's just

crying pretty hard 7:45 now and Angas

starting to like feel the burn he's like

I'm a Brooklyn Giza I hope that he's

strong enough what I read actually

suggested that the weaker parent like

who's more likely to cave should go out

so I told it I'm gonna go and just let

me do it but he wants to stick around so


no more crying I think she might be

giving up 8:22 I just checked on her and

she is fast asleep congratulations daddy

I'm just so so stressed out he's really

really pissed at me right now I'm trying

to find something to send to Angus

National Geographic in Tunisia so there

are articles in bahasa indonesia about

this topic but you don't have too many

people in indonesia try this that's not

the intermediate way i want her to be

able to be a little bit self-sufficient

like making herself go to sleep instead

of being brought to sleep i love you

good night number two and it's 737 and i

just gave her bath did the bull

she's crying already i really doubt were

this lucky but she's like completely

coring it and then seven forty seven ten

minutes I might like seeing this wrong

oh my god like yeah 747

it's been quiet for like a minute it's

confirmed she is sleeping sound asleep

dreaming of cheese

she only cried for 10 minutes maybe 9

minutes but last night I told on guy

like let her cry again before 4 a.m.

like let her cry it out again but he did

go in and give her milk I didn't even

hear her cry last night she must have

just whimpered and then unger like went

in give her milk so I don't know he

looks a bit shifty what do you think

he's still not super happy but tonight

was easier are you still mad so I'm

doing this alone

basically I'm getting any support from

my partner ok

7:32 she's down and she was crying like

pretty bad when I put her down because

she no was like oh you're gonna do this

to me again I have to sleep without

rocking 7:33 and she's done crying that

was it

she's done she only cried for less than

a minute night free so she was about to

fall asleep and we didn't want her to

fall asleep late before we had a chance

to like put her in a safe and by herself

so we put her down at 7:10 and we'll see

how long the cry goes ok at 7:16 and

she's I think she's done crying tonight

so 6 minutes okay last night did not go

as planned tonight number four of cried

out was the bad one because we didn't

give her a bath right before bed and

usually we do and she cried for about

five no 30 minutes and she woke up again

11:30 or 12:00 o'clock and under give

her milk I think I don't know if that

was the best decision I don't really

know anyway so nice for was no good but

night number five

it took her seven or eight minutes to

fall asleep

and she slept right through the night

until 8 o'clock in the morning because

right before bed we've given her bath

and she had her milk and she did her

bedtime routine exactly as normal it

works really well and in the end I think

the babies end up crying less because

they cry it out all at once then they

get over it

5 minutes of crying is way better than

crying throughout the night and waking

up in the middle of the night and not

knowing how to go back to sleep

judge if you wish but I like it and Z

seems to be getting better and better so

yeah I what about your babies we'll just

think about the quiet out method so go

mess it or no good method

have you already looked and they don't

have any to poor plushies in Indonesia

but I found you an Elmo do you want that